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Help me and my dad in the MapMyFitness & American Humane- Association joint challenge.

June 17th 2015 2:37 pm
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Hey all, my dad and I signed him up for a 30 day challenge that started yesterday (June 16, 2015) and runs for the next 29 days.

We hope to raise money by going on dog walks as many times as we can for the American Humane Association. Our initial goal was to raise $150, but we've already reached that in day one! Wowzers!

So I'm asking the community here to help us out. We'd like to get to $200 and possibly more. All monies go to the AHA as daddy and I compete with the other 6,237 (currently and growing) participants.

Tonight we will go on a walk, and tomorrow evening we are scheduled to go with daddy's friend and their Viszla girl, Kelly.

You can check out our page here:

Paws in advance...



9th birthday

August 22nd 2014 3:54 pm
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I can't believe I'm 9 years old now. I don't feel middle aged. Oh, I slow down here and there, but for the most part, I'm as alert, watchful, and playful as ever. Just ask my dad! I get him up every morning for my first round of petting at 5:30 am, then after he has his coffee and wakes up we play a bit before he goes to work.

And I walk anywhere from 2 to 5 miles a day, every day. Thanks dad, grandma and grandpa for all the good food you give me. See, I'm a living example of what high quality dog food can do for you. I just had my physical, and even though my liver enzymes are slightly elevated, I'm in otherwise tip-top condition.

For my birthday daddy gave me a special dinner and grandma and grandpa brought me over special puppy-approved cupcakes with little bones and cats on them. Then this Sunday we will all go to a restaurant where they allow us four legged friends there, and then a nice stroll around the lake with my family.

Daddy also has a new lady in his life, and she has two dogs herself. Yes, I can get a bit jealous at times, but I'm allowed at 9. They are silly puppies, one is about a year old, the other just a few months, so I'm the alpha...especially at my house.


84 and windy in January?

January 15th 2014 1:06 pm
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Wowzers, I can't believe it feels liek summer here in the middle of January.

It's been so windy here at night that daddy has been getting up early in the morning to walk me before he goes to work. It's a bit cooler, and all that dust isn't blowing in my face, but it makes for a long day.

And to think, I got all these new hoodies and sweaters for Christmas I haven't even been able to put on yet because it's been so warm as of late.

Well, not too much to report here. Daddy switched me to a new food called Simply Nourish and I'm responding very well to it. Even at 8.5 years old, I have a lot of energy and my checkups are going fairly well. I have been a bit jealous of daddy though lately. He has a new lady friend who like to sit with him on the couch and I get wierd when they touch their faces together. I start to growl and try to seperate them and daddy doesn't understand why I make such a big deal of it...but then he throws me a treat to placate me, so whose working hwo here?

She's allright though....she likes to go on walks with me and daddy and doesn't mind playing with me. She even bought me some toys for Christmas too!


Big Grandma Birthday Weekend

September 23rd 2013 10:06 am
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Wowzers, not sure whose birthday it was....grandma's or mine! Even though grandma turned 67, I'm the one who got treats!!

Daddy took me down to their house on Sunday and I was greated with cottage cheese and organic pumpkin puree!! Yummy.

Then a little later grandma gave me a new toy (big plush snake) and another chew treat.

As we watched football (poor Green Bay...close game) I got petted, tickeled, and massaged for almost an hour!!

Then daddy brough me home and we spent the afternoon together, until daddy took me over to a friends house to help her set up her new TV. I got to roam around a whole new house and play with the kids there, and even took a stroll around the neighborhood. What a new adventure!

By the way....A big thank you to Dogster and all those that sent me messages. What a compliment it is to me chosen as Diary of the Day!! Thank you all again!


It looks like I get to stay with Daddy!!

September 20th 2013 1:08 pm
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Unfortunatly, life doesn't always go as expected for some people, and that includes when paw parents have different visions of what they want in life.

Although sometimes these situations can seem hurtful, unfair, and emotional, sometimes the big man upstairs allows for the right decisions, and in this case I will be staying with my daddy.

My daddy is the one who picked me, who took me to puppy kindergarten, who modified his house for me before I even showed up. He walks me almost everyday, and when my daddy doesn't, then his daddy (my grampie does). Daddy provides me with the best food, awesome toys, and takes me everywhere.

Even the remotest possibility that I would be removed from daddy would break his heart and mine. But to be fair, I know mommy wishes me no harm either, and even though she loves me as well, she decided that I was better off with Daddy.

