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We are praying for our friend, Brandibear, July 28

July 28th 2008 1:15 pm
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Rocky had a message this morning, Kubbi's sister, Brandibear is not well and is seeing her wonderful Dr. Staci today. We are here for her, and for her family. The power of prayers and power of the paw.


Our friend, sweet Remo

July 18th 2008 1:35 pm
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Today, our dear Remo went to be with family and friends at the Rainbow Bridge. As we think of the many things we learned from Remo, it was how to be a gentle friend, to go on with his day with the big smile and beautiful eyes, knowing he is loved. We cherish Remo, and what he has given to us. Thank you, dearest one, you will always be in our hearts.


Oh my, I am the Dog of the Day!!

July 6th 2008 10:46 am
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Wow, what a day - I woke up and had a message from Winston, saying I was Dog of the Day - can you imagine that - and he put a thread in the forums on it, too - oh my! I want to thank all of Dogster for being here - and you are all wonderful and special and dear to my heart and so loving. The wonderful messages, guestbook signatures, gifts, beautiful pictures that you have made and loving thoughts are So special to me - thank you for each one I treasure them all. I am hoping I don't miss thanking anypup or kitty - if I do, please know that I truly am touched and love you for being so dear!!


Our Friends!!

July 5th 2008 9:41 am
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Well, we have good good news on WINston and Remo latest doctor visits - both are just doing great and thanks to their wonderful mom and dad and all they do, administering fluids and medicine and TLC, are continuing to feel good each day - we are so so thankful!

Our sweet Kubbi's sister, Brandibear, is doing well, and has finished her protocol for lymphoma. She has a doctor's appointment on Monday, July 7th - Her mom and dad are just the best - her mom makes fantastic meals for her! Kubbi said he's just a tiny bit hungry, too!

We feel so very blessed to write this in our diary and for all our friends who are in need of the Power of the Paw, we send special prayers and thoughts each day.


It was a hard day today.

May 20th 2008 4:32 pm
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Rocky's mom does our typing and she got up, had her coffee and went to Dogster to see her friends, usually Kubbi is first on the messages with morning chat and we can update for sweet BrandiBear, who has just finished her final Chemo treatment on Monday, May 5th. Well, there was a Rosette on Rocky's page, a heart, from the Chicago Crew, Winston, Remo and Lucky Lucy. Time stopped as we read the rosette, which said they would not be on Dogster very much. The selfish part of us said, No, they have to be on, they have to be here - we Need Them - as much if not more than they need support. A few messages were exchanged and it came to light that this is what they need, what we all need, to let a family be together to cherish their moments, and a walk, a nice belly rub, all those things that are what life is all about. We feel ok now, it's not about "us", but as the Community known as Dogster, we are as one.


Remo's Update May 16

May 17th 2008 3:23 am
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Oh, we have had such good news this morning, Remo is responding to the fluids that his family are administering for him - the prayers and Power of the Paw are working! Our prayers are with them each day.


Our friend is ill, Lucky Lucy

May 10th 2008 4:11 pm
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We are so sad to read that our friend, Lucky Lucy, is ill. She will be undergoing testing to help determine the course of treatment. Her family is strong and will help Lucy as they have been helping Remo and Winston to regain their health. We love them so much.


Remo is Dog of the Day, May 7, 2008!!!

May 8th 2008 9:35 am
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Our dear friend, Remo, was named Dog of the Day by Dogster! We are so happy as he has worked hard and been very brave during his treatment for Acute Renal Failure. Hugs to Remo xoxoxxo


Please Help-A Simple Click Helps Raise Funds & Awareness of- IMHA

May 5th 2008 4:35 pm
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May 3rd 2008 1:47 am [link to this entry]

Hello everyone! I need your help on something for my dear friend. Mica-the Wonderpup is doing some fundraising for IMHA Research. IMHA stands for Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia. It is to help manage the disease, including prevention, and ultimately to find a cure to what gave Mica her wings way too soon.

What is really important to us, is that everytime Mica's page gets seen, there is one more dog out there who will recognize this silent killer. My friend has been written to several times in & outside Dogster by people who knew nothing of this disease & they say seeing her page actually saved their dog's life! I am sure my beautiful pal is very happy about that!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Here’s how you can help:
Be a pal and corral MICA and her pack.




MICA MUST be corralled for a donation to stick.

If someone chooses Mirra, or The Purple Girls Of Oregon (TPGOO) without Mica, it won’t count. With each new corral Mica’s IMHA Research Fund gets a small donation. A bonus comes if Mirra and TPGOO are also selected.

Kind of a good, better, best scenario.

The best part for this research comes later.
This came about because in May both girls have Woofdays, as a sort of celebration of their lives and Mica’s work. Mica’s on 10 May, would be her 11th. Mirra’s very 1st comes 30 May, 2008. Let's make this a Woofday they will Remember Forever!

The tally of the number of corrals MICA has on 31 May 2008, after Mirra's Woofday, means A DOLLAR for EVERY CORRAL! Most simply put, IF the total, for example is 1000 corrals, then MICA'S IMHA FUND gets 1000 dollars. These donations will be from the same kindhearted GSD who raced her last fall. It was a close race and Mica lost at the 11th hour in corrals. This Special GSD & his owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, believes so much in Mica's cause, IMHA research & K9 Blood donations. It is close to their hearts as he lost a fellow K9 Officer to IMHA.

It’s for a good cause folks. This disease may not be well known, but it is the LEADING BLOOD DISEASE in both dogs and cats & second only to thyroid disease for immune system illness. We want to help them get the word out about this to help others. So, PLEASE, do what you can. A simple click of a mouse may help save a life!

♥Thank You♥!
Please pawmail Mica if you are interested in making a donation to this cause. Even a dollar at a time will help.

Sarge, Rocky and family


Our friend, Remo, is sick

April 29th 2008 2:30 pm
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We just heard that Remo is not feeling well, he has acute renal failure and is at his doctors, receiving IV fluids for a few days. Please join us in the Power of the Paw for our friend.

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