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A lot of commotion at the house

January 19th 2012 1:56 pm
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Wowzers, tehre's a lot happening at my house this past week.

It all stareted last weekedn when Daddy noticed that some of the tiles in the kitchen felt warm. Well, of course on those cold mornings, it feels good on my four feet, but we knew something was wrong.

Long story short, our house has a slab leak and so an army of strangers came in with all their tools, and wrenches, and saws, and other nasty devices and tore up our kitchen and dining room.

Some of the furniture has been moved to funny spots that make no sense to me. My dinner bowl and water are in a different spot after 5 years, so I'm a bit confused at feeding time.

Today they have sealed off the kitchen once again with plastic sheets and have been working to fix all the walls they broke into just a few days earlier. What a mess!!

And so I don't get into anybodies way, I've been relgated to the backyard for the day....which is nice, but I wanna come in when I want to. I'm not used to being forced to stay out all day.

It's my understanding that these silly men will all be here again tomorrow as well to do something called 'texturing' to the walls. Hopefully it will all be back to normal in a few more days.


I may now be 6 years old, but I'm still spunky.

November 17th 2011 9:17 am
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This morning my playful side came out.

Just when daddy thinks I may be hitting middle age, I surprise him with a unbridled burst of energy and acting super silly.

I got up with mommy this morning at 5:45am, had my breakfast, and watched her drink coffee...just waiting for daddy to get up. Finally he rousted up at about 7am and came down to have his own coffee and breakfast before getting ready for work.

After I allowed him to shake a few cobwebs out of his noggin, I grabbed one of my favorite stuffed toys and began nudging daddy at around 7:30. He's such a sucker...within seconds, I had daddy on all fours playing tug-of-war and keep-away with me.

Of course this gave me the zoomies....and I ran back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth for a good solid 10 minutes. We played and played, but I knew his time was short as he had to get ready for work.

But I had to remind daddy that albeit I'm six years old, I can still run and play like I'm 6 months old!

I'm looking forward to him coming home tonight....we are going to try and take family Xmas pictures. Yippee...that means I get a treat if I'm good....Oh, who are we kidding...I'll get a treat anyways.


A weekend with my grandparents

October 24th 2011 10:49 am
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This past weekend I had a nice treat, but was still eager to come home.

Mommy and daddy went to celebrate their 8th wedding anniversary out of town, so I got to spend the Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon with my grandparents.

Oh boy, I got plenty of belly rubs and nap time with grammie on the couch. She also gave me sweet potato chip (sshhh...they give me gas).

Grandpa took me on plenty of long walks and played ball with me in their backyard.

But after two days, I was kinda missing my parents and was looking forward to coming home. As much fun as it was, and all the attention and love I got, I still like to feel secure at 'my' home and was excited to see my parents when they got home late Sunday afternoon.



October 17th 2011 3:10 pm
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My daddy loves me sooo much.

This past week, as a special treat, he's made a few delicious changes to my diet.

Our local pet supply store has begun to carry some 'raw' food, so I got a few samplers: fresh ground lamb and veggies, and also chicken and veggies. It is so yummy when mixed with a bit of my regular Innova kibble. As soon as I see dad go to the fridge and pull out the OCRawDog conatiner I start doing a happy dance and my little nub wags back and forth.

Also, with no prompting from mommy or daddy, my human sister took me for a mid-day walk yesterday which was so nice of her to do. Daddy has been a bit sore lately, and achey, so when my human sister picked up the leash, daddy was elated.

It's starting to cool down again now. A few more weeks and the time will change, and it will rain. That's a mixed bag for me....I hate going potty when it's raining, but I love to snuggle in bed with mommy and daddy.


Last heat wave before winter?

October 12th 2011 2:54 pm
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This time of year, we get one last push of heat before fall and winter temperatures take hold.

Today, it's 98* at our house, so I may get a later walk tonight. I just love when daddy comes home from work....I always get a treat after waiting for him so long.

Shhhh...don't tell mom, but this morning I got a little tiny piece of Havarti cheese along with my breakfast, and daddy also snuck me some a hunk of chicken breast. I don't get treats like that often, but it's okay once in a blue moon.

Wonder what I'll get tonight?


After a long absence

October 11th 2011 4:54 pm
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My parents feel horrible for denying me so long from my Dogster account.

Plain and simple truth is daddy misplaced the password, and Dogster emails were getting bounced back from his ISP, so we were never getting the reset messages.

But daddy had light bulb go on over his head, and it just came to him, so we got one and changed our email account...and I am.

