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Whoo hoo!

May 7th 2013 6:05 pm
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I am doing so well on our walks now! 3 shiz tzus passed by us last night and tonight. I looked at them, didnt bark or lunge, looked at mom, who clicked and gave me chesse every time I looked at her. Mom wanted to do a happy dance:)


Another year older!

May 1st 2013 5:57 pm
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Mom says she can hardly believe I am 9 now. The other night I met a doggie friend at the dog park. My mom asked his mom how old she thought I was. She said " 3 or 4" When mom told her I was going to be 9 really soon, she said " He sure has lots of energy!" I still feel and act like a puppy :)


More clicker fun!

April 12th 2013 5:27 pm
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Mom brought me to the park today and she saw a great training opportunity. There was a jogger going around the track , so we went off to the side every time the jogger went by and I looked at mom, I got a click and a treat. I caught on really fast!


Mom learned some new tricks

April 8th 2013 5:59 pm
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Mom has been volunteering to clicker train dogs at the shelter. She learned a new game there called "find it". It's a game we both love. She throws treats on the ground and when I find and eat them , I hear a clicking noise. She has been playing that game with me the last couple of walks when something makes me bark and lunge. Now I am too busy finding the treats to bother barking and lunging. Mom thinks its a pretty cool game!


another vet visit....

February 15th 2013 8:20 am
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Mom noticed I had been drinking an awful lot of water lately. She knows that can be a sign of diabtes so off we went to that horrible vet place for tests. Mom and the vet were very pleased with the results. I am not diabetic and the vet says that my test results were great.she told mom that if she didn't know how old I was so would never be able to tell by those results That made momfeel she was talking very good care of me. They still don't know why I am drinking so much but that vet said just to keep an eye on me and if it gets worse she will check my bkadder. Mom is very happy I am not diabetic because she and the vet both thinj that I would not make a very cooperative patient!


Mom's hero!

December 27th 2012 5:08 pm
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Mom brought me to the dog park the other day and there was a Rottweiler there. I thought he was going to attack Mom, so I threw myself between them and was ready to defend my Mom. Turned out he just wanted to play, but Mom appreciated that I was willing to do that for her. Unfortunately , I really didn't like the Rottie much after that and Mom had to take me home because I was being very rude to him.


Finally getting to enjoy my Dog of the Day status... over a- year later bol!

July 23rd 2012 3:25 am
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When I got Dog of the Day last year, Mom was really busy getting ready for a trip and she didn't get to enjoy it. Thanks to Flicka's beautiful plaque, Mom is going to be able to remember and enjoy for a long time to come! Thank you so much, Flicka!


Another year older !

May 5th 2012 6:27 am
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My birthday was Tuesday, May 1 and I turned 8! Mom says that I seem to be in great shape for an old man, bol. In dog years I am about the same age as Dad. We ( Mom , Princesse and I) went to the dog park on my BD and again last night. Last night I was playing with and keeping up to a 1 year old pup!

School is over for now. I did not pass the practice test, and mom was busy last weekend , so I did not go to the real one. Mom was still quite happy with how I did on the practice test though. I've come a long way, baby!


Update on OB class

March 25th 2012 12:55 pm
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I am doing awesome! The trainers assistant keeps saying how smart I am, but of course Mom knew that already bol. I even did watch me while the big Dobes walked around me. Life is getting much easier for Mom, because I am even behaving better during our daily walks. I have had refresher courses on sit, stay, heel, wait, leave it and watch me ( I didn't know that one). I knew most of that stuff but now I am clicker trained with them and even know the hand signals! I still get agitated in the car, more so on the way there than on the way back. Mom has also been making me wait for my food until after she eats and ignoring me when she gets home from work. I am much more polite and don't wake her up at 3 and 4 am looking for breakfast!


School is cool

February 21st 2012 4:25 am
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I went back to that school place on Sunday. Mom says I am catching on really fast to the idea that if I do what is asked of me, I hear this clicking noise and wow, I get treats! I get asked to do lots of different stuff often in the class, so that means lots of treats. I do still tend to get upset when other dogs get upset though. The nice man who tells everybody what to do is giving tips on how to deal with our upsets. I am even hearing that clicking noise and getting treats on our walks when I stay close to mom's side or don't freak out at passing cars. The only thing mom is not happy about is that when we got home from class, I stole a cheese wrapper out of her coat pocket, ( her coat was on the kitchen chair) and ate it before she could get it away from me. Now she is waiting for it to come out my other end. She says sometimes I am too smart for my own good, whatever that means.

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