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Live each day to its fullest and SMILE often

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Happy Halloween!

October 31st 2009 5:24 pm
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Hey! I'm famous! Well, sorta...I was standing guard during the annual Blackie's Classic Halloween Surf thingie today while mama was busy taking pictures and daddy was doing his daddy thingy (he didn't surf but took pictures too). This guy came by and kept putting HIS camera in my face and next thing you know, I'm in the newspaper! Check it out! 1837-surfers-beach/pid2631858


OH NO! Chicken Treat WaRnInG!

December 20th 2008 12:43 pm
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Okay, now there's a warning out about chicken treats that come out of China. The FDA just posted a bulletin, TODAY. What's interesting about this is that over two years ago, when I was dx with Lymphoma, mama bought me these chicken medallion thingies (dehydrated chicken breasts). I got sick from eating them. She spoke with Dr. N about it. Dr. N said, "Don't let T eat ANY meat from China. You don't know what they're feeding the animals there. Because of that, the treats are not safe."

NOW, there's this interesting tidbit about the various chicken treats, like jerky, making dogs sick or even dogs that are DYING! OmDOG! This is a travesty!

If you want to read more about it, then go to .htm

What's really interesting, too, is that mama got really paranoid back then about all kinds of things that came out of China. She removed all doggy bowls and toys, too, if they were made in China. If she couldn't find the manufacturer's label, it was tossed. She figured it was better to be safe than sorry.

Remember the food scare? All that melamine that was found in food? Then there was the lead in the paint? See? Mama was ahead of things even then.

So, be safe. Stop eating the meat stuff manufactured there. It's probably better for your health. Be sure to read ALL labels.

Who knows how I really ended up with Lymphoma. Was it being over-vaccinated? Was it fertilizers and pesticides on the yards in the neighborhood? Was it the spraying for West Nile? Just be aware. That's all.



D and the month of December

December 14th 2008 12:46 pm
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The holiday season can be difficult time for many people. This is the time of year my gramma often gets very sad, not because of people who have gone but because of Britanny, mama's Shih Tzu before me, who crossed the bridge many years ago. All of those Christmas carols just get gramma crying...

Other people get sad during this time because it is a time for family. Maybe their families are not living close by. Perhaps they don't have any family members and are all alone. Divorce, death, and distance can cause lots of people to become depressed. It's all of those 'D' words that come with the month of December.

This would be a good month to go out and do volunteer work. Help out at an animal shelter. Visit an elderly persons' care facility or Alzheimer's facility. Check out the local soup kitchen and help out there. Instead of staying home and feeling sad, get out and do something.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is truly a disease. It often does come in the month of December, when the sun goes down early, if it comes out at all (in some locales) for people. Dogs can also get SAD because maybe the weather causes humans to not want to take them out like they used to.

When December comes rolling around, get out more. Don't like the cooler/cold weather and all the forced holiday cheer get you down. Instead, do something. It will make you feel better. Gramma has learned that instead of feeling sad when she hears those songs (Britanny used to 'sing' with gramma which is why the songs make her feel sad), now gramma is learning to 'hear' Brit sing with her again.

Smile more. Others will smile at you. December doesn't have to be a depressing month. It can be a happy one, too.



What is a Shih Tzu?

August 2nd 2008 7:27 am
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What is a Shih Tzu?

A dash of lion, several teaspoons of rabbit, a couple of ounces of old Chinese men, a bit of beggar, a tablespoon of monkey, one part baby seal, and a dash of teddy bear.

-James E. Mumford



June 25th 2008 10:17 pm
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Birthdays…a celebration of birth.
For those of us who have left the Earth and crossed the Bridge, we send kisses and hugs to those we've left behind as we know how difficult birthdays can often be. The wonderful thing is that you can ALWAYS celebrate birthdays because we are all together in spirit. Yes, we are!

Today is my tenth birthday. I celebrate with my Angel friends and with my friends on Earth. My love to all of you. Thank you for celebrating with me.


