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I am soo used and abused

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June 25th 2008 12:54 pm
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Mom hates writing in diaries...but I have made her today.
I got a bath yesterday...I had no where to go but in the tub, so I got in...but then I spent the next 15 minutes trying to get out...
I like when I am done, cuz then mom brushes me.

Today we went to the off leash dog park....I love running and running. some are afraid of me cuz I rear up and paw everdog really hard...its just my way of playing...

Now I am going to go snooze


Bath time blues

August 30th 2007 7:49 pm
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Today was a scorcher here in the Northwest...gots hot today.
I was jest layin around mindin my own business, when mom...sneaky hooman, called me into that place called a bathroom.
She was all cooing and tellin me I had a handsum face and butt..woowoo..I likes when she scratches the backs of my legs and tells me I have a sexy butt. *wiggle, wiggle*
Then....she shuts the door and I was on the wrong side...I knew sumpin wuz up right there and then.
I get skeered purdy easy and she knows it. I wud not get in the tub thing, so bein the strong mom she is, she picks me up and puts me in.
I tell you I had enuff of mom and water...(Las time she tried to drown me in the river...reaally)
But..I am a good boy and I always try and be good so I sat there and shivered while mom sang her dumb song tryin to calm me down. ( I had visions of that river episode)
I cud hear Wheezer scratchin and cryin on the other side tryin to save me...he jest ain't strong enuff...he needs to get thumbys so he can turn the door handle....
Now I am finally free I am runnin around like no doggies business. Mom calls it the froggy dance cause I get my back legs all tucked under me and jumps around all happy. Its fun.
Anyhoo I came out a live fer one more day...

Gus a Mus


Big skys and lots of cows

August 10th 2007 6:23 pm
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Deer diary,
Well we made it to Wyoming. Mom thought we would never make it. It was a long, long way. Many times wif no trees. We gots to drive by where mom used to live when she was little.
We stop by the Wyoming sign and took pics. It was fun...I sure was enjoyin herself.
It is a bit hotter here and mom couldn' figure out why we was pantin so much. Finally figured out that the elevation is a bit higher here...duh mom...:)
We are goin fer a ride tomorrow to see sum cows and a purdy river. Maybe I will be able to go play in it.

Till then,
Cowdog Gus


My vacation to Wyoming

August 8th 2007 9:34 pm
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Dear diary,
Mom finally gots done workin all summer and now we are on vacation. Her n gammie an us are goin to Wyoming to see our Unkle and our cousins who we have never seen.
Mom said we are gonna go slow and make plenty of stops, so me n Wheezer n Raven can play and run and run.
Our first stop was in Hood River next to the mighty Columbia river. It was pawesome!!!! I had sooo much fun.
Mom took us on a sandbar and we play fetch and then I ran and ran in the water.
I tell you diary, I just luvs the even ask me if I had any Springer Spaniel in I don really care to swim yet, but boy, I jest luvs to try and catch them water spouts my paws make.
Mom sez I look like a big draft horse pickin up my feet and ploppin them is soo much fun!
Then we stops at a small lake by Ontario Oregon and I gots to play in the water again and we went fer a walk down this cool path...till mom passed a suspishus person and got the heeby geebie vibes from him, so we turned around an went back...:(
Then (this is soooo cool), there is a hotel here in Boise Idaho that lets us doggies stay fer $25.00 a night and all the bonies we want!!! Helllloooooo can you say heaven! There is this long walkin path that somtimes veers down to the pawsome river right next to our hotel. Mom took me to the river bank so I could plop my paws in there again. It is jest doggy heaven...yep I am here layin on the bed and writin in my diary wif my mom and sibs right next to me...
Tomorrow we are going to Wyoming to meet my cousins, so I will keep you posted.

Night, night fer now.

Gus a pooped pup


A Birfday Adogtion Song Jest fer Me!

July 28th 2007 5:53 pm
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For those of you who are not aware--- July is our honorary puggy Gus a Mus-- Wheezer's big brudder's, adoption month!! Like many of us, we don't know when his reel birfday is so we celebrate the whole month of adoption that we found our furever family. So Gus-- this dance is for yew-- I thought yew might enjoy chasing the bunnies as they hop!!

Love Maxwell

Gus a Mus' Birfday Bunny Hop!!

Gots to send yew wishes,
wishes and a prance
Gots to send those wishes
with a bunny hop dance!

Hop the bunny hop now
and celebrate yur day
Hop the bunny hop now
doing it just this way.

Hop for young and old now
and stick yur paws out wide
we'll put ourselves together
and lean from side to side

So hop for birfday fun now
So our birfday puggies see
their puggie friends are ready
to dance like bunny's for thee!!

