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The Life and Times Of Kaley Girl

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Agility rocks

February 4th 2009 8:21 pm
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It has been a long time since i wrote a diary...mum and me so busy doing our blog... You should come and check it out!

Been busy with agility, even in winter....mainly doing AKC stuff and my ooooh my, now i am in Open FAST (fifteen and send time) , Open standard and in Excellent jumpers!

I only started less than a year ago and mum sure got plenty frustrated for i am the frap queen...i even go into the other ring!---and out the ring---and all over my own ring....even when i am done, i go back in and frap!!!!!!!!!!

come and see my videos here.. =channel_page feature=channel_page

tons of vids on my youtube, but you get the jist......agility rocks!

kaley corgi kisses : )


what a cpe agility weekend

November 10th 2008 4:08 pm
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two days
4 runs each day

i qualified in 6 of the 8!

read it all here and see the pics!

think mum and me are getting the hang of it---but i still frap, so that is good! I love to frap!

i got into trouble so bad one time, the judge took way my Q! but i had fun and mum said, better luck next time!

kaley corgi kisses : )


Halloween ---did everyone have fun?

October 31st 2008 9:20 pm
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i certainly posed for the costumes as mum always does each year...but this year, i had no costume so used the human kids costume!

hmm, no fit but she posed me wearing the hat part...the pumpkin, the penguin and the dragon....

it worked and i did get lots of treats..not enough to get fat or full, but well worth the effort to just sit still!

come and read my post and get the whole jist and pics!

hope all had a safe and fun halloween 2008!


monday kaley corgi news****

October 27th 2008 9:18 am
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mon kaley corgi news **
**easy going to go hang out with pals and do agility, in the park, a few hrs...hehehe, i f raped a bit, buuuuut, i did the table!--- and made my contacts on the contact agility obstacles--- sooo i am getting better...and there is no class this wk, but to do more practice....mum got me the agility in a bag set, so there is no stoppin this agility stuff....other than that, hmm, i ran off a few times, but i returned--- actually, one time, mum and dad did not know i was got fone call and a man came and missin a dog? so now i wear a cow bell on my collar...not heavy, just rings all the time!-- come and read and catch my tweet--- i tell you what i am doing now and then throughout the is cute and fun! kaley corgi kisses : )

do come by my site and catch my tweet on twitter ---i come by to tell all what i am doing for the moment etc---fun!


usdaa agility wkend in Woodland, Calif!!! No Q's but close!

September 22nd 2008 12:08 pm
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hi all---- what a wkend, but at least no hotel bath, hehehe,for we did car camping....hey, not bad and i get a tent too, but i slept with mum! she had the bigger air mattress, me and baby n mum!

all runs, NQ...but so close!
standard, of course nq, first time no table, i do not like the table! got on, got off, mum said, oooooookay, fine!!!!!!!!!!! and we left to fini the rest of the course, no frapping opport for me!

other standard run i got funked, so it was a wierd can see the pics on flickr

gamblers, mum was greedy, so made me take the 7 pt dog walk 2x, and i jumped off it the second time, so no 7 pts, so she ran fast with me to get one pt jumps-----------i took the gamble was great, but i was one pt shy of Q....darn! mum has to not be so greedy!......

snooker, i could have done great, but that was a lot of temptation, the tunnel, so took it and whistled off the field!

jumpers i had a clean run, and i really do jump hi, no bar dropping, but i was, .82 seconds too slow!

DARN! ---got a first place ribbon, only two dogs running, ehhe, but i would have like to have a 4th place or any place and a Q!

well, next wk, car camping in DIXON --- hope to see you there a bit morrison corgi kids! ---AKC trial!

kaley corgi kisses : )

click the link on the bottom for pics...and yes, read the article!

well, til next wk, that is agility news!


