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The philosophical stylings of Lord G. Tankington

I miss my Mommy!

August 31st 2006 1:23 pm
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Tank here, for another installment of philosophical ramblings!

My mommy left for college last week and I miss her so much! (Not as much as she misses me I'm sure). I've been even more lazy than usual, but I'm still eating as much as ever :-)

I think my kitty (Roscoe) misses my mommy too. He isn't eating as much, which is funny because he's usually so hungry that he'll even try to eat my dinner! My mommy promised that she will visit sometime in October, and I can't wait! She already called me a few times but I was too lazy to talk, so GrandMa had to take a message ;-)

My mommy also wanted me to tell all you potential pup pals out there that right now she can't accept any pup pal requests, but she will accept all the pending pup pals when she visits me in October.

Anyway, I think it's about time for dinner! Watch for another installment of Tank's philosophical ramblings coming your way in a few weeks :-)


Lord G. Tankington


Bath = NOT FUN!

May 7th 2006 8:10 am
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Today is the dreaded BATH DAY. Mommy thinks that I'm getting a little stinky and wants to "freshen me up". BLECH! Bath day is the absolute worst. At least I get a nice big treat after I'm done. Mom said she wants to take pictures of me while I'm getting cleaned up...well she can forget about that! I'll stand for picture with doggles on, but no bath pictures!

Mom has already started my birthday shopping. So far (and I promise, I didn't peak...she tells me EVERYTHING) she has gotten me a personalized elevated feeding station, a doggie football jersey (GO EAGLES!), an aviator coat, a football rope toy and some greenie double chuck biscuits. Boy, it's going to be like Christmas all over again, only BETTER!

The sad thing is, right after my birthday my mom is going to the big C (college). She has to live on campus for the first year there, so I will only get to see her once a week!! It's going to make both me and her very sad. The good thing is she is working really hard to save up money so we can get an apartment after her first year there! Woohoo! I would make such a great "bachelor pad" dog :-)

Anyway, it looks like it's time for my bath...hopefully this won't be too bad...

-Lord G. Tankington


Wow, my first entry! Woof!

May 6th 2006 2:29 pm
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Well, I've finally gotton off my little nubby tail and decided to write an entry.

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Lord G. Tankington. Also known as Tank, Tanky, Nubby, Nub, Stumpy, Stump, Nubby Ole Bulldoggy, Nub-Nub, get the general idea.

My very favorite thing in the whole world is food. Mom told me today that for my third birthday I am going to get a carob and biscuit shavings cake from the doggy bakery. I am so excited! Mom's not the most excited though...she says she can smell the gas already.

My second very favorite thing in the whole world is sleeping. I just got a big new cozy bed from grandma and I love it! I sleep in it allll day other than when I am out in my yard or eating. It's super comfy!

My third very favorite thing in the whole world is my mommy. And right now she is calling me for dinner, and I sure wouldn't want to miss that! I'll be back later! Woof!

-Lord G. Tankington.

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