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HRH Princess Candy-O Cootinka

May Is My Birthday Month

May 1st 2009 4:52 am
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On Tuesday the 5th, I will be 11 years old and my sister, Nilla, who resides at The Bridge will also be 11. I miss her and my brother, J.J. so much! We had so much fun growing up together. Mimi tells me dat both of them are my Guardian Angels and watch over me all the time.

Me and Mimi were so lonely and sad for 3 whole years without J.J. and Nilla... Our hearts were so broken, I could hear Mimi crying every night and during the day the whole house was silent. One day Mimi's nurse friend said you guys are going to have to pull yourselves together, otherwise, little Peachy will never know what it's like to be happy. "Go to Dogster... ...Sonny-cat needs to go too....all of you need to learn how to play again."

Behold a miracle! Mimi was so shy and depressed, she didn't know what to do when all of a sudden, I got 14 PPR invites. We were country girls and having so many furrends was overwhelming. And so our first friendships began....there were Rosie, Skye, Willie, Little Bit & Lyle, Stormy B, Googster, Mighty Mouse, Impy, Bubba, Pokie, Pharoah, Jay-Jay and Butchie.

4 years later each of us is closing in on 1000 pup palls. Our Mimi will pour through those photos every couple of months and she can tell something unique and sweet about all of them saying "one can never have too many dogster pals and how "important it is to treat them well and keep in touch" She wants her grandson to know how important it is to value and respect each little life...that we all serve a purpose for being here.

So we jes want all our friends here and there, to know dat no little dogster's birthday is complete without celebrating it wif' friends.
And you guys make the best furrends in the world!

We Are Blessed,
Peachy and Mimi


I've Never Been Sick

January 15th 2009 1:02 am
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....up until 2 weeks ago. Peachy, my sister, is a "sugar baby"(diabetic doggy) and don't have no eyes so she's the one we're always watching for
illness or complications. That's why we wus all surprised when I came down
wif' a bad stomach infection.

Mimi always takes us on our supervised walk-abouts twice a day....we're talking CLOSE SUPERVISION 'cause our neighborhood is not the nicest in town. A couple of weeks ago I was foraging around in a neighboring yard when Mimi suddenly scooped me up and away from my little tasty tidbits.. Well, the old gal suspects all our neighbors are either cooking meth or stealin' stuff to buy meth. She don't trust nobody, especially after her computer and wireless were stolen. Sure enough I got a tummy ache 2 days later. The vet sez I ate something very bad. Mimi swears one of the gangsters in the hood put out some poisoned food for any little petster unaware.

I'm taking a bunch of medicine for 15 days now and 3 trips to the vet. I threw up a bunch of blood clots the other night but have had no recurrence. I mostly feel bad in the mornings until my Rimadyl kicks in. Mimi worries it's takin' me too long to get well....the vet sez "it's gonna take a while." Good news is that I'm eating some, no further GI bleed and no sign of kidney damage.

She hopes my story here will help yur momsters and popsters to be ever vigilant when yur pets are outside so dat yoo don't get into something dat might hurt you. It can happen in yur neighborhood (good or bad). It can happen round yur house....antifreeze, toxic plants and foodies dropped on the floor. Mimi sez...this should not happen to any of you. Of course, she feels guilty, cause she didn't come over and investigate sooner.

We wants to thank everbody fur their prayers, healing thoughts, bones, posts, emails, prezzies and most of all fur keeping us in your hearts and prayers. I didn't know I had so many friends. Yoo are the BEST!


TAG- Yoo It!

December 28th 2008 8:59 pm
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Today I got tagged by my friend, Talley, and would like to invite yoo to play dis' game. It's a neat way to get to know each other better.
Instructions: Write down 7 tings about yorself others may not know, then.....
write down the names of 7 friends yoo wish to TAG to play this game.
Email yor chosen tagees and have dem' refer back to yor diary page fur instructions. Come on and play, we'll have some fun.

7 tings you may not know about me.
1. I snore....Long and LOUD!
2. I'm a whiner.
3. When Mimi's not lookin', I like to pick through my ca-ca.
4. I like to sleep wif' my blankie tucked under my chin and my head on a
5. I like rock 'n roll
6. I steal food.
7. I know what "housebroken" means but I still like to take a dump inside
when Mimi's not looking.

Deese are my 7 friends I'm taggin'
Bouncer's Dapple Dandy
Georgie Girl
Kokoa Girl NPC
Mr. Jeepers


TEARDROPS WILL FALL~ For Little Bit 1997~2006

September 1st 2006 7:11 am
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Skye sent me the news today and...
tears filled my eyes...
Your little life had faded
Into the warm summer skies...
So I turned your photograph over..
face to the wall..

And when I dim the lights
in my room tonight
Teardrops will fall...

Teardrops will fall tonight
Tears I can't hide..
Tears that I tried to keep
Deep down inside..
Tears fall, my friend has "gone"
Beyond recall...

And when I dim the lights..
In my room tonight..
Teardrops will fall.
~ry cooder~

Carried Home by Her Angels and
Delivered Into Everlasting Arms
~August 27, 2006~

Until I see you again, CandyO


My Tail of Devotion for Candy-O Cootinka

July 26th 2006 10:42 am
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Here begins My Tail of Devotion to You...
Your Certified Pedigree reads that your Mama's name was Jamie's Heidi II and your daddy's name was OK Baby Sooner Boomer....

