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Life, as told by Lily. (with help of Lily's secretary)

Catch Cheese? That's my speciality!

October 4th 2006 11:18 am
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So, I went to a Boxer Bash on Sunday sponsored by the local boxer club. OMG was it fun!!!! So there was like 30 boxers there and there was tons of games to compete in! First there was this huge bucket of water with balls inside and you had to bob for apples. I only felt like drinking the water because it was hot so I didn't advance far it that game.

Next was the cheese toss contest! Whomever caught the most cubes of cheese won the contest. So I kept advancing in rounds and made it to the finals. Wow, how nervebreaking. It was between me and one other boxer. The pressure was on. Caught the first cube, then the second, I take a look over and the other boxer missed it's second cheese cube! Horray! I caught two more cubes just to prove my victory. Cheese and catching cheese are my speciality. Don't mess with me when it comes to catching treats!

Next we had a beginners fun run through a mock agility course. And guess who got the second fastest time, yep, it was me. Hehe! ;o) Can you tell I was having loads of fun at the boxer bash? After that we got to play a game with our humans. They tied this stupid cup on our heads and put an egg in it, then they held a spoon with an egg in it. The point of the race was to cross the finish line first without dropping the eggs. Well, I got rid of that egg as soon as we crossed the starting line. I was having none of that!

After lunch, we had a costume contest. I was a fire hydrant (since my lovely brother Ishie peed on my head once) and Ishie was a fireman. We brought on some laughs which made me wiggle. I was happy to get my big silver hat off afterwards! Then there was a contest for Boxer Bash King and Queen. I gave my cutest Lily look but I guess it just wasn't cute enough. I was tired though. I had no complaints on leaving to go home and go to bed. It was a funfilled exciting day!


My 1st Birthday.

October 23rd 2005 8:08 pm
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Ok, so yesterday was my 1st birthday! How exciting is that? I woke up to a beautiful day of sunshine and warmth (the day before and today was cloudy and cold). So, I think the sun decided to come out just for me! After my potty walk and breakfast, mom and dad decided to give me my presents, Yipee! OK, ok, so I was given this HUGE paper bag that I had to open up and I look inside and wow, there was this thing called Hide-a-bird with little squeaky birds that I have to pull out of thier birdhouse (I LOVE these smart puzzles being so smart and all, LOL) and there was this jumbo sized plush jack that I have been dying to have from Petsmart and a pair of muttlucks (I thought they were a toy though). I also got a plush birthday cake that plays happy birthday song but I got that a few days earlier (mom and dad couldn't resist after I had a bad day one day) and a really cool jacket made my Ruffwear that is fleece lined with a water proof outer shell because I get so cold out here in Colorado! I carry my birthday cake with me a lot and even sleep with it now. I think it is pretty cool and very very special! Although I have shared it with my Pug neighbors and we played a great game of chase with it!

So after all of that excitement, I went to a Boxer meetup at a dog park with my best friend from doggy day care and there was like at least 20 Boxers there it seemed! What a special treat for a birthday girl! I played and played and played some more! Great fun! I recommend everyone try to become a Boxer because we have the best get-togethers!

Then, the saddest part of the day came, mommy and daddy had to run to work so I was home alone for 4 hours on my birthday! They did give me a special birthday bone to help keep me happy. But, I really really had to poop while they were gone so I went in their bedroom and then I ate it, hahahaha! It tasted good believe it or not, hehehe! Sometimes a girl has gotta do what a girl has to do! Ahh, the joys of puppyhood on birthdays!

When mom and dad got home, they gave me a Frosty Paws and we all wore birthday hats (except I took mine off because it was a little stressful). After they sang to me, mom helped me blow out the candle and oh my gosh, that was just about one of the scariest things! I was very confused but quickly forgot about it as my Frosty Paws was put into my bowl. I love doggy ice cream!

Mom and dad then tried to watch a movie but I wanted to go to bed so I jumped into the bed we all share together, started barking until mom came in and realized that I wanted them to go to bed with me so they brought the movie into the bedroom and cuddled with me. I fell asleep with happy puppy dreams!

I'm such a lucky (spoiled) girl!


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