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The Days of The Ladies Lover...

She's gone Mad

September 6th 2006 11:50 am
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Okay so my mom has literally lost her mind. She brung home a cat! Her name is Wishbone and is sort of neat looking too. But with my mom bring her home,My mom is buying me all types of goodies. I get toys, blankets, beds, treats and you said it right more snuggle time in the big bed with my two girls! Yeah I'm the man!


On my own

September 6th 2006 11:39 am
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My mom, sister and I moved into a really nice house at the end of July. I've got a yard and some cool neighbors (Jake the german short haired pointer and Monster -the albino Doberman). Since we've moved, my mom has promoted me to BIG BOY status and I'm able to have more freedom in the house. Because I have NO accidents! I've grown into my king of the castle shoes as I'm barking and alerting my mom to any possible intruders. I'm really excited about everything in my life right now.


Birthday's are Great

February 27th 2006 9:28 am
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I just turned one and boy di I get the treatment. My mom sent me to get a fresh groom. Boy am I handsome. I got some stuff that was supposed to come in the mail, but it didn't come yet but hopefully when it arrives I can just tear up the box and see my new goodies. I got to snuggle with my mom and sister a little bit and got to get away wih a little bit more mischief than usual. I can' wai til m next one. I think it might be tomorrow. LOL


Who says little dogs are whimpy?

August 30th 2005 7:54 am
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I'm just shy of 6 months now and I'm starting to actually fulfill my role as MAN in my household. My mom continuously told me that I was the king of the castle and I had to protect the queen and princess. I just needed to be tested to show my strength and I've been tested this week. My princess who's only 2.5 years old cried looking for our mom in the middle of the night. (mom was there, she was sleeping in her room) Before my princess hurt herself sleep walking, I barked loudly, licked my mommy so that she could get our princess. Then last night our crazy neighbors were making all types of ruckus in the middle night, so I stood guard at the door so no one would come and harm my ladies. So to the suckers who thought I was going to be a whimp, they should recognize that I'm living up to my title- MAN OF THE HOUSE!


And I'm a Graduate...

August 26th 2005 11:34 am
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Last night was my last day of Puppy Obidience class. It was a fun filled 8 weeks and I made tons of puppy-buds. I met a hot yellow lab named Trinity who just blew me away, I'll definetly miss her. I'll also miss my other hot babe Mitsey who's a Mastiff, she's way bigger than me so there's more loving to give me. My mom was especially proud of me because I listened and did a great job. I'm truly a well mannered young pup and thanks to my mom I'm a graduate and one step closer to being an AGILITY DOG! Sounds great doesn't it!


I'm 5 months today!!!

July 26th 2005 11:21 am
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Since I'm such a good boy, my mom took me to go get ice cream yesterday. She told me that the only reason I got some ice cream was because TODAY I'd be turning 5 whole months. I think she was just teasing. We aren't doing anything to special but I feel extra special though. My mom was talking on the thing you call a phone and she told them when I turn one that I'm having a PARTY with all my PALS. How cool is she? But being that my birthday is in February and in Michigan it's usually cold, she's having difficulty thinking of a good location. I really want a PARTY, I'll get to have more of that cake stuff and ice cream!!!!!


Day #3

July 21st 2005 7:19 pm
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Today I went to my 3rd class of obidience training. I happen to be the life of the party in that gym, everyone just loves to kiss and hug me when I'm supposed to be showing off my good study habits. My mom gets upset with me because I like to pay attention to all the chicks in the class but what else does she expect from an un-neutered handsome man as myself. I like going to puppy training, I get to socialize with all different canines and peoples too. I saw my grandma today too and she told me she was very proud that I'm sitting in the car with such ease. A bit ago I was so scared of the car bt since my mommy got me a carseat harness, it's been good times since. Well that's it for now and I'm on my way to bed cause my big sister told me so.


I need a bath...

July 18th 2005 8:46 am
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It's approaching that time again. I'm in between haircuts and I must mention that I'm nearly at Afro status. I'm a bit stinky too so I must have a bath and a trim. My mom wants to get me a mohawk like my uncle but I don't think I'll look that handsome. The ladies will be so upset with me. Tell me what you about the mohawk. In the meantime I'll try to talk my mom out of it.


Weekends with my Mom and Sister

July 17th 2005 6:03 am
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I love the weekends! I just can't wait for them! My mom is a single parent and she works during the week so my sister and I can have nice things and have lots of treats and eats. My sister goes to Day Care during the day but when Mom and my sister gets home, it's time for us to have tons of fun until our bedtime. Every Saturday and Sunday my Mom makes us a buffet style breakfast and we go to the park so we can get plently of excercise. I get to see my dogbuds Elliot and Goofy because their parents are home for the weekend too so we just hang out and play. Sunday is laundry day and I love when my Mom takes it out the dryer, I just jump right in! I do get in trouble for it but I just like the attention!

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