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The Life and Times of Gorgeous George

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Happy 11th Birthday to my Beautiful Boy

June 13th 2012 9:16 am
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11 years ago today a little dog was born who totally transformed my life. I'd never known a love like this, although, I'd had 2 beautiful dogs previously. From the day I brought George home I'd realized I now have the child I never really thought I wanted. Yes he may be a fury but he is indeed my child. George is as sweet as he is cute and as feisty as he is smart. In these 11 years, there is not a day that has gone by when he hasn't made me (us) laugh and frankly yell a little to, for he can indeed be a force to be reckoned with. Last year at this time we were sure that we were going to lose George, but thankfully he seems to be healthier than ever, although his liver levels say the contrary.

Yes, I will most certainly have more dogs in the future but somehow I don't think they will ever touch my heart in the same way this guy has. My life became whole the day George set paw in our house.

Happy Birthday 11th Birthday Georgie we all love you more than words can express~


The Latest Tests Are In....

July 20th 2011 4:31 pm
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and my liver levels have decreased significantly but not as much as hoped for...Right now Dr. Tabai says we'll just do a wait and see and hopefully in about 3 months the levels will lower themselves on their own...Another blood test in 3 months and hopefully things will look better~ No more meds works for me let's hope it works for my liver too!


What A Night.....

June 21st 2011 9:38 pm
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it started off innocently with mommy havin' the biggest Cosmo I ever did see and then saunterin' off into the backyard to water her just planted tomatoes..Me I was hangin' out around the back of the house all by my lonesome...Mom got thru doin' her gardenin' stuff and called me to come into the house...She called, and she called, and she called ...I was huddled in the grass gnawin' on "somethin'"...Mom screamed at me to drop it but I ignored her command much like I usually do...Mom began chasin' me around the yard and saw that I did indeed have somethin' in my mouth...She screamed, I ran...Her only option was to grab the dastardly hose, the only thing in life that I am truly petrified of **cringes**...At first she just sprayed "at" me, I didn't give up my treasure, only ran...Next the jet spray came my way and I refused to succumb to the water torture...I became totally soaked and FINALLY became so sick and tired of the dang hose and her swearin' at me at the top of her lungs that I dropped "it"...Mom scooped me up and whisked me into the garage to dry me off before I jumped on the couch and soaked that sucker too..Next, she gathered up all her courage to see what exactly I had dropped...Bein' a girl she could only determine that IT HAD A HEAD...

She immediately called Dr.Nia due to my "condtion" and the Dr. told her to rush me in to make me a Barfy-Boy..I gotted to the hopstial and all the suckers there were so happy to see me, only Mom didn't seem too pleased to back again **cha-ching** Dr. Nia whisked me off and put these drops in my eyes to make me barf...Guess what? I barfed up all kinds of feathers and "insides" of what used to be I'm sure, a very cute birdie...Dr. Nia wanted Mom to come back and see all the cwap i throwed up, but Mom refused cuz I don't thinks she wanted to throwed up too!

Now the concern is with my compromised liver what havoc this cute little sucker that I ripped apart could do to my insides...I gots all kinds of injections and they gave Mom even more pills for me to take for another 10 days...Dr. Nia is concerned that perhaps the cute little de-headed birdie could have been diseased and that possibly my liver could be further compromised...Keep you paws crossed please~

Did you know that when they makes you barf your tummy gets all empty and that you're freakin' starvin' when you get home? I've been tearin' around the house threatenin' the peeps with bodily harm unless they dish out somethin' that tastes even better than that cute little birdie I ripped up~ This is the prime reason why I'm not allowed to go outside by myself very often, and I gots a feelin' it's gonna be a lot longer before I ever gets to hunt in the yard again **begins to sob (while tummy is growlin')**

Oh and somethin' else...Mom was in the waitin' room with this young man who had brought in a newborn Feral Kitten whose mother had left him/her in the mans yard...The kitty had problems breathin' so the man whisked this poor kitty to Dr. Nia where they treated him/her for pneumonia...This is one lucky kitty the man forked over almost $200 cash for this Feral Kitty, gotta be the luckiest Feral Kitty in all the land I thinks...

