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July 21st 2006 10:08 am
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We are talking about seperation anxity on the for the love of beagle fourm and thought this would make a great entry for my diary.
When I came home from the pound to live with my new mommy and daddy. I had S.A. really bad. We lived in an apartment, mommy and daddy work second shift. One night when mommy got home, the neighbor told her, he was going to call the police, because of the way I was barking when she got home. He thought she was beating me and of course she would never do that, i just missed her and wanted to let her know. The next day Dad talk to the neighbor and explain I was a beagle and had SA. When they would leave I would bark and howl, almost like a scream. I was really bad but mommy and daddy still loved me.
Then we moved to GA, life was a little better tthey work different shifts so I did not get left home as much, I still did the barking and Istarted going to the bathroom in the house. So Mommy and daddy bought a baby gate to keep me in the kitchen. That was fun. I knocked it down everyday of the first week .So they anchored it to the wall with big screws. I still got out, I was climbing over it. Mom and Dad where very surprised when they came home and I was on the other side of the gate and the gate was still up. So off to Wal-mart mom when to buy anther gate to put on top of that one, next day when they got home, I was one the other side of the gate. I will never tell how I did it. but Mommy and Daddy think I scaled the gates and squeezed through the small opening at top. Like said i will never tell.
Well they gave up on the baby gates, and I started to calm down. They did the Leave for 5 mins, come back, leave for 10 mins come back, etc. That was working. I was doing good. Then it was time to move back to FL. The last night we where in the house the only thing left in the house was the bed and a TV. Mom, dad, grand mom and grandpa left me home, in the empty house while they when to dinner after packing the house in the moving van. not really a smart move on their part, they realize that now. When they got home I had tore up the carpet in the bedroom. I was so upset that I made indents in the cement. I did not mean to be bad but Iwas scared, I did not know they would only be gone for an hour.
When we got back to Fl, we lived in this house, I liked it but mommy and daddy both worked during the day and I was home 9 hours a day be myself in a strange house. Mommy and daddy started crate training, Grandpa built me a big cage/crate to stay in.( because mommy could not handle seeing my in the little crate all day). it was a really nice cage, he used chain link fence and wood for the frame and carpet the bottom of it. i had food, water, some toys and my favorite blanket. I would not go in it. My mommy got me in and left for work, by the time she came home 9 hours later. I had chewed through the CHAIN LINK fence. I hurt my month and made it bleed, her and daddy was so upset when they got home. So I did not go in the cage anymore. I eventually got use to the new house. Mommy and Daddy sure do love me. I am in doggy heaven now, been there for over a year now. It funny because even though all I put my mommy and daddy through, I know they would love for me to be there causing trouble. I know they miss me soo much and i miss them.


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