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Bunny's Tales

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Overdue groomer visit

July 4th 2009 7:02 pm
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I went to the groomer today as I have be leaving tons of fur tumbleweeds for mom and dad. It feels so good to have a bath , even though its not my favorite thing. The groomer put a bow on me that says "my groomer loves me" which mom thought was really cute. Mom also bought me an acadian flag bandana which the goomer also put on me. I am one good looking doggie!


Vet and playground!

June 2nd 2009 4:42 pm
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On Friday , Mom brought me to the vet. I did NOT like her touching my ears! I turned around and took the vets hand in my mouth, so she put a muzzle on me. Mom said to keep it on while I got my shots, and I was so busy trying to bite it that I never noticed getting my shots. I was weighed and I had lost 5 pounds! Mom figured out it was all the excercise playing with Princess because I wasnt so active before she came. Mom feels so bad that she never thought to give me more food, but I told her its ok , cause I am getting double the food now bol. Last night we went to the playground with my skinsis ( who is really too old for the playground but anyway... bol) . She and her friends and Mom all thought it was really funny when I ran up the slide and then back down. Wheeee... that was fun!


5th Birthday!

May 3rd 2009 4:34 pm
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Friday, it was my birthday and I turned 5! Mom and I went to the park and she let me run loose in the tennis court.She would have let me play with a ball, put we seem to have misplaced them all bol. She says she will buy some soon. I ate something (again!) and she didnt know what it was. I wont tell, and I guess it didnt harm me, cause here it is 3 days later and I am still fine. Mom thinks I have a cast iron stomach, because I never got the hang of "leave it" and have eaten all kinds of weird things. One time I even ate a plastic cigar tip. Mom knew that cause she found it when it came out the other end bol. Mom says since mine and Princess's birthday are so close, we are going to go for an ice cream cone next week. That will taste better than plastic bol.


Helping mom

April 16th 2009 6:56 pm
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I have decided to help Mom with Princess' barking problem. Whenever Mom tells her to stop, I bark at her once, and give her a warning growl and a nudge. Dont know if its working yet, but it couldnt hurt. I am also very nice to her , today she couldnt reach the kong on the shelf, so I took it down for her ( after Mom asked her why she didnt try again) and I didnt even try to keep it for myself bol.


Impressing Mom

March 23rd 2009 6:46 pm
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After all these years, you would think Mom would know just how smart I am. As I have mentioned before , we are working on heeling. Anyway, I have been really good at stopping when she stops. So last night she figured she might as well do it right and make me sit too. She told me three times last night during our walk to sit when she stopped. I did so. So tonight after being told once I did it all the rest of the walk without being told. She was so impressed! She never wanted to bother taking the CGN because I have a few issues(mostly with crowds) but she thinks most of them will be solved with the heeling. We just might be able to take that test someday. In the meantime she is thinking my talents have been underutilized!



March 22nd 2009 5:02 pm
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Mom was just rereading my diary and realized that she never explained how she knew that Nicky was my brother. ( you will have to read my diary to know about how she found Nicky bol) As it states on my arrival story, I was given to Mom by a relative. However , how I got there was a story on its own. I was given away at a parade! Can you imagine? The relative was at a parade and someone was giving away puppies. She took me because I was the cutest. Maybe I am wrong , but it seems to me thats a pretty unusal way to get a puppy bol.



March 21st 2009 2:36 pm
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This heeling stuff is really working! Last night mom and I went for a walk and we met Hersey, a chocolate lab yet another dog who doesnt like me (whats up with that ? I love everybody bol.) Anyway she was growling and lunging and I kept right on heeling . I am such a good dog!


More proof

March 10th 2009 3:53 am
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Mom got more proof last night that I know she is pack leader. When on our pack walk we went down a street with a JRT that hates me ( I dont know why, since moms vet friend thinks I have JRT in me too) Anyway , when he started barking at me (he was tied) I tried to go around mom and lunge at him, but she blocked me , made me keep heeling and we kept going. I didnt even bark at him or try to pull back to see him. Of course it helps that I catch on quick, being a very smart dog bol.


Pack leader

March 8th 2009 7:07 pm
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Well , Mom's been reading and watching the dog whisperer and trying some of his methods. Tonight she found out they are working. I am usually very food possesive. I will growl and snap if someone tries to take my food. Tonite we were on a pack walk and I picked up a cinammon bun next to the garbage bin, Mom growled "leave it" and I let it go so fast that she heard it hit the ground bol. She was so impressed! I heard her tell dad she doesnt want me eating things from the ground since someone could have poisened them. I guess she is pack leader for a reason!



March 3rd 2009 3:51 am
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Well , my secret's out. Mom thought I was just tolerating Princess but a couple of weeks ago she found us on MY couch together in the middle of the night . Ok, I am starting to like the little pest. ( But dont spread it around.)

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