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Almost Xmas time

December 8th 2008 3:03 pm
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What an exciting weekend I had.

First Grandpa Olson came over Friday morning and took me for a very nice long walk around the neighborhood before he had to leave. And then Mommy came home early and started to hang the Christmas decorations within the house.

There's a small tree with ornaments, and garland on our staircase banister. Daddy put up lights outside the house as well.

That night some of Daddy's friends came over...Joe and Jon...and they all played Rock Band for the evening as I hung out like a groupie not to far from the action.

On Saturday, Daddy did some holiday shopping and I hung out with mom all day. She even took me for a walk in the afternoon. Later they went out to a party, so I was home by myself for a few hours, but they were home before midnight.

Sunday, Daddy took me for a nother walk in the brisk morning air. We wlaked about one of the other neighborhoods and I got to check out all their decorations as well. But in the afternoon, daddy wasn't feeling to well. He had an upset tummy and spent the rest of the day in bed. I slept with him for a while, but decided to hang out with mommy instead. Daddy finally came down later and we spent the rest of the evening watching TV together before going to bed and snuggling up between them.


Rain brings worms

November 26th 2008 10:05 am
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So it rained cats and mice last night. Silly saying.

It may rain some more later today, and mommy and daddy will be home for teh next 4 days after tonight....yippee!.

Anyway, the rain helps wash away all the icky stuff outside and always leaves a clean smell and fresh air behind. All the better to start with all new markings in my yard and the neighborhood.

But one thing always happens with the rain. These strange little wiggly creatures come out of the ground that daddy calls 'worms'. I rarely see them, and when I do...I just want to check them out. Maybe play with them a bit. Even possibly taste them!

Daddy says 'Icky...No!', but I like staring at them and pawing at them. They are squishy under my paws, and wriggle all about. They smell a little strange too. I tried tasting one once, and was about to taste this one again this morning before daddy stopped me.

But he went to work as did maybe I'll check out my little friend again.


Diary of the Day

November 24th 2008 9:04 am
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I missed it.

Apparantly I was selected as Diary of the Day over the weekend, and I didn't even know it. Most likely cause daddy was baking me special pumpkin spice bones, and spending the rest of the day cleaning the house.

So thank you to all those that sent me congratulatory gifts and emails. Thank you again so's so nice to hear from all of you.

We did manage a late afternoon walk. It was nice, because the temperature has dropped to the high sixties, and yesterday the air seemed fresher than usual.

Speaking of which, we are possibly expecting rain as early as tomorrow eveing, but most likely for Wed or Thursday....good 'ole turkey day.

I really snuggled up with my parents this morning as the temperature in the morning has been a bit chilly. I got up this morning and really stretchde my hind legs and let out an audible yawn.


Clean Again

November 21st 2008 9:20 am
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Thank goodness my groomer came yesterday afternoon.

I'm sporting a new haircut, and was scrubbed all over. I don't know why, but this last time between cuts (only 4 weeks) my hair grew like crazy. Mommy even discovered a mat in my beard last week she couldn't comb out, and I was scratching a lot.

I think that was because of the famed Santa Ana winds...they can really dry your skin out. Plus with the CA fires again, there's a lot of stuff in the air that make me sneeze and itch too.

It was also nice to get my hiney spit shined. I've had trouble the last week with my poopies sticking, and now I'm all clean back there.

I feel much better now. I'll probably get one more cut before Xmas!


Poopie Pants

November 19th 2008 11:20 am
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Last night as mommy and daddy were preparing their own dinners after just feeding me, I went outside to take care of some personal business.

However, thinsg don't always go well as planned.

One of my 'nuggets' didn't feel like leaving me entirely and decided to 'hang on' for a brief ride, which of course scares me.

I bolted back into the house as fast as I could, thus alerting mom and dad to my plight. I raced up upon their couch, sat down, and glanced at them in desperation. "Help....I have poopie on my butt" I tried to signal.

Of course both mommy and daddy begin to panic and hastily place there food down. Mom comes running to me and daddy is off for the wet-naps. As mom approaches me, I move off to the other side of the couch and daddy discovers I left some nice artwork behind.

Mom grabbed me and began to wipe my butt, only to show daddy I left my mark again on the opposite side of the couch. Sorry daddy!!

With mommy cleaning me all up, daddy had to clean the couch in both places for a few minutes. I know they were hungry and I caused them to stop to clean me up.

Now with a cleanly pampered booty, I went back to my normal stuff. Mommy and daddy had to wash their hands and clean up themselves before they could enjoy their dinner.


I've been tagged.

November 10th 2008 8:51 am
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Thanks to Uno and Max, I've been tagged. I need to reveal 7 fun things about myself including my likes. So here goes:

1. I tend to grunt in appreciation when I am being rubbed.
2. I like to cuddle with my daddy in bed and on the couch.
3. While I seem to enjoy baths and warm water, I don't really like going in kiddie/wading pools.
4. My favorite toys are also the oldest - a squeaky ball and a rubber shoe.
5. When mom's not looking, I can always find her flip flops or shoes and chew them.
6. I like the smell and taste of worn socks!
7. I like to perch on high objects and look down at everyone else.

Now I need to go tag others. Watch may be on my list!


Henny Penny

September 29th 2008 1:34 pm
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This past Saturday we took a trip via daddy's car up to Norco to visit my othergrandparents and my new cousin....a 5 month old Jack Russel/Mini Pincher mix named Penny.