But daddy always makes me his priority. I am his little boy, and have been for the past 8 years. I am his best friend, his lap companion, his snuggle buddy on cold mornings. I know it was tough mommy, but thank you.


My 8th Birthday

August 21st 2013 1:16 pm
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I can hardly believe I just turned 8 years old. Althought daddy had to go to work, my grandpa came over and took me for a nice walk and of course I got lots of attention and a treat.

When daddy finally did come home, we played a bit, and I got a special dinner and part of a banana for dessert. I even got a second walk out of him, and was surprised with a big bag of various yummy treat he brought home. Daddy always makes sure my treats are high quality and no icky ingredients....that's probably why I still have my 'puppy' moments and play around like I was just two years old. Oh, I might be slightly slower than I was back then, but not by much!

I'm so lucky. Daddy even posted a picture of me on both Instagram and Facebook, and I got a lot fo attention from other schnauzer buddies.

Oh, and thank you all for the pretty rosette's and recognition as well.


Wait a minute...Didn't I just have a bath?

June 6th 2013 12:55 pm
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Looks like Daddy tricked me again.

Even though I had an impromptu bath two weeks ago after hiking about the Ortega, it appears "that" truck appeared in our driveway again today.

Sure enough....another bath :(

But I get my hairz cut too.


What a hike!!

June 5th 2013 12:14 pm
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I had the bestest of days last week!

Daddy took me for a sweet drive in his SUV through the Cleveland National Forest in Southern Cali with the moon-roof open. All those fabulous smells!

After a nice 30 minute drive, he parked his car and he harnessed me up, and we had a nice hike in the outdoors before it got too hot. We must have hiked through some intermediate terrain for almost a 2.5 mile round trip. That might night seem all that long, but it was a narrow, uneven, and rocky path. Again, so many new smells for me. But daddy was concerned when the it started to become warmer and warmer, not to mention all the burrs that were getting in my furnishings, not to mention wondering if I'd pick up any ticks.

After we got back to the car, we headed another 5-6 miles to the "Outlook"...a special scenic stop overlooking Lake Elsinore, and then we stopped for lunch at Hell's Kitchen!! Daddy never lets me have human food, but on this rare occasion, he snuck me a few tastes of his hamburger. Yummy!!

By now I was tuckered, and so was daddy, but guess what...he tricked me into a bath when I got home. It felt good to get all those burrs, dust, and dirt out...but it wasn't too fun getting dry. I'm not so much scared of the blow-dryer, but those big blankets. But when it was all done, and I was smelling great, I slept really good that night. I hope we go on more hikes again!


Minor Surgery

October 25th 2012 1:40 pm
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Today I got a special bath. I love my new mobile groomer Steve. He always plays with me, gives me treats, and because I don't like the hair dryer, he actually towel dries me.

Tomorrow is a little scary, maybe more so for dad than me. I have to have a minor procedure done. My last visit to the vet found two tiny cysts on my eyelids that the Dr. would like to get rid of now before they have a chance to get bigger. They don't bother me yet, but Dr. assured me and daddy that this is common in my breed and may grow. At this stage is just a cosmetic surgery.

While I'm under they are gonna also pluck my ears, brush my teeth, express my glands, and check for the possibility of a 'infection' in my no-no area. See, I've been kinda licking a lot more than normal down there, and Dr. wants to make sure I don't have a fungal or yeast infection.

It's all pretty much routine, but daddy gets nervous anytime they put me under, and especially since they need to cut something by my eye. I will be in recovery all day, but I do get to go home and wear that silly collar for 24 hours. I guess the only upside to that is daddy will be home with me all night to take care of me. I like that.


Hot, Hot, Hot

July 11th 2012 3:44 pm
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Even for Southern California, it jumped up into the low 90's in our neck of the woods the last few days, and will continue to do so for the the two before we get a small reprieve.

When daddy came home from work last night, we wited until after 7pm before we went for a walk, and even then I was panting hard when I got home, so plenty of water for me.

Daddy opted to sleep downstairs last night night on the couch, and of course, I kept him company. Our upstairs thermostat read 87 degrees at 9pm, and that with the ceiling fan on and windows open, so we cracked the windows downstairs, grabbed a few pillows and camped out. It was fun, but I'm kinda used to it as I sleep there during the day anyway.

We'll probably do the same thing tonight as well.

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