Certificate of Adoption
~Lovingly named on this 29th day of June 1998
~*~Candy-O Cootinka~*~
Born on May 5, 1998
Especially Chosen to Enjoy
A Lifetime of Care and Comfort
with MaryG. and J.J.
My goodness, but you were tiny and loooong! You were the sleepiest little doggy I'd ever known...I thought it would take you forever to wake up and play. J.J. just didn't quite know what to do with a comatose Candy after living with a manic Meg. Then Nilla who was exactly your age came to live woke up then and the 2 of you went on and made Roadrunner history. J.J. was transported back into puppydom and the house was full of barks and coos with a new human too...Mason Maxwell Moore!
We shared the great sadness of saying good-bye to sister Nilla and brother J.J. a few years later. Our house fell sorrowfully silent, but you were always at my side day and night. Then the day came when Peachy came to live with us and she turned out to be another great friend and loving baby "sister". You two braved a some lonely months when I was in the hospital.

You are my rock and my "best girlfriend doggy" Some days I don't tell you or show you enough how much you mean to me. You're 8 now and I wish for our lives together to go on for more good and happy years. I am never lonely with my "best girlfriend doggy" at my side.

Your Devoted Mimi....

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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Remembering The Unremembered

November 22nd 2005 12:08 am
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Mimi thinks I'm underemployed in my role as"Resident Weenie Dog" of our home. My contribution to this years Thanksgiving celebration is to deliver this very important message to anyone who wants to take a break and spend a few moments in prayer or meditation.

~We are all so blessed to share the company of our little 4-legged friends and can't imagine our lives without you in it. Each little precious doggy is a unique and perfect creation of The One who wants His humans to know what it is to experience unconditional love, delight in a finer joy and peace, and perhaps, get a real glimpse of Heaven here and there.

~This Thanksgiving week, please say a prayer for all little ones who suffer from confinement and pray for the needful families who will miss the opportunity of knowing them. Remember especially the senior and special needs pets in shelters and pounds who will never make it into rescue, foster care or a forever home. They are the unfortunate majority of shelter pets who suffer the most from unthinking communities who place no value on the sanctity of life. These neediest ones are the least able to endure shelter life and will be promptly PTS with remorseless effieciency for their "imperfections" and "unimportance". They leave our midst secretly and silently.

~ And then they were gone. No one heard of their passing.

~Though nameless, they deserve a prayer of remembrance. When our time comes to find our own little angels, they will be there also and we will know their names.

~Remembering the Unremembered,

~We would like to honor a few Dogsters here but for the love of their rescuing families, we would never have known their names or the opportunity to know them.
~*~*~*~ Forever In Our Hearts live Pharoah, Bubba, Jake from Durant, OK, Benny, Hope & Faith, Susie 1-05, Max, Clifford, Charlie(beagle baby), Oliver, Abby, Alex, Brick, Safey, Mikey and Rylie~*~YOU ARE REMEMBERED~*~*~*~
(Please send Mimi an email so we can honor you)

Don't forget to pray for our Living Rescues~*~*~ Little Bit, our poundpuppy hero, who is fighting a mighty battle against lymphoma and Snappy, our puppymill hero, who battles terminal cancer. DIE! CANCER DIE! YOU ARE REMEMBERED~*~*~


Friends, Prayers and Rosettes

July 28th 2005 10:32 pm
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Me and my family live kinda out in the country and I don't like to ride in the car. So I never dreamed I would make so many friends here at Dogster and I never even thought I deserved a Rosette. Bouncer's Dapple Dandy awarded me with my first Rosette, and tonite I discovered 3 more from Bowie, Skye and Basil. Thanx a bunch you guys.
All you wonderful doggies are so caring and thoughtful. Mimi sez that's cuz
we'uns are the only souls on the planet who know how to give unconditional love. She goes on to say little pets are the closest glimpse of heaven a human could dare entertain in his lifetime. That's why it's so important to value the sanctity of all life, all creatures great and small. It pains her greatly to see suffering and sorrow, especially when it affects the most innocent and helpless, that we are no different than a human child. Not trying to be snooty, Mimi proclaims "That's why peoples who love their pets are kinder and gentler souls than most "because our pets taught us how."
There are a few of you guys who go bravely about facing down the bad old cancer and uncomfortable chronic disorders without complaint or self-preoccupation. Always, you're drumming up some scheme to make someone else feel good or some cause that will help many and inspire even more.
We're really going to miss Butchie. Now Little Bit is in our hearts and prayers daily. Everyday, it seems there are more and more little petsters who need, not just our prayers, but need our involvement to get out there and do something. Mimi likes to preach (She calls it public education)and load up the vets and the church peoples with rescue info. God Bless all of you.


I was born on May 5, 1998

May 11th 2005 6:50 pm
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I have lived a happy life as MiMi's Official Resident Weenie Dog, a title previously held by the very wonderful, but spoiled, MEGGY. My Adoption Certificate reads:
"Lovingly named on the 29th day of June 1998
Candy-O Cootinka
Born May 5th, 1998
Especially Chosen to Enjoy
A Lifetime of Care and Comfort
With MiMi and J.J."
I share my house with "sister" Peaches, and 2 cats, Sonny and Gypsy. Nobody picks on me because they know I am The One and will whine them to death if they mess with me. They treat me pretty nice.
When I first came to Roadrunner Dr. I had a very special "sister" Nilla and a
wonderful "brother" J.J. We all had such a good time together. I was so sad when Nilla moved away and when J.J. passed away, I thought I would die from
loneliness. In time, MiMi adopted Peachy and the two cats so I'm never alone.
However, I just hate it when MiMi goes to work or gets hung up on the computer.
All I want her to do is bend down, hug me and say "I love you, girlfriend dog!"
I have to admit I live a pretty easy life here and MiMi treats me like a princess. She never yells at me or gets mad at me. She tells me special little things she doesn't tell the others. She knows by the look on my face how much I love her and want to please her. There's a big birthday card on The Pet Memory board that sez "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CANDY!" That's ME!

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