Hop around the corner
and then around the bend
It's Gus a Mus's birfday
and good wishes we do send!!

Give a BIG Birfday and Adoption Month Butt Shake for Gus!!

And remember, Treats for Everypuggy and Prezzies just for you!!

With love and affliction,

Maxwell P. Rapper


The day I went to my furever home

July 28th 2007 3:15 pm
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Mom sat me down today and sez "Gus, this week or last week*scritches head*, three years ago this July, I brought you to yer furever home" (My mom is a self professed air head) Not sure what that means but she jest nodded her head like she really knows it is true.
Then she give me a big ol hug and says she luvs me sooo much.
She loss her two girlies and had to wait a loooonggg time to be able to an gets anuther dog. She saw me on Petfinder and knew I was the one.
She sez, "Good thing for printers, cause I printed out yer piccy and showed all my co-workers who I was going to go get". She was vury proud of me. *Puffs out chest*.
She finks I was born in the winter but thats ok....we decided after a few missteps and guesses that my birfday wud be in July, cause I was born again and so was she.

Gus a Mus the birfday boy

"Happy Birthday my Handsome Gus a Mus"

I love you sooo much!!!!!!!!



I have been tagged and tagged and more tagged..he he

May 30th 2007 7:22 pm
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Hey guess what?! I've been tagged! How exciting! I was tagged my good pal Daisy (247345). She's such a pretty girl and she just turned two. I gotta send her a Birthday wish real soon. I'm so excited that I get to play along with this game. My big brother Indy already played and now it's my turn too. Yea! Here goes.......

Here are the rules of the game!

Each player starts with seven random interesting pawsome facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pawmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!

My 7 random interesting pawsome facts....let's see...

1. Mom found me on, said I looked too cute wif my bow legs and wrinkles
2. I have musckles where there shouldn't be mucskles...Mom tells everyone I am her dog on steriods handsome man!!!
3. I love, just love my Kong Frisbee
4. Hoomans specially those males ones will stop talking and just gape at me when I walk by, saying whoa! Dude look at that huge bada** dog...wiggles bum..yep thats me!!!
5. I love to hog the entire bed and no matter how much mom pushes me with her feet and legs I don't there..
6. I love to for rides in my truck
7. I am very well behaved cept when those little squirrels sit and tease me.

My 7 pals that I'm going to tag are......well not sure really they all been tagged but if they had not been they would be

1> My best buddy Boscoe...we look alike and he's got a pawsome bone
2> My Valentine love and cutest bum, besides mine, Chopper
3> My best dog park buddy Sienna, only met her once but she is fun to run with
4> Irving, cause he makes the best Pugsident in the US
5> Jake, now he is one bada** lookin Rotty...and the only other big dog in the Pugdom
6> Norton the 17 year Pug, now we should all bow down to him cause that is a pawsome lifetime
7>Jack, cause for a little guy , he can run and jump like no tomorrow


My pawk day

May 27th 2007 6:43 pm
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Hello pals and dear diary,
My mom took me and my brother and sister to Steilacoom Pawk in Lakewood Washington. We gots to see my cousins Missy and Roscoe. I am still not sure of Roscoe.
When we gots there mom threw my beloved frisbee fer me. Then I played with Missy and sometimes Roscoe.
Then jest cause me and a bunch of other dogs pee'd on my frisbee. We wanted to make sure it was good and smelly. Mom was saying ewww. ewww...hmm I kinda liked the smell.
Mom also broke two of her toes and was in a lot of pain, but she wanted us to meet up wif our cousins so we could play and they could meet our new sissy, Raven...whatever...I am still deciding on if I likes her or not.
It was a fun day....
Oh I am also at work wif mom..I loves when we can go to work wif mom...There is another dog here, her name is Sydney..she is ok but is sometimes mean to me, thats ok though I gets along wif any doggy cause I am a lover not a fighter.
Hope all my dogs here in the USA have a safe memorial day...enjoy that extra day wif yer pawrents...



Sunny day....

