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OH NO! Chicken Treat WaRnInG!

December 20th 2008 12:43 pm
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Okay, now there's a warning out about chicken treats that come out of China. The FDA just posted a bulletin, TODAY. What's interesting about this is that over two years ago, when I was dx with Lymphoma, mama bought me these chicken medallion thingies (dehydrated chicken breasts). I got sick from eating them. She spoke with Dr. N about it. Dr. N said, "Don't let T eat ANY meat from China. You don't know what they're feeding the animals there. Because of that, the treats are not safe."

NOW, there's this interesting tidbit about the various chicken treats, like jerky, making dogs sick or even dogs that are DYING! OmDOG! This is a travesty!

If you want to read more about it, then go to .htm

What's really interesting, too, is that mama got really paranoid back then about all kinds of things that came out of China. She removed all doggy bowls and toys, too, if they were made in China. If she couldn't find the manufacturer's label, it was tossed. She figured it was better to be safe than sorry.

Remember the food scare? All that melamine that was found in food? Then there was the lead in the paint? See? Mama was ahead of things even then.

So, be safe. Stop eating the meat stuff manufactured there. It's probably better for your health. Be sure to read ALL labels.

Who knows how I really ended up with Lymphoma. Was it being over-vaccinated? Was it fertilizers and pesticides on the yards in the neighborhood? Was it the spraying for West Nile? Just be aware. That's all.



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