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The Dog Days of Summer

The Valentine Adventure of Sophie and Honey Bear

February 12th 2006 12:48 pm
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The Valentine Adventure of Sophie and Honey Bear
by: Sisco's Honey Bear

After some correspondence Miss Sophie and I discovered we had so much in common! Fortunately we live in sunny Southern California where it's always springtime so we decided two adventure loving pups should have a Valentine's Day boring old dinner in dress up clothes for us!

We decided the most fun way to meet would be way up in the sky as we jumped from separate airplanes; meeting halfway down in the sky!

Honestly, my little Poodle heart was racing as the plane climbed higher and higher. Not so much of meeting Miss Sophie just that I had never jumped from anything before, not even the top of my crate, much less a moving plane! What was I thinking in agreeing to this? I'm afraid in my anxiety to appear adventuresome to Miss Sophie I may have gone a bit too far. It was too late to back out now. At the appointed moment, I said a prayer and closed my eyes and jumped! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! When I opened my eyes I was face to face with the most horrifying hairless cat I ever saw!

I have heard that internet dating is risky but really, I never dreamed beautiful Miss Sophie was actually a cat...when...much to my relief over this dreadful beast's left shoulder I saw a vision in pink floating earthward, parachute open like a jellyfish in the ocean; Miss Sophie herself. I reached out and touched her paws, mostly because I was still terrified from that cat. She was laughing because I still looked terrified. My poor little Poodle ears flapped wildy in the wind but my tail wagged a happy greeting! In her pink designer jumper, boots and matching goggles I could tell Miss Sophie was not a novice jumper like me.

When we reached the ground my relief knew no bounds! All this excitement had left me a bit queasy but starved. Miss Sophie was prepared with a large backpack which she quickly strapped on MY back. It weighed about two Rottweilers. Miss Sophie was off like a flash darting here and there up the trail woofing encouragingly to me pointing out the natural wonders. I plodded along like a clumsy but happy pack horse. Happy because I had found a friend who seemed to like adventure almost more than me. Finally Miss Sophie found a scenic spot to picnic. By this time I was hoping for something really BIG in that backpack because I was famished! Famished! Just as I dreamed of what delicious dainties awaited in that large and cumbersome pack; out popped Mollie & Cinnamon! No wonder that pack was so heavy! It felt like two Rotteweilers NOT a Shih Tzu and a Poodle! We all had a good laugh! Sophie and I contented ourselves on dining on the scraps leftover by our greedy little siblings whose tummies now were quite round and full.

Cinnamon and Mollie, having never left the safety of their comfy parlours had petal soft paws. They carefully picked their way down the trail, whimpering and whining at the tiny stones that covered the trail. Sophie and I were running and laughing climbing the rocks and playing hide and seek.

Finally we came to a very small stream that had to be forded. It was 3 or 4 inches deep, Miss Sophie and I dashed across splashing each other. That was fun, so we went again and again chasing, splashing and laughing. Suddenly we looked up and here came poor Cinnamon and Mollie, bedraggled, ragged, fur a shambles, helping one another limp down the trail. When they saw the water it was all too much. They just sat down right there in the middle of the trailed and cried.

So ended our date, Mollie riding piggyback on Miss Sophie's back and my twin brother Cinnamon on mine. (They did have more fun riding that walking for sure)

Will I sky dive again? I just might! Will Miss Sophie and I have another adventure! Definitely! Stay tuned for another adventure!

Sophie and Honey Bear


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