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Well my life has changed

Tag I'm it......

August 2nd 2007 6:25 pm
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Ok I got tagged by da Molly girl. So here goes...
1. I love to eat anything and everything I can.
2. I'm overweight.
3. I love my Lady Sadie Pearl
4. I love my brudder Buddy and he's my bestest friend. He's the first thing I look for in the morning when I wake up.
5. I had my knee joint in my back leg repaired when I was just a pup I had no joint I was born without one.
6. I'm originally from the coal mines of Virginia, I adopted my Mommie and Daddy when they went to visit someone.
7. I bark and chase every dog I see on TV and taught Buddy how to do the same thing.

Now I am going to tag my friends.

I tag.......

1 Snickerdoodle cause he has the neatest name just like me.
2. Wynnie cause she's really fluffy
3. Hoover cause he's got a nose for everything
4. Prince cause he's my All Fur Fun friend
5. Dolly Pardon cause she's imporntant and Hoover's girl (a good match if I do say so myself)
6. Rocco cause he's one cool dude and he lives near us (if your traveling by sand that is)
7. And last but not least.....Lobo...cause he's the coolest guard dog ever


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