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Sabrina the teenage... female dog

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Getting ready to say goodbye

May 7th 2012 5:47 pm
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Sabrina's mom here-- we don't want Sabrina to know what is coming up.

The past week has been very trying. On Thursday Sabrina attacked Oliver (Chanda's pup, not my Ollivander). The dogs weren't supposed to be able to get into the same area, but it happened. Oliver has luckily only skin deep wounds, but it is a LOT of stitches. Sabrina has never hurt another dog before... We were trying to decide what to do with her, and then today she went after our cat Willow. She had Willow in her mouth for probably a full minute, we couldn't get her to drop the cat and had to pry her jaws apart to get the cat loose (luckily Willow appears to be OK besides peeing herself). She has chased our cats before but never gone after one like this. So we've decided that it is just too dangerous to have Sabrina living with us anymore. She is 12 years old and we've struggled with her dog aggression (using professional trainers) for years, it's not something that is going away, but it is getting worse really fast. Tomorrow at 4:10 PST we are meeting with the vet to euthanize Sabrina. We plan to spend the day tomorrow pampering Sabrina, taking pictures, and letting her eat all kinds of normally forbidden foods. Your good thoughts would be appreciated tomorrow.


Out of retirement for the week

May 12th 2011 6:44 pm
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Ollie's been sick since Sunday with a flu type virus, so that meant I got to step in for him this week! I didn't get to go anywhere pets aren't allowed, just to the therpist with mom on Monday, and again today. I helped mom out a lot at the therapist, I haven't lost my touch. But I surely got tired doing all the working!

I am glad Ollie is seeming to be better-- he even played with me today. That means I get to go back to the pampered princess life, and he has to go to work he he he!


Help PSDS by downloading the goodsearch toolbar!

October 23rd 2010 7:57 am
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Visitors for me!

October 3rd 2010 8:26 am
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Yesterday two of mom's former labmates came over! They said as their excuse that they were coming to see mom and help her feel better. But I know they just missed me too much and had to come see me!

I made sure to lay on the couch with them, get lots of scritches, and demand attention whenever I could. I also showed my playing prowess and wrestled with Ollie (and won) several times! They all thought that was lovely, and really enjoyed my play growling noises.

Unfortunately, the humans did spend a lot of time playing this Wii thing, but I was able to get enough attention in the meantime. Yay for friends coming to see me (and mom)!


New widgets

August 15th 2010 7:21 pm
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You might notice some new widgets on Ollie and my pages. Ollie has fill-a-pix, and I have pic-a-pix and link-a-pix. These games are automatically updated every Friday. Mom loves these puzzles, and they have helped her through many a tough time.

For pic-a-pix, the numbers represent blocks of dark colored squares. So if a row says 1 3 2 it means that there is 1 dark space, some undetermined number of white spaces, three darks, undetermined whites, then 2 darks (and maybe some more whites). You can use logic to figure out the organization of the squares, and then you will reveal a pretty picture!

For link-a-pix, you must connect two of the same number going through only that number of squares. For example, you might connect two 7 squares and make sure the line between them goes through 7 spaces. A 1 square is connected only to itself with no lines sticking out. No line can cross any other line.


Pampered princess

August 15th 2010 7:18 pm
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That is how I feel after my visit to Metro Dog this past week! While Ollie was stuck with sick mom at a really high altitude and really hot days, I spent my time being loved on and spoiled rotten by the people at Metro Dog. I took the mat Dora's mom made for me, and they gave me lots of walks, treats, and attention. I am one of their favorites! I was happy to see mom, but also kind of sad to leave since I don't get so spoiled at home!


A box in the mail, just for me!

July 29th 2010 3:18 pm
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My pal Tux sent me a very cool package! Mom opened up the door and surprise there was a package for me! I helped mom open the box, and inside were two mats. Now I think that Tux sent both of them for me, but for some reason mom says that Ollie is supposed to "borrow" the larger one. I figure that is OK since I like the smaller one better anyhow!

My mat is pink and says "Diva" all over it, which I think is very fitting! I will have to wear my blingee sunglasses and t-shirt and lay on it drinking dogaritas! The other mat which I am kindly letting Ollie use is a green tie-die mat that is also very nice. It is big enough for Ollie to stretch out on it and everything. He seems to think the fringes on the mat are for playtime, but I told him they are for decoration, and I think he listened.

Inside the package there were also two bandanas for me! Again, I agreed to let Ollie borrow the green one, and I wore the pink one. They are very cool bandanas, just our style.

I love getting mail! Thank you Tux!