When I first got out of the car, I couldn't wait to get to the backyard. My grandparent Overstreet's backyard is an enclosed acre, but as soon as we walked in the gate this little hyper thing with a cone around its head came charging at me, yapping away.

At first glance, I wasn't expecting this....this plastic cone barreling right towards me making all this noise, so I was a little scared. She came up to me and started sniffing, and barking, and nipping, and stressing me out.

So here was Penny.

She was currently on day 4 of her post 'fixing' surgery, thus the cone. Penny was supposed to be calm and quiet, but instead she was very excited and wanted to play. But I'm a little cautious, and while I know this is her backyward now....there is plenty for both of us to romp around in without her on my tushy every few seconds. I had to give her a few warnings, but both grandma and daddy were both there to seperate us...just in case.

Since Penny was so excited Grandma decided to put her in an outdoor pen to try and calm her down. That way, she'd still be outside to see everyone and everyone could pet her, but hopefully she wouldn't rip out any of her stitches.

This more or less left the backyard open to me, and before I knew it there was 10, then 20, then 30 and finally close to 40 some people in that yard for Grandpa's BBQ.

I got so much attention. I just roamed from one set of petting hands to another, and everyone was so gentle with me. They also told daddy what a handsome boy I was, and that I was so well behaved. I like to make daddy proud. He let me go wonder about the yard and it was very fun to run about.

I may have accidently sneaked a few tortilla chips, but overall, I kept away from any human food.

Finally it was time to go, and I got back in the car and sat on mommy's lap and fell asleep as we drove home. It was an exciting day for me.


A weekend with daddy

September 15th 2008 10:30 am
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This past Friday, daddy stayed home from work and we had a nice day together. It wasn't too warm, so mid afternoon, we went for a long walk with daddy's friend Tony and his two dogs Ben & Jerry.

The rest of the day, we played a liitle and watched TV and I help him unpack his new computer.

Saturday both daddy and mommy cleaned house, and our neighbor Debbie came over for dinner. We played in the backyard at sunset when it began to cool off. Although most of the day on Saturday I was a bit yappy....But I did get a special treat for dinner....daddy gave me some raw rabbit and earlier in the day he snuck me some fresh turkey slices when he was making a sandwich.

Sunday evening daddy then took me to the local dog park where I met two 6 month old sisters....Marley and Mango. They were were a french bulldog and jack russell mix. Together they were very yappy and agressive towards me, but alone, Mango was friendly and okay with me. We didn't stay there too long as there weren't many other dogs my size to play with, so we came home and daddy took me for a walk around the neighborhood instead. But I was still pretty yappy, and mommy's patience with me was wearing thin.

But I did sleep very well last night as I snuggled between them both. I'm sorry to see my parents go to work today.


Time for my checkup

September 5th 2008 10:50 am
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It was a little strange that daddy came home early yesterday and got me suited up for a walk.

I should have known something was fishy when we pulled into the parking lot. Oh yeah....the vet.

Of course, I piddled outside and when we walked in I was a bit scared. There were a few other doggies there and even a kitty. I was very quiet and stayed close to dad. He reassured me the whole time, petting me to make me feel comfortable.

We were finally called into our own room and I became more nervous. Time seemed to tick forever as we waited for the nurse and doctor. Daddy put me on his lap where I stayed unmoving, my ears perked up to all the doggies and peopel I heard. I'm a bit scared when the nurse walks in and I pee. It's 'okay' she says and daddy is still there next to me.

The doctor then walks in and begins to speak with me in a playful tone. He listens to my heart, looks at my ears and teeth, and then asks daddy to put me on the exam table. Uh Oh...Now I'm tail nub is down and my ears are down, and I'm leaning into daddy who stands next to me still petting and reasuring me that everything is fine. The doctor check my joints and is overall very pleased with my condition.

Then they ask daddy to put me down and the tech comes in to take me away. Where am I going? Why is daddy not coming with me?

Ouch! I get a vaccination shot and they also manually take a stool sample. Icky. After what seems liek the longest 10 minutes of my life, I am reunited with daddy...and quiet. I think I want out of here.

Well, daddy knows this too and as soon as he's done paying, we bolt.

When we get home he takes me for a short walk outside and I start to relax being back in my normal surroundings. When we get back in the house I get a nice treat and stay by dad all night. The vaccination must have made me tired, because I slept very well last night.

I know my daddy only wants the best for me, and the only reason I go to the vet is to make sure I am around as long as possible. Sometimes I have to be scared and hurt for a few minutes just to know daddy will scoop me up and love me forever.


Getting a bit warmer

August 26th 2008 8:58 am
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Although it hasn't been as hot as it was last year at this time, it is starting to warm up now. Almost getting too warm for regular walking unless its much later and the sun has already set.

At least I have an air conditioner at the house.

Mommy stayed home yesterday and worked from home, which is always nice for me. Even if we don't get to play much, the knowledge and comfort that someone is here helps to quell any anxiety I may get and I tend to be much more comfortable.

And with this being a holiday weekend coming up, both mommy and daddy will be home again an extra day. And I may even get to visti my new cousin and my grandma and grandpa Overstreets house. She's just a puppy herself at just over 4 months old. I can't recall her name right now, but she's a Jack Russel mix.

At the very least, I'll get to run around in the backyard for a while and play with daddy.

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