March 29th 2007 1:22 pm
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Howdy everydoggy,
Well we is here at work wif mom again. New place and it is smaller than the other place we went to, but that is ok cause we are here wif mom and mom is happy we are here wif her....:)
Yep, there is another cat here too only this time, this one really does not like me or Wheezer...He is bigger and hissys at us all the time. He is jest jealous cause he has to share mom...
We gots to go to the Seattle Magnunson Dawg park Saturday. We met wif Sienna Bunny who is on Dogsterholic and another nice doggy that slips the old mind of mommy..yah I know, I know its Thur. but I have been busy...see...protectin know what I is talkin about...
Anyhoo it was rainin real hard and so not many dawgs showed up, but that ok we were rasslin in the mud and playin wif my favorite, I mean favorite Kong Frisbee...boy I luvs that toy!!
Mom throws like a girl...*sigh*..I needs a new throwin mom...she throws and it could go anywhere but where she aimed it. She hits people, hits objects, loses it over fences...there is that one time that she throws right I gets to chase it!!! We went down to the water and played and got more muddy, then as we was walkin would attempt to throw the frisbee again and I would chase it while my booger brother would bite the back of my legs...yah I said booger cause he is irratetin! So mom threw it one last time and off the frisbee went...over the barb wire fence..yah surprise surprise...I lost my favoritest toy...
Well mom felt bad so we went to Petsmart and she bought me another one...she sez that she is gonna get better cause they ain't cheap those Kongs...
We played wif my frisbee yesty is puttin a video up of me chasin it!
Mom also bought us sum peanut butter cookies too!! Woo Hoo!!
Today is another bootiful sunny day so we is gonna go fer a walk around the block and back...we luvs goin to work wif mom!!

Till another day my friends,

Gus a Mus ( handsomas mananas)


Month of Febuary.....

March 1st 2007 10:32 am
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Ok it has been a loooonnng time since I wrote in my secretary has been busy of late and those piccys she makes takes up all of my DIARY time...HMPH!
So we came to an agreement, we would write once a month here and I could give her a list of things that happened in my life for a month then she would transpose them here....ok we will seee......
Well the month started out not to wet and not too dry..
I am still after that darn squirrel but mom has insisted that I sit and wait before grammie opens the door any more cause I almost knocked grammie over a couple of time....I try and try to sit still but it is vury hard when I know there is a squirrel out there. *Shivers*
Well February also means that it is Valentines and I was without a Valentines...:( My brother always seems to get the girls so I ask mom do do up some piccys of me wif a Valentine theme so the girlys could see that I am romantic at heart....I am just a big ol' teddy bear...*Grins* happened....yep....I was jest minden my own business readin the latest on Dogsterholics and there she was.....Like a ray of sunshine, a rose that has newly blossomed...I felt my heart go thunk a thunk and my breath got short and I was momentarily dizzy from the beauty of her face...I knew that I had found the one...the only one fer my heart..there in front of me...I was so drunk on her beauty that I had to have my secretary write to her asking her if she would be my Valentines...I was awash in desperate paws were shaking, my heart still going thunk a thunk...for a "Whole day!" Then it was if the sweetness of her beauty soothed my soul, she said yes!!! ME!!!! Little ol me!!!! .........I had to go lay down....
Her name was Chopper and she lives in Arizona...You can tell she is a a sunshiney dog...well lets just say I have been on cloud nine since that day...she gave my zealies...I gave her my heart and zealies right back....I posted her pic on my page so I could look at her everyday.....we even have something in common....we wiggles our bums like there is no tomorrow!!! We are the wiggle bum and my Chopper....
Then just as this was sinking in ....I was name Prince on Princess Divas and Prince Charming group!!! ME!!!! Too much was happening in a short time...I was just a bundle of wigggle bum everywhere.,..I tell was my month!!!!
Then one came......THE BLANKET MONSTER......I had been noticing strange happenings when mom would come up at night and I would be laying on the bed....this ....this pink thing would move every so often when we were playin...just a little at a time mind you....but I would reach over and munch it just to get it to stop...then that fateful happened....this huge pink thing rose up out of the depths of the bed and swallowed me!!!!!!! Yes!!! My friends swallowed me whole...I knew I must concur it before my beloved mom was swallowed as well. I wrastled it down...I dove around in its bodys...I made growly could see my nose peek out,....then it would swallow me again...then my tail would come out, then a leg....I was putting up a brave fight! I could feel something grab my nose, grab my bum!!! I made those growlie noises to show that I was not said "he he the blanky monster...Gus where is the blanky monster get me get me, hahahaha" Mind does not help when yer smoosh nosed brudder trys to help the blanky monster either............I however held on and wrought my growlies and bites down upon THE BLANKET MONSTER and killed it!!!!!! *Whew* This monster seems to be hanging around nightly, but I am ready each night now.....There was another doggy, I think from the press, that took piccys of me in THE BLANKET MONSTER.. I have posted show all my friends and foes that I...Gus a Mus....was still is green now but in real life it is really pink..... friends this has been my month of February.....Through the highs..."My Chopper" and the dangerous, "THE BLANKET MONSTER"...I have some how survived....until next time....

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