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I have a boo-boo, but don't know how to explain it

July 7th 2010 2:18 pm
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Yesterday when mommy and daddy went to work I was absolutely fine. I ate my breakfast, made the rounds outside and did my business, came back in and helped keep daddy's lap warm as he drank his morning coffee.

By all accounts, I was feeling 100%.

But something happened during the day that I just can't seem to articulate to my parents when they came home. I just can't seem to jump up on the couch or climb the stairs as usual.

Mommy and daddy didn't think much of it as first, just that I didn't want to jump up on the couch whhich I do all the time. Daddy took me for a walk, and on level ground I seemed just fine. We do this walk pretty often and I was my normal self. However once we got home, I didn't want to jump up on the couch again, and I'm having a hard time climbing the stairs....something I usually bolt up every day.

Daddy laid me down on the couch and checked all my legs for any obvious injuries or cuts. Nope. Daddy inspected my belly and ran his hands down my back and side and both hind legs. Everything felt fine to him, and I didn't yelp or squirm one bit.

Last night Daddy carried me up the stairs to bed, and I did sleep in a little bit longer than usual. Once daddy finally got up, he let me down from the bed, and I went down the stairs just fine. I ate my breakfast, did my rounds again, came in but didn't jump up on the couch. Daddy went back upstairs and I wanted to follow him, but I struggled. It's like I can't put any weight on my hind legs. Did I injur my lower back somehow?

Mommy came home early today and helped me up and I'm just resting. Daddy said he'll walk me when he gets home again, a slow walk to see how I do. He told mommy he spoke with the vet for advice, and they said if this continues tomorrow, I should probably come in and have X-rays done. Oh boy....I know daddy would do anything for me , but a trip to the vet and Xrays is gonna be another $225 on top of the $350 they just paid for my check up 2 weeks ago.

Anyway, please pray for me as Something is wrong and we just don't know what yet. Hopefully it's something as simple as a sprain or pulled muscle.


Such a fabulous week

May 24th 2010 11:31 am
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I know it has been forever since I last wrote. There really isn't much excuse other than dad was a bit peeved that I kept leaving dirty paw prints all over his keyboard, and there were 'Kitty' web-sites I was visiting (thought I cleared the cache and browser history).

Anyway, this past Wed., my daddy spent the day at home with me. Well, okay, so maybe he was cleaning the house most of the day and straightening things up, but we did get in a nice walk at the end of the day, and he re-acquanited me with a few old toys of mine that were stored in a closet. I forgot I even had those!

I got some new foods and treats as well.

And then Grandpa came over and walked me Friday down to the golf course and back which broke up the afternoon quite well.

But the best day had to be yesterday, Sunday. Daddy took me on a 2 mile walk on a special trail near the house. It was like we were in the California high sierras. The trails smelled of sage, pine, pinon, and rosemary. It was a very nice trails with so many smells and place to explore. The best thing was that we were all alone, just Daddy and I, together...walking about God's creation to take in.

I had a special dinner too and snuggled up to both my parents when we went to bed.


Super walk

March 29th 2010 10:54 am
[ Leave A Comment | 1 person already has ]'s been a really long time since I last posted. I hope you still come by once in a while to check up on me.

Yesterday, I had a very special wlak with my daddy. We had a four mile walk on a nature trail that daddy discovered a week or so back. Although the trail was paved, it winded through and went up and down through fields of grass and pine trees. At one point there was a stream that ran parallel to the trail and I got to see a lot of malard ducks.

Daddy and I sat under a few trees every so often so as I could catch my breath and cool down a bit. It's been getting a bit warmer as of late and we started our walk at around 10am. Although we only walked just shy of 4 miles, it took us nearly an hour.

The smells and sites were doggy heaven overload. I saw lizards and squirrels and ducks and even other dogs. I had such a good time but it was very tiring. When we got home, I just crashed and slept most of the day.

I love my daddy. It was so nice to have time with him. I couldn't ask for a better treat.


Today I'm a kitty

January 18th 2010 10:36 am
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Poopie....It's raining today and is supposed to all week so it'll be very hard for me to get my proper walking and exercise. As much as I love my home and having free reign of the house when Mommy and Daddy are away, I really do look forward to getting out, checking my territory, and getting in a good walking.

But when it's raining I don't really care for getting to wet, nor do my parents like me walking back in the house with dirty and muddy furnishings.