Crossing the is hard for us all

March 22nd 2008 8:10 am
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Whenever a doggie crosses the bridge it is a most painful experience for those we leave behind. For those of us who do the crossing, it is a relief from the aches and pains. But, we too, leave behind much heartache because we leave our beloved humans (and other friends and family).

Many times we are crossing the bridge because we've been sick for a long time. Our bodies have given up by themselves. Sometimes, our mamas and daddies help us cross over because they know that our bodies are just not able to do it themselves and we need a little help. Mamas and daddies often have difficulty with the decision to help us but when they do help us cross, it is done with the greatest love ever-because we need the help and without their help, we would suffer ever so much. Then, there are times some of us cross because of a terrible circumstance that is beyond our control like an accident or something terrible happens...

No matter how it comes to be that our time comes, that crossing is difficult. Tears are shed on both sides of the bridge. Those tears are often of sadness but you know, if we doggies have been with the families for a long time, then those tears should be of HAPPINESS instead! Why, despite the sadness, we should rejoice in our wonderful times that we shared and not dwell on the times we are now apart. Sure, physically we can no longer be together but our memories will live on forever. Those memories are what can blossom in our hearts and spirits and can be shared. It is what we do here on the other side...we share our memories.

When we look down upon our families, it saddens us all to see the tears. Those of us who were once ailing are now whole. Those of us who were injured are no longer...We now can look down and want our families to remember the good times we shared together and to spread the happiness of our times on Earth. Sure, cry and get the toxins out but don't grieve overlong. Get out and start living. We would want you to!

Life on Earth is short, for everyone. Good times come and go. But the wonderful memories that are made can live on forever. So, when you feel sad, remember that we Guardian Angels are all up here reliving our good times: those walks on the beach, running through the park, snuggling on the bed, stealing the covers, swimming in the lake, sneaking a cookie...and doing all sorts of things with you...and hoping that you, too, are remembering the fun we had.

Smile. It's good for the soul.


Maxie, a true Hero

January 21st 2008 7:41 am
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A pint-sized hero comes to the rescue: Manchester man's dog brings aid after he slips on ice
By: Kory Loucks, Journal Inquirer (January 19, 2008)

It could be a story right out of the old "Lassie" television series - except it really happened. Man's best friend came to his owner's rescue Friday.

George Morris, 69, of 125H Main Street, was taking his 4-year-old Shih Tzu, Maxie, for a walk about 5 a.m. when the dog ran off.

Morris tried to go after him, slipped on some ice behind a vehicle in the far corner of the parking lot at the Royal Arms Condominiums where he lives, and couldn't get up.

That's when Maxie started barking.

"I first heard the dog barking and thought, 'no big deal,'" Jared Deschene, 38, a neighbor of Morris', said.

But after about 20 minutes Deschene heard the barking start again.

When Deschene heard the barking start a third time he knew something was wrong. He went outside and saw the Shih Tzu in the parking lot, but didn't see his owner, Morris, anywhere.

Deschene said Maxie would start to walk ahead of him about 2 feet, stop until Deschene came closer, and then he would walk ahead another 5 feet, stop, and wait again.

"He was definitely trying to say something to me," Deschene said. "He knew something I didn't."

In the darkness and rain, however, Deschene couldn't see anything, so he turned around to go to Morris' condominium, thinking he might be inside.

Maxie then ran up to Deschene, grabbed him by the pant leg with his teeth, and tried to pull him to where Morris was lying.

Deschene said he knows it sounds strange now, but when the dog grabbed his leg, he said he thought to himself, "What's wrong, Lassie? What's wrong?"

"I thought he was trying to bite me at first," Deschene said. "The dog brought me right to him after two or three attempts. He was not giving up. It was really weird."
Morris, dressed in dark clothing, was lying face down on the ice about 2 feet away from Deschene.

"He was totally camouflaged and it was all pitch black," Deschene said.

Once Deschene's eyes became accustomed to the dark, however, he could see the outline of Morris' body lying parallel to the curb.

Deschene's girlfriend called 911 and emergency personnel took Morris to Manchester Memorial Hospital, where he was treated and released Friday, suffering only from scraped knees.

