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Wax Watch 2009: Day 4

March 19th 2009 1:47 pm
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Well today is the 4th day since I went to teh vet with my very nasty ear infection.

I've been a very good boy the last few days, taking all my medication (one of them is actually very yummy tasting), and allowing my parents to do what they have to do for my ears.

My right ear is almost back to normal, my left is still a little smelly and producing some gunk, but it is down from a few days ago and I'm not shaking my head nearly as much as I was beforehand.

I'm still a bit squirmy when mommy flushes out my ear. It's all cold and wet when she squirts in the medication and massages it around a bit to loosen up 'debris' within, but much less is coming out today than a even two days ago.

Daddy has been keeping watch on me and has been a little hestitant to take me outside for a walk, but he may chance an abbreviated walk around the neighborhhod today....just to get some excercise.

Yesterday it was a little too warm, but today it cooled down just enough for a quick jaunt later. I can't wait. Even though I can play in the backyard, it's no substitute for all the great smells and sights I experience on my walks.


I have an ear infection :(

March 18th 2009 8:54 am
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So mommy and daddy took me into the vet's Monday night, and it was somewhat traumatic for me, so I am glad they were both there.

Dr. Seat seems like a very nice man and took the time to talk to my parents about my issues. Sure enough, I have a pretty bad ear infection where the Dr. recommended they give me a numbing shot so that they could pluck my ear hairs out very thoroughly and flush em out.

My right ear wasn't that bad, but my left ear was a different story.

Almost immediately after the plucking and 1st cleaning, I was feeling better already, but I was very glad to leave that place as soon as can be.

Now I am on two medications and mommy and daddy have a tag team effort in flushing out my ears every day over the next week and place a cooling salve in my ears to help speed up recovery. I do feel better, but I'm not free and clear just yet. I've been having extra cuddle time with daddy when he gets home, and I'm so thankful that they look after me as well as they do.


Ear Infection :(

March 16th 2009 3:04 pm
[ Leave A Comment ] daddy is taking me in to meet my new vet for an ear infection I somehow developed the last few days.

Not sure how it happened, or what was the trigger, but I started shaking my head and scratching my ear the other day. Upon further inspection, daddy noticed a little waxy build-up inside and cleaned it out.

But by the next day, it was back! And it started to stink a little bit too...Uh, Oh...a good sign it is a fungal or yeast infection. Daddy and mommy have been taking turns over the weekend to continue to clean it out with approved pads and flush with medication, but it only helps for so long.

By yesterday, (Sunday), daddy noted it didn't seem to be getting any better....but at least it wasn't getting any worse, so he's taking me to the vet today when he gets home.

I also learned I may have a new vet. It appears Dr. Earl is no longer at my usual clinic and the original Dr. who had the practice years ago is back. So he'll have to win both daddy and me over, but more importantly, we need to get me some ear-relief!!


TP Troubles

March 11th 2009 3:19 pm
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I was a bad boy the the other day.

When daddy came home from a long day at work, he accidentally left open the bathroom door.

Well, of course, that's all I needed to get into some bad boy mischief.

As daddy was watching TV he must have finally realized it was 'too quiet' all of a sudden and I wasn't downstairs with him (which is my normal spot). He got up, walked upstairs and entered our bedroom to discover that I had dumped the bathroom wastebasket on the floor, pulled everything out, and began to shred both Kleenex and toilet tissue alike into a winter wonderland of white confetti all over the room.

I was caught red-handed with a spent tp cardboard tube in my mouth.

After I was reprimanded and told to wait downstairs, daddy cleaned up my whole mess. But he got a little scared as he wasn't sure if I actually swallowed anything I shouldn't have, and seeing that mommy recently cleaned the bathroom with 'cleaners' including items that may have contained bleach, daddy made me drink a lot of water and watched me like a hawk all night long in case I showed signs of getting ill or posioned!!!

I was a bit more docile than usual which of course concerned him, but in the end, I was okay, but daddy was prepared to wisk me off to the emergency room if need be 'just in case'.

But that was Monday evening and I've been fine since. Even grandpa Olson came over this afernoon and took me for a nice walk to help break up my day and called daddy at work to let him know I was okay.

Now I'm just sitting at home listening to the radio waiting for daddy to come home in a couple of hours!


Valentines Day

February 17th 2009 10:03 am
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Ooopps....I know it's been a few days since my last entry. I just can't seem to convince dad to turn on his computer lately...he's been soo tired from work, and chores, and rain.

But I have a few moments now, so I'd like to update you on this past weekend.

Well, despite the rain from last week, we had a break over the weekend, and I got two very long walks on both Saturday and Sunday with daddy. It's always fun to smell the clean air, and remark my territory after all the rain wahses away all the others markings. It's like a fresh new canvas and I'm all about 'painting' the neighborhood.

When we weren't out walking we were snuggled up on the couch watching tv and staying warm.

I also had a nice surprise on Saturday afternoon when Grandma Olson came over. Of course I got my white chocolate covered bone as I always do when she comes over, but I got a nice Valentines bag as well. It was filled with premium desserts for puppies, including pumpkin pir and apple and berry cobblers. I also got a gift certificate for the pet store in which I'm sure daddy will buy me some more poop bags....well...because I'm a pretty 'regular' pup.