However, on the bright side of it being rainy, I do get more chances and opportunities to snuggle and keep warm. There's nothing like a warm lap first thing in the morning, or the extra covers I get at night when I go to bed.

This morning, when Daddy was having his pre-work coffee and watching the TV, I was able to crawl right up on his lap and curl myself into a little ball which he could pet. Oh, and it felt so good. Much better than usual....maybe it had to do with the rain outside, but I began to 'purr' like those silly little cats I hear about. Well, it may not be exactly like a kitty purr, but it is my doggy equivelant...a low moan/sigh coming deep within telling Daddy how relaxed I was and how much I like it. That made Daddy smile and I like it when I please my Daddy.

I can't wait for him to come hoem tonight and maybe do it again!


Icky Vet Visit

January 4th 2010 1:10 pm
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Well I had a fabulous Christmas. I got a lot of attention including some new toys and treats and was able to sport my Christmas outfit for everyone to see.

It was alos very nice to have both Mommy and Daddy home for so many days, although Daddy came down with a nasty case of Bronchitis and was on bed/couch rest for a few days while he continues his slow recovery.

Another highlight was getting to go on a special day walk with both Mommy and Daddy at the Irvine Spectrum. It was so nice to be outside in the afternoon among new smells and people, plus I attracted a lot of attention because I'm so cute.

The only bad thing that happened was Daddy did take me to the vet for an annual physical and teeth cleaning on teh 29th. I did not like this one bit as I had to be there all day long. It was very traumatic and I was scared. Daddy couldn't stay with me and I had no idea I was going to be there so long. When I was finally picked up, I ran into Daddy's arms and didn't want him to leave me alone any longer. I whined and cried for a long time when we got home as to wondering if I did anything wrong. Daddy assured me he would never leave me and that sometimes a bad day is needed so I can spend many more years with him in good health. See that day I had a shot, blood test, teeth cleaned, ear hair plucked and more. The anesthetic made me a little queasy as well.

But now it's all over and things are back to nomal and I passed all my tests with flying colors!!


Christmas photos!

December 21st 2009 9:49 am
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Oh my goodness...Where did the time go this year? It seems not that allful long ago we were celebrating Christmas last year, and here we go again in just a few short days.

Well, this year it seems to be busier at my house with my human sister now there. Also grandpa Olson comes by at least 2-3 times a week and we go for nice long walks.

Then there is mommy decorating the house and daddy wrapping presents.

This past Friday, I got my Christmas grooming. I got all nice and clean for the whole family when they come down in a few days. See, daddy is cooking Christmas Eve dinner again this year and his family will be coming over for the day. That means I will be getting a lot of attention and love, and I'm sure I'll sneak a few treats as well. I'm sure I'll even get presents.

But one of the best things is that Daddy will be home 10 straight days and Mommy will be home most of the time as well and I'll have a lot of company and time with them both. As a matter of fact, Daddy even hinted on taking me for a special walk maybe with Mommy tomorrow night about the lake in town where we can see all the pretty lights at night. Yippee!

Last night, since I'm all clean and grommed, I donned my Christmas outfit for pictures. Daddy changed my profile picture here on Dogster to reflect that for the next few days. He plans on sending out Christmas cards as well with my picture. It was a little annoying and fun at the same time. I got so many kibbe treats last night while I posed for my pictures, but it is so hard to remain calm when all those goodies and scrumptious smells and tastes are so close at hand. But I did real good and Daddy was able to coax about 12 pictures out of me.

Hope you all have a merry Christmas!! Thank you Jesus for my life and my family!


Ooops...Is that my butt nugget?

December 11th 2009 9:25 am
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I'm so embarrased.

It's been raining a lot at my house lately, and even though I like getting baths, I don't like the cold rain dripping on me when I have to go to the restroom, so I tend to hold it as long as I can until there's a slight break.

Well, I do sleep with mom and dad and really like to snuggle when it's cold to stay warm.

So I had a small accident the other night. Somehow and sometime during the night, I expelled a single round nugget from my backside on my parents comforter. I don't even think I knew it as it must have happened in my sleep.

Daddy discovered it when he awoke and was both appalled and tickled. Gosh Dad!!! I'm so was an accident, and I'm so sorry. But Mom and Dad were both smiling and knew it was an accident so I wasn't in trouble. Mom thinks I may have sneezed in the middle of the night and it just shot out, but we'll never know.