New ADA regulations

July 26th 2010 6:58 pm
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Thank you to everyone who wrote in to the Department of Justice in the summer of 2008 for the revisions to the Americans with Disabilities Act! They have finally announced the new version of the ADA. You can read it in full here:

Every important issue that I asked you to write about has been resolved in our favor, I think in large part due to the wonderful comments in support of our positions. There is a great amount of understanding of and friendliness towards psychiatric service dogs in the revisions. Here are some of the key revisions:

Retention of work
The Department of Justice has kept the "work or tasks" language in the definition of a service dog. Tasks are physical things that you can see a service dog performing, for example picking up dropped objects, turning on and off lights, and getting a drink from the fridge. Work is a broader category that encompasses things a dog might do to help their handler that other people might not notice or see. Examples of work are grounding a person during a panic attack, hallucination discernment, and alerting to medical conditions. There were several organizations trying to change the wording to require physical tasks and exclude work, but the Department of Justice has realized the importance of work in a service dog's job.

Support of psychiatric service dogs
Some organizations lobbied the Department of Justice to make further restrictions on psychiatric service dogs. For example, they wanted to require only persons with psychiatric service animals to provide letters from our doctors whenever we wanted to go into a business, or even not allow people with psychiatric service dogs public access rights. The Department of Justice has explicitly stated in the definition of a service dog that psychiatric service animals are included.

Restrictions on undue questioning
The new revisions to the ADA clearly outline the two questions that a business can ask to determine if an animal is a service animal, and they state that the questions should not be asked if it is obvious by looking at the dog that it is a service dog. This will make many handlers' daily lives much easier. The two questions are "if the animal is required because of a disability and what work or task the animal has been trained to perform."

Species restriction
The Department of Justice has chosen the limit service animals to dogs and potentially miniature horses (though miniature horses have extra size requirements they must abide by). While this is not something I asked you to write about, it is a major change as there will no longer be service monkeys, service ferrets, service pigs, service goats, and so on.

The full definition
Here is the new definition of a service animal in the ADA:

"Service animal means any dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability. Other species of animals, whether wild or domestic, trained or untrained, are not service animals for the purposes of this definition. The work or tasks performed by a service animal must be directly related to the handler´s disability. Examples of work or tasks include, but are not limited to, assisting individuals who are blind or have low vision with navigation and other tasks, alerting individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing to the presence of people or sounds, providing non-violent protection or rescue work, pulling a wheelchair, assisting an individual during a seizure, alerting individuals to the presence of allergens, retrieving items such as medicine or the telephone, providing physical support and assistance with balance and stability to individuals with mobility disabilities, and helping persons with psychiatric and neurological disabilities by preventing or interrupting impulsive or destructive behaviors. The crime deterrent effects of an animal´s presence and the provision of emotional support, well-being, comfort, or companionship do not constitute work or tasks for the purposes of this definition."

Thank you again for writing in your comments on this very important issue! It is rewarding to see that it is possible to have positive impacts on the political process. You have helped make history. I for one will be celebrating tonight, and I hope that you will join me in spirit!

Veronica, Ollivander (service dog), and Sabrina (retired service dog)


LEGO Harry Potter

July 18th 2010 8:21 pm
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Well, mom and dad have found a new way to avoid waiting on me hand and foot. They got a new game called LEGO Harry Potter, and they are playing it all the time. I tell you it is no fair-- they should be petting me and playing with me and cuddling with me every minute of the day.

I think I might just have to figure out how to play with these wiimote things and join in the fun. Mom says that's not such a good idea, something about teeth marks, but I figure whatever! I saw Fang on the screen moving around, so I know this game is for doggies!


An eventful day

June 26th 2010 7:09 pm
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This morning started off with a bang. Mom and dad were rushing around trying to get ready for the day, and none of us saw Saleen-cat steal Willow-cat's food. He apparently decided a nice safe place to eat Willows food was in my crate! The nerve! Well, when mom and I came out of the bathroom and she tried to put me in my crate with a kitty and a chicken wing, it didn't turn out too well! Saleen and I had some pretty bad pirate words, but in the end we both got over it without too much damage. Well, he got off with no damage, and I got two or three scratches on my face.

I took a nap in my crate while mom, dad, and Ollie went out to see Oliver and his family. When they got back, it was time for freestyle class! My new friend Iris wasn't in class, which made me kind of sad. The upside to this is that I got to work off leash which is nice because dad and I kept tripping over our leash.

Miss Nancy taught Ollie and I how to do-si-do, and she remarked she wished she had a video camera. Luckily dad's phone takes video so he whipped it out and we got us on film!

Boy do I love dancing! I get to prance around like the diva I am and everyone loves me! Mom says that our homework for next class (in two weeks) is to try to work on some coreography. I think that means dad and I will have to practice a lot, yippie!

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