Morris, who was conscious during the entire ordeal, which lasted over 1½ hours, said he had been fasting under doctor's orders to prepare for a stress test later that day and didn't have the strength to pull himself off the ground after he fell.

"Thank God Jared came along," Morris said. "He's a nice guy - he saved my life."

Deschene was clearly moved by the day's events too, and by Maxie's determination and perserverence. In the past, Deschene said he and the Shih Tzu were not the best of friends, but that has all changed now.

"With all the bad stuff out there, it is nice to share something good. I am just happy that he is okay," Deschene said, adding: "I am proud of the dog."


The greatest gift is love

December 26th 2007 10:47 am
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2007 is drawing to an end. This has been a most busy year for many. Dogster has seen lots of changes. New friends have come. Some friends have joined me across the bridge. But, through sickness and health, one thing has remained constant...L-O-V-E. The sharing of love, through our friends on Dogster, has brought together friendship that we all would not have known just ten years ago. The support systems, empathy, is truly an amazing thing. Even though all of our lives are so hectic, we all find the time to come and interact with one another on Dogster. Our love for our furry ones brings a peace to the soul. All the craziness of the world seems to melt away. As we close out this year, look back on the friends made, friendships strengthened, and the love that has been shared. Take a deep breath. Smile. Love is joyous, isn't it?


Happy October! Happy Fall!

October 6th 2007 10:25 pm
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Yes, you may have noticed my 'new' background. It is NOT me tiling the background. Nope, it is little Chelsea! It is from last year when she was just a wee pup and was sitting amongst all those gigantic pumpkins in the pumpkin patch. I thought it would be cheerful to have a little orange in the background and what could be more cheerful than little Cheli Bells?

Now that Fall is upon us it is time to start thinking about hot cocoa. Remember that chocolate in ALL forms is a no-no for pups. The caffeine can be most deadly so use care when having any types of chocolate in the house, particularly this month if you celebrate Halloween. Doggies do tend to be nosey and all of those little wrapped-up goodies (especially if they contain things like peanut butter!) just smell so yummy, you know...and the LAST thing you want to do is to have to rush your furbaby to the dogtor because of a chocolate overdose. Keep all of those Halloween goodies WAY out of reach (or perhaps stored in really tight Tupperware-type containers that even the strongest and most dexterous Labs can't get into. (Believe me when I tell you that one time, darling Angel Britanny, who would NEVER take anything off of the table, plate, or whatever, opened up one of those clam-shell-type containers and ate an entire slice of Marionberry pie but left the piecrust intact...yes, we ALL can remember a time when something just smelled TOO DARNED GOOD TO RESIST, right?)

Costumed children can be kinda scary for some pooches so it may be necessary to help de-sensitive your pooches. Take a walk with them to a costume shop (even outside the shop) so that they can observe the various outfits. If all else fails, a nice, calming flower essence like Rescue Remedy may help. A few drops is all that may be needed to help bring your furry one to his/her zen zone.

Happy Fall!



September 26th 2007 9:21 pm
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Oh, those shrimpies!

I just LoVe shrimpies! Yep, there is nothing I like more than shrimp. mmmmm! If mama ate shrimp for dinner, then she ALWAYS save me some (if not the tails)...cuz she KNEW how I just thought that shrimp were DA KINE!

Are you ready for a funny thing? Hmmm?

Wellllllll...I knew that mama was gonna be just bummed out whenever she saw SHRIMP on the menu. You see, she LOVES shrimp just as much as I do. Yep, that is like SO true. I sent a litttttttle whisper down to little Cheli that she should just TRY some shrimpies to see if SHE'D like them. And, guess what ! She DOOOOOEEEES! Yessireeeee bob! She LOVES the shrimpeeeeesS!

Now, mama gets so happy to see the shrimpies on the menu. She eats them and thinks of me. THEN, she eats one and saves a bit for Chelsea. :) Isn't that just the most awesome pawsome thing? I certanly think so!!!


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