I also got a plush bone to chew on as well, and so far it's managed to stay intact the last few days.

Oh, and on Valentines night, I got a super dinner surprise: fresh salmon!!! Thank you daddy!!! Thank you Grandma!!!


2 1/2 bag walk today so far!!

February 5th 2009 2:20 pm
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I know Daddy was a little concerned for me today knowing that he and Mommy would be home later than usual today and didn't want me home alone for so many hours.

Especially when the rain is supposed to roll in this afernoon, so my Daddy called Grandpa, and Grandpa was happy to come over later this morning and take me for a nice walk before the rain came.

I must have known, because I helped Grandpa fill 2.5 bags of poopie in our 3 mile sojourn today. I'm happy to feel 'lighter' and purge, and I know my Daddy is proud I am so healthy.

Well, it's supposed to rain off an on the next 3-4 days, so I suppose it's a good thing I got in two big walks these last few days.


A Sunday Stroll

February 3rd 2009 11:03 am
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What a lucky pooch I was this past Sunday.

When daddy first woke up and it was all nice and quiet outside, he suited me up in my blue harness and we went for an early morning hike. It was in the neighborhood of 2.75 miles, give or of the longer walks I've done in a while.

We strolled a very nice outdoorsy trail where I could smell all the critters that had breakfast before me...whether they be squirrels or rabbits or mice. It was very nice to be out in the quiet and see some new scenery.

When we finally got home at about 9:40am, I was still a bit wired...I think I could have gone a bit more, but by 10:00 am I was out cold snoring after such a walk.

Then later in the day, what a surprise when my grandparents came over to watch this silly game on TV called the Superbowl. The best part was I got some treats, and Grandma scratched my belly and runned my head for hours as we all watched the game.

At dusk, Grandma then took me for another walk, albeit not as long. This time it was just around the cul-de-sac, but you can't beat all the exercise I got on Sunday. And the treats....And the love.


Post holiday musings

January 14th 2009 11:02 am
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Well, it was fun while it lasted and I enjoy this time of year when both mommy and daddy are home, but alas, they started back to work last week.

The good news is that transition thsi time around isn't as bad as my human sister, Raelene, has been staying at our home this week before she moves into her new home with her dad.

So I've had company all week long while mommy and daddy are away, and she's taken me for walks everyday as well....although I wish they were a bit longer. Grandpa Olson came up once and we went for a very long walk with Raelene that pooped me out. But even if my walks aren't that long, at least I have company and Raelene plays with me and pets me and keeps me company.

Daddy have been upgrading my food again as well, and I'm not complaining! No, he never gives me icky food, but he like to mix it up once in a while and give me new experiences and lately I've had some buffalo (yummy) and some peas, venison, and other fresh goodies mixed in my bowl.

The weather has been really strange too. Why just a few weeks ago it was freezing and we couldn't seem to get enough blankets at night. And now just two weeks later, daddy was thinking about running the air conditioner last night. It's been very warm to the point it feels like summer, and also very windy. Luckily there haven't been any fires as of late like we had the last few years. All of our allergies are kicking in as well...even I'm sneezing more often and mommy and daddy are vacuming, dusting, and moping more often.

And I think daddy is looking for a new bed for me as well to put in the living room as I snuggle next to the couch where he sits in the evening.


Rain - Rain, Go Away!

December 17th 2008 10:32 am
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Goodness, it has rained so much the last few days. Only once very hard, but otherwise a steady and continous raining the last few days.

The wind has also picked up quite a bit and it's been very cold. In some area's near our home, the temperature has dropped into the 40's, and we've even heard high 20's low 30's in other areas about an hour away. They even got snow.

So I've been spending a lot of time cuddling with my parents in bed and staying inside. Daddy will probably light the fireplace this weekend, which I like to hang out in front of.

The other bad thing about being wet outside is I don't like to go potty or poop when it rains. Mommy had to drag me out with an umbrella the other day so I'd go tinkle. And finally when we did have a break in the rain last night, daddy took me for a walk (it's been two days) and I had a lot of poopie stored up. Good thing I finally went as dad was a little surprised how much was in me.

Tomorrow morning the groomer lady comes by. I like her and while I am looking forward to getting my nails trimmed and a good washing....I'm gonna lose some of my covering and I may even be colder. Daddy may have to put a warm shirt on me over the weekend.

Finally, I'm on a new diet too. Mommy and daddy are cutting back my food a bit since I'm not getting as much exercise and burning it off. Whereas I was getting a cup of food a day, now I'm down to 2/3 a cup plus my regular treats. Maybe this may slim me up a bit.


Grandpa is coming today!

December 11th 2008 9:33 am
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Oh boy. I'm sure it was supposed to be a surprise, but I overheard daddy talking on the phone to grandma Olson last night, and I think grandpa is comming over later this morning to spend time with me.

You know what that means? A white chocolate covered bone for sure!! One of my favorites.

And then we'll be taking a nice walk in the sunshine. It's been really cold in the mornings lately, so we'll go later in the morning...closer to lunch. And since the sun sets much earlier these days and gets dark by 5:30, daddy hasn't been able to walk me everyday when he gets home from work.

So I'll get plenty of exercise today and break up those long hours.

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