Things are good. I just celebrated my birthday in August, and I'm still in very good health. My sister even wrote me to say "Hi" so it was so nice to hear from her after such a long time away.

Now that I'm back (many apologies to my friends), I hope to be participating much more often in my diary updates. I'm just so excited to be back on after such a long absence.

Look forward to hearing from you all again soon!


Scary Thunderstorms

October 19th 2010 10:07 am
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Living in Southern California, I don't experience a lot of thunder and lightning storm, but this morning was unreal.

At about 5:45am, we were all awoken by one of the loudest claps of thunder we've ever heard. Of course there was the accompanying bright flashes in the sky and I was scared.

Not knowing what it was, I tried to melt into my daddy in bed, but he was so tired. Mommy decided to get up and go downstairs make some coffee for them and give me breakfast at 6am, but I only made it halfway down the stairs when,..."BOOM", another loud clap had me do a 180 on the stairs and run back into bed with daddy.

There I stayed for the next hour standing close vigil and alert ontop of daddy trying to figure out what the light show and noise was all about.

Finally at 7am, daddy got up to get ready for work, and I was kinda nervous. Mommy gave me a 'calming' tablet, and when the rain stopped for a few minutes, I didn't want to go outside to go potty. I stayed close to both mommy and daddy, until he finally went to work.

I don't like the loud noise, but I did get to cuddle in a warm ball next to daddy for extra time this morning so it wasn't all bad.


I'm 5 years old today

August 20th 2010 2:01 pm
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Wowzers, here I am on my 5th birthday.

To think of how long and short it's been at the same time and I'm such a lucky dog. I know my human parents love me to pieces, expeically Daddy (that's not to say mommy doesn't as well).

I have a wonderful and clean. I get fed twice a day, have three beds (2 downstairs and 1 upstairs), get walked everyday, and of course am spoiled rotten.

Today, although Mommy and Daddy had to work, my grandparents came over and took me for a long walk. It's a bit warm outside today, warmer than usual, but that didn't stop me. Grandma Olson also brought me my own cake! I'm sure I'll get some tonight even though I had treats when they came over.

Tomorrow daddy will take me for a nice walk and maybe even to the dog park although it's kinda quiet there and I seem to get bored easily there.

I sent a letter to my sister here on Dogster yesterday too....that would be Mtn. High Rilee I wonder what my other brothers and sisters are up to. I know two of them ended up together with another family, but I haven't seen any of them since that day I went to my fur-ever home almost 5 years ago today.

I was a little scared those first few days. I was crying out for my momma and I didn't know where I was or where I was going, but Jesus had a plan for me all along. He made sure He found the best parents He could and my Daddy and Mommy refer to me as their son. Daddy says I am a gift who keep on giving everyday.

Anyway, today is my 5th birthday and here's to hoping I have many, many more....


Feeling better, but smelly

July 23rd 2010 1:24 pm
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Well, I'm not sure what happened about two weeks back, but whatever it was seemed to fix itself right up.

I'm running up and down the stairs, jumping up on the couch, and seem back to normal. Good thing, as Daddy would have taken me to the vet and have to spend a lot for X-rays just after my regular checkup just a week before.

So while I am hard at play and spening a lot of times on walks with both daddy and grandpa, I am getting a little odiforous. I need a bath as we had to cancel this week's grooming until next week. Boy, I think I need it myself. Daddy did wipe me down the other night with a few baby wipes and that helped, but my nails are long and my beard is getting into my mouth when I eat and drink.

Next Tuesday I'll get some loving which will help with the warm weather just around the corner.



July 8th 2010 12:54 pm
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Well, I've been improving the last two days. Mommy and Daddy for all the good and proper reasons have been keeping me pretty docile.

I'm getting a little antsy just sitting about, but they are taking me for some short walks to see how my back is doing, and it looks like I'm improving. Maybe I just need some good old fashioned rest.

As a matter of fact, last night I wanted to play with my ball a bit with Daddy. A good old fashoned game of keep-away. I was just a tad slower than I usually am, but I wanted to move around. I was able to jump up on teh couch and climb the stairs yesterday too!

Then earlier today, Grampie Olson came over to walk me and I couldn't wait to pull him about on my leash. Daddy told Grampioe not to walk me too far or at least to use good judgement, but Grampie thought I was up to the task, so we went on a nice long walk and I acted like a champ.

Daddy will keep me under observation at least one more day, but I may be able to skip out on the X-rays after all. Yay!

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