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First Day at the Groomers

A thut

February 24th 2007 9:46 am
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It's a great day to be a Dane. In fact, everyday is a great day to be a Dane!


Tor-tee-a Chips

January 29th 2007 6:43 pm
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Mom is eating something called tor-tee-a chips and shared one with me. It didn't taste that great so I dropped it. I must have forgotten I didn't like it because mommy is ignoring my big head on her lap. Why won't she give me another one to try?



January 26th 2007 8:50 am
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I don't understand....mommy buys Mindy stuffed goodies and tries to keep them away from me. I love tearing the white stuffing out of them...and walking around with the squeaker in my mouth. Why does she take it from me saying something like "choking hazzard?"


My Tail of Devotion for MAX

September 24th 2006 5:47 pm
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Max, you're the very first dog I've ever had that I can truly call my own. I never thought you would change my life the way you did. Each and everyday you enhance my life by making me laugh and lifting my spirits. You bring additional purpose to my life because you depend on me for everything. In my twenties I was selfish and only took care of myself. Two years after first getting you, you and your sister Mindy have become my top priority. It's refreshing focusing my attention on you and Mindy and not myself.

I know this sounds so corny, but you have touched the lives of many, making so many are truly a blessing and I'm so grateful it's me sharing life with you.

I love you lit'l man.

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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First Night of Obedience School

March 14th 2006 6:58 pm
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I was extremely nervous tonight going to school because it was in the same place where my nail was nearly severed off....and where mommy takes me to be groomed. There are a lot of dogs in my class, all smaller than me. Hey, I am a Great Dane, what do you expect? Anyway, once my nerves settled down, I did pretty well. (I must say so myself!) My trainer is the same guy I mentioned in the first entry who kindly walked me into the salon when I didn't want to go in. He really seems to know his stuff...and has a great way with dogs and humans. This week I'm going to practice hard so I can impress all the cute female canines in my class. = : P


