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Happy Birthday Turner

June 25th 2014 1:31 pm
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You were taken too soon. We should be celebrating our birthdays today. Instead I celebrate mine alone. :( Miss you... love you :(


Your case...

April 15th 2014 12:19 pm
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I actually talked to the prosecutor on your case!!! Next month it will be 3 years that I filed my complaint against the vet that didn't do your biopsy. She's a spitfire of a woman! When she asked for basic info about the case I told her a bit and she said. Your dogs name was Turner right? Shivers went up my arms!! She knew your case so well! She stated that she had alot of issues with your case and that it was in fact moving forward. Your case is at the point where the expert has reviewed and they are awaiting the report. Then she will make a list of charges. LIST OF CHARGES against him!!!! When I told her today was your third anniversary of passing she said she felt so bad. We talked about your case. When I asked her if they found more charges than I alledged to would the punishment increase. She said yes. I'm so relieved. I informed her that I would be available for a hearing if necessary. That I just needed heads up to get the time off. She said she was relieved to hear that. I told her like I told the investigators my dog is dead and I'm mad. I've got nothing but time to see this through. She did mention that there was alot of problems with lack of information on the vets side. That my information and photos were very solid. I told her that she put me in a better place mentally knowing that she's focused and determined to see the right charges applied and stick. I feel so much better after talking to her. I know that it's just a matter of time and this monster will be held accountable for not only you but every pet he has harmed.

Love you Turner!



3 years today :(

April 15th 2014 5:56 am
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You left me peacefully. My life hasn't been the same since. When they say a piece of you dies they were right. Only it was a big piece of me when you died. I miss you so much Turner. Our case still isn't over, it's still pending. I'm starting to wonder if there will ever be closure. I think of you every day. Thank you for sending Grunt to me. He's so opposite of you - which you know I needed.

Love you Turner!



Thank You Dogster Friends

January 19th 2014 1:36 pm
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It's been over 8 years that we've been on Dogster. Nobody in the world can have dog poop conversations like we can and not think anything of it. I will miss all of you. I will forever cherish the conversations of laughter, tears and frustrations that we've shared through the years. All of these amazing personal stories understood by good people who understand dog people! I hope one day we could all meet somewhere in this country, could be my house! :) THAT would be interesting. I wish all of you and your pups good health and a good life. There will never be another Dogster and for that I'm forever sad. I've copied all of my pages and diaries and re-lived last 8 years. Take care my friends! Peace!

Lya :)


Monkey Got Adopted!!

January 12th 2014 5:06 pm
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Mom was checking Seattles webpage and didn't see Monkey. She got in touch with Teddy's mom and confirmed that he did indeed find a forever home. Best part. The rescue made sure he got to take his sweater!! My legacy lives on. I know Darcy wore it a few times before mom got her some of her own sweatshirts to wear. I know that sweater kept Monkey really warm and will stay with him for a long time!

My legacy lives on. Mom feels pretty good about paying it forward. :)


Three times a charm!

January 1st 2014 11:33 am
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Three days in a row I got Diary Pick! Thanks HQ!! WHooot! Whooot!!


2 Days in a Row!

December 31st 2013 12:28 pm
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Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for the 2 days in a row pick HQ! That's awesome!! Hope everyone has a safe, and warm, holiday! Be safe. Let's hope all the pups in the world can find warm beds during the holidays. Anyone in Seattle looking for a totally handsome guy, Monkey is my twin. He got my sweater I donated and is looking for a perfect home!


Merry Christmas and Thank You HQ!

December 25th 2013 11:57 am
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Merry Christmas from above!! I got picked for Diary Pick! Whooo hoo!! All is good here in the clouds! I keep an eye over mom, dad, Darcy and Grunt. I hope everyone has a Wonderful and Safe Christmas. Please think of all of the pups out there who don't have homes. Volunteer at your local shelter. Walk dogs or just sit with a senior dog. Everything helps!


Meet my friend Monkey

December 24th 2013 4:23 pm
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Monkey is in Seattle, Washington. Mom sent a box of sweaters and stuff to the Seattle Animal Shelter after a friend posted pics of their dogs with coats on. Mom had one of my really warm sweaters and sent it with one request. Please find a "special" dog to give my sweater to. Monkey was the lucky pup who got my sweater! He looks so much like me!! Just wanted to share his photo and maybe help him find a loving and warm forever home!


Paying it forward... thank you Turner

December 22nd 2013 5:02 pm
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I've been holding onto a sweater that I bought you. I have that one and your camo sweater that you loved. Well the other day I saw a posting from Seattle Animal Shelter. It's a beauitful new shelter, but I noticed the dogs were wearing coats and sweaters. I had some new ones that I wasn't using and got an idea. Time to pay it forward. I know you would appreciate doing it so I got in contact with our friend out in Seattle, Teddy's mom. Got the information and sent the box with sweaters and Christmas collars. Well the box arrived and I asked Teddy's mom to find the perfect dog for your sweater. Turner she made me lose it. Seriously I couldn't stop crying! Your sweater went to a pitbull named Monkey. He looks exactly like you! I mean EXACTLY!!! Teddy's mom posted the photo on FB and I was in total shock. She found the perfect match for your sweater. Monkey is young Brindle and White pitbull. He's very skinny and the sweater looks amazing on him. Another person from the shelter said Monkey will be nice and warm now. That made me feel so good. That sweater was so warm so I know Monkey is feeling the love from us...

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