I get to go swimming this wkend! yeaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

September 5th 2008 1:03 pm
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hey, i am gonna go swimming this wkend....yipee...and mum is going to go in with me, ehehe, hope she does not slip or mess up or get scared!

i like water more than her i think...all she knows how to do is jump in and back float and get her face wet! her doggie paddle is probably wierd!....i think i am going to learn to do the doggie paddle!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks to my pal, harvey harv corgi, for telling me bout the one in san jose area.................i was thinking someone would lead me to water!!!!!!

yeah, wish the pools let us have one free day, we have swim pools in the city here, but hehehe, doubt they thought to let us dog have it for one day......they probably would let the humans have it for that last day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gonna have more stories and pics on the wkend swim for ya....and anyone wanting to get hints and advice, ehhehe, i guess, i can by monday...give hints and advise....

my advise to mum is, get in the water with me, and bring steak cubes! dquarters.shtm

kaley corgi kisses : )


dock diving, agiliy.....long labor day wkend

September 3rd 2008 9:51 am
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did all my corgi pals have a great labor day wkend? hehee, is it not a wkend to just relax??? but odd it is called labor we have to work or something like that.....???

well, i am so tired still, i was in agility class last night and did not want to do stuff.

saturday i did dock diving, and more like did ramp walking...i can not swim yet, but do not mind to go in to my belly...mum tried to tease me in with the ball, but it went in the water.....she was such a tease......however food helped.....but i will not jump in...mum wants to try a pool and get in but she can not swim, but at least she is not 12 inches tall!

agility was nice and i am doing better...mum shouts so much on the field!..out of 6 runs, i qualified in one, first place, snooker!
hehe, i need only one more leg and get a title in snooker..

i did great or sorta great in jumpers but went over 10 seconds....

in the standard run, i never did the table, so i did not Q, and i got eliminated..........and i eliminated! the very edge, i pooed!...mum embarassed and apologized to the judge, but mum thinks she was mad....i eliminated in that same ring, on the last day too, but not on poo, just on the faults!

come to my site an read the stories...

pics up (almost all of them) on dock diving

mum still working on the posts and pics.

hehe, i keep mum and dad busy. 76535538/



got a paws table now!---agility style

July 16th 2008 6:32 pm
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yes, dad made me one and mum is gonna paint it---gee it is gonna look like fine furniture when they get done!

anyways, it is a real table, 12 inches high, just like in agility so now mum will hope there is no reason i refuse the table obstacle!

hehe, if you want a laugh, go to this video!

you are gonna smile or maybe even laugh....i plain just had fun!

ps, i did eventually get on the table!


agility, usdaa style ----great wkend for me and mum, Q n NQ!

July 8th 2008 2:56 pm
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My first usdaa trial and a long wkend but i was a star and i had fun and i got to still do my corgi 2Q's and 4 NQ's!

i Q in a jumper and did not knock any bars down and was fast, i got a 3rd place, and i Q in snooker, a game mum feared to play cuz she thought since i am sorta WILD, we would get whistle off the field fast.....hehehe, no, we finished the run and we got, 2nd place....and i was the last dog, last run of the day, 7 15 pm!!!!!

i still do not do the TABLE obstacle, i jump on and off and frap, and return to mum to stand there and wonder what she is doing.............i hear the ...get on the table, table, TABLE, wanna cookie?? i never saw the cookie!

she teased so i teased and ran off for a bit, and on a 72 sec course, i was on the field for 139.9 sec......i had FUN!

....and i got or we got, NQ!

come and see my video here and the rest of my pics too on flickr

ht tp://

mum and i can not wait to get in the agility ring again, and i bet she is gonna try that .....TABLE thing again!

kaley corgi kisses : )


mum is making a corgi in a bag-----

June 23rd 2008 1:46 pm
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i do say, it has to be almost a bag full of my undercoat! see she has the derfurm tool and she does not use it much, i think today is the 1stX, cuz dad did it twice and i kept moving.

i sit, or stand or lay down still for mum and she defurmed me or furmed me for bout, 20 minutes...she wants to do more or when i get maintained, to do it once a mo....i mean eventually she is gonna get caught up!

i am fluffy so there is lots of long fur.

she saves it for corgi yarn.

today she is gonna put me on the small table, my pause table for agility and do my whiskers and paws...i will be soo spanking brand new...hehe

kaley corgi kisses : )

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