At least the heater in the house kinda baked it 'cause it was easy to pick up with a tissue. Oh my....I'll never be the same again.


It's gettin chilly around here

November 17th 2009 9:55 am
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Wowzers....sorry for the long break between much is happening at our house...

Mommy was gone for a whole week again on business, my human sister also moved in (and now plays with me and takes me on walks during the week), we got a new garage door, I got a long overdue grooming, and it's really starting to get cold in the mornings.

The weather has been really strange at our house. One week it seems like it's in the 80's and everyone is wearing shorts and I'm laying down on the cool tile, and then now we can't stay warm enough at night.

I've really been snuggling up next to daddy in the cold mornings, and I'm even allowing him to put a blanket during the night. In the early morning, I even crawl up on his chest if he turns over to lie on his back to get some extra warmth.

Well, it also probably has a lot to do with the fact I got a really grooming after not getting a cut in just over two months. I did have a bath during that time, but my parents and my groomer just couldn't I was carrying around some extra weight...and dirt. Daddy had to pull a few crusties of my rear in the meantime.

Anyway, one nice thing when I get my short cut is that I get a really good gourmet wet meal as a treat. So I've been eating Merricks 'Brats' the last few days in a rich and yummy gravy sauce.



I attended a birthday party for my pal Snow

October 5th 2009 9:13 am
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What an exciting Sunday I had this week.

On Friday when my Mommy got the mail, there was an invitation in there for me to attend a neighbor's birthday party on Sunday.

Snow is a 6 year old golden lab and his family was kind enough to invite a few of us neighborhood pups to the local park for fun and games and treats.

Well, the morning actually started out with daddy taking me for a walk in the fresh autumn air. It was brisk, but not too cold and it was nice and quiet first thing in the morning.

Mommy had gone to the grocery store to buy some food for the week, and she brought me home a very special cookie and a new hard plastic toy boot as well. You can never have enough chew toys!

What Mommy didn't know (and I wasn't volunteering) was that daddy had just giving me a little greenie treat just a little bit before.

Just after two o'clock our doorbell rang and it was time to go. Being the smallest pup here, I had to let everyone know I'm not a puch over. Snow was excited to see me, as was Buddy, a 2 year old lab as well. I'm right in the middle at 4 years.

After some initial and obligatory butt sniffing greetings, we all walked to the park together. It was a very nice day outside.

Once at the park, the big boys played catch with a frisbee and tennis ball. Mommy and daddy were a bit reluctant to let me off leash, but after 15 minutes or so, I was let off for the very time. I wasn't too interested in the ball or frisbee, or playing chase with the big boys, but I did get some running in with daddy...and a bit of exploring.

We all posed for pictures, and of course, being that this was the first time at this park for me, I had to mark my new found territory at every given opportunity. I think I made pleasantries with each and every tree and shrub there.

I also got my very own Milkbone, and when the big boys weren't too interested in theirs, I was able to get a hold of their too. It seems like every time mommy and daddy turned around, I discovered yet another Milkbone. My parents are worried I had too many treats and not only spoil my dinner, but maybe have a stomach ache as well later.

So finally, after 45 minutes or so we came home and I was tired. When it was finally dinner time, I didn't get too much. Daddy really cut back and I had just a small fraction of my normal dinner.

All in all it was a good day with my parents and friends, and when it was bedtime, I curled up really close and tight next to daddy to keep warm. It was the first chilly night in a long time.


A week of company

September 29th 2009 2:01 pm
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Not that I envy Mommy, but she had elective surgery last week which has kept her home for the last 6 days in recovery.

So I have had constant companionship for almost a whole week! But alas, she had to return to work today, but it was fun while it lasted.

Even though she couldn't move all that much, we spent a lot of time together while daddy was away at work. And since she also had to sleep on the couch elevated, I opted to keep her compnay as well, allowing daddy the whole bed to himself for a change...and while daddy does say he misses me, he also says he's had the best week of sleep in a long time.

The one downside is that while I did have company, mommy really couldn't play all that much. Oh, sure...we cuddled a few times and I got a head and belly rub.....we really couldn't go for a walk or wrestle or play catch....I have to wait for daddy to come home to do that.

As as matter of fact, when he comes home tonight, I'm sure we'll go for a nice walk again.


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