So the moral of this story is: 1 animal taken and 1 animal given life on the same night..Kind of makes the head of the birdie in my garbage more heartwarmin', huh~

Signed, George "Bird-Breath" "Cha-Ching" Underwood


The Results of the Bloodwork are in.....

June 7th 2011 1:56 pm
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and things aren't as great as we hoped. My dang liver levels are risin' again. Dr. Nia says since they dropped dramatically once I was on antibiotics she's pretty sure it's just an infection or virus. I've got this yucky orange stuff Mommy shoots in my mouth twice a day and a 1/2 pill that Mommy puts in my yummy new canned dog food twice a day too~ That's the only plus for me with my wacky liver...Two new expensive foods that mommy picked out, just to apologize for puttin' me thru all this cwap I've been dealin' with~

Dr. Nia says sometimes it's difficult to find just the right combination of antibiotics to kill these nasty suckers that keep attackin' my poor liver...I'm okay don't worry it's just probably gonna take some time, but still keep your paws crossed for me if you can~ Thank you


Life Goes On & Mom Goes Off....

May 13th 2011 9:01 am
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If you wondered about me, I'm doin' great...Liver levels lowerin' and my stitches don't ever bother me at all anymore...You'd never know what I've been thru =; Another blood test in 2 weeks and hopefully I'll get off my meds ~a~

Mom was a bad girl last night...I took mom on a long walk and near the end this lady purposely crossed the street with her Cocker to meet us~ We smelled 'you know where' and then I thought "what the heck lets play" and I jumped on the side of the pup all playful...Well this sucker attacked me, had me on the ground with teeth out goin' for my neck..The lady just kinda stood there, Mom sprung into action pulled the sucker off me, thankfully I was a good boy and wasn't "into" the fight...Mom scooped me up and screamed at the lady "stupid b-word, why would you cross the street with a visciou dog" thought Mom was gonna slap the lady...Thankfully she was more concerned with me and whisked me away still verbally attackin' the lady...I was so embarrassed, Mom was outta control I'm lucky the 'swearin' police' weren't in the area cuz she woulda been arrested~ Mom loves me, huh!


The Results Are In.........

May 8th 2011 2:45 pm
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from my biopsy's and there is no evidence of Cancer whatsoever~ **does the happy dance* There is also no evidence of infection in my liver either. My Dr. Nia consulted with the ultrasound specialist and they believe I have a bacterial infection that was attakin' my organs. And, since I've been receivin' IV antibiotics as a precautionary measure they believe that is why the infection is not showin' on the pathology reports. Today I went in for my under the skin injection of fluids and since the results were negative I got to go home and don't have to go back until they do another blood test!

**does the happy dance with his whole family**

They are still concerned with my high cholesterol and have prescribed Science Diet L/D to eat for a while to support the liver. Mom's not too keen on S/D but the Dr. thinks it's the best for me right now. Since Mom is very cognizant of what I eat and is so very careful of my fat intake, the consensus is I'm genetically predisposed to the cholesterol. In fact when I was about 4 years old I had and eye condition that was attributed to elevated cholesterol. The eye condition has been under control for many years but I guess my cholesterol kept increasin'..

All in all it's been an expensive, painful and traumatic 10 days but we thank god that the blood test was done prior to my teeth cleanin' cuz we would have never have known about the liver issues..

Our deepest and sincere thanks to all of the incredible pups & peeps who supported us thru kind words and prayer..

We definitely are believers in the POWER OF THE PAW~ We are truly blessed for we have all of you in our lives!

Oh yeah and HAPPY FREAKIN' MOTHERS DAY MOMMY~ The best one ever for sure!!!



May 6th 2011 11:47 am
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I'm gettin' very tired of this 12 hours a day on IV fluids. Now Daddy has to carry me in on my bed and thankfully they let me stay on it in my cage all day. I get dropped off @ 8am and stay until 9pm every single day for over a week now. I hear my biopsy's should be back in 2-4 days and hopefully they'll figure what the heck is goin' on with my liver.

I'm not a happy camper and truthfully I really hate my parents, so the only emotion I can muster up is the "evil-eye"..I make mommy cry all the time but it's her fault. I felt fine before all this Cwap started, and I truly do blame her for makin' me a friggin' invalid. Daddy's gettin' the cold shoulder too cuz he injects me with the pain medication twice a night. I'm sliced from my rib cage past my weinie and am not feelin' too Georgeous of late~ Hopefully news will come soon that it's just an infection attackin' my liver which can be treated with meds. Even tho I hate my Mommy right now if it's somethin' worse I fret what it might do to her~ Keep the prayers and good vibes comin' please I need all you can give right now~


I Made It....

May 4th 2011 6:37 pm
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through surgery with flying colors. Dr. Nia showed my parents the pictures of my insides which were quite graphic. There are two areas of concern: 2 spots on my liver are red and swollen they kind of look like a big thick red rubber band on the edges of my liver and my spleen was enlarged and all kinda bumpy (no masses whatsoever were found) There are 3 biopsy's bein' done to get to the root of the problem. Also they found a very large amount of lose fat floatin' around in my body cavity, of which Dr. Nia says she took a fist fill out. I'm a very muscular boy with no obvious fat on me and eat very healthy. So, Dr. Nia thinks this fat accumulation is due to the fact that my liver is not functioning properly in processin' it.

I got a visit by my parents and was quite groggy but did manage to continually wag my tail (photos on FB). Dr. Nia says if I continue to make improvement I may be able to go home tonight. But, will have to return for my 8 hour days at the Vet for my IV treatments until they figure out what the hell is goin' on.

If you could please continue to keep my in your thoughts I'd appreciate it, cuz you suckers got me along this far and I'm countin' on you to keep up the good work..

We wholeheartedly believe in the Power of the Paw~ thank you all


My Blood is a Clottin'

May 3rd 2011 6:35 pm
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so they'll be a cuttin' me tomorrow at 9am. I sure as hell hope they find what is wrong and figure out how to fix it~ The surgery is considered risky due to the condition of my liver and my age but I's a fighter and I'm not done livin' yet~ YA' HEAR THAT MOM!


Mommy Came To Visit ....

May 3rd 2011 2:32 pm
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and spoke with Dr. Nia with the Big Question.."Should I just take George home and love him until the pain starts and then let him go?" Dr. Nia says she thinks I have a lot of fight in me and that she'd should open me up (hopefully Wed if my blood coagulates properly) and see what she finds once inside. If my blood does not coagulate they cannot in any way cut into my liver for I would "bleed out" immediately. She checked my catheter sight and the rest of my body and found no brusin' so she thinks we probably will be able to proceed once those blood test results are in. She says it will be risky due to the fact of my age and the current condition of my liver but will take the extra precautions necessary.

My liver enzyme levels rose in week with with total fastin' to 746/1386 but so did my cholesterol (367) which is suspect since I have been on the fastin' regimen. That, is my one glimmer of hope, that my cholesterol is causin' the distress in my liver and that could possibly be treatable. Dr. Nia is cautiously optimistic since she has never seen a dog in my "so call liver condition" be outwardly a perfect specimen of health. She says that if she didn't know better she think the blood test had been switched with another severely ill dog~ She has consulted with 3 specialists and they too find it unbelievable that from all outward appearances I appear perfectly healthy.

Mommy will be pickin' me up today around 8:30 and I know for a fact will be holdin' me so closely all night in fear that this may be the last time ever **begins to sob**...

I will go back in tomorrow at 8am and we will await the blood test results if it's a go I'll be opened up immediately and the doctors will see what they find~

Please pray for me and send powerful healin' vibes to my Dr. Nia and her staff...Thank you so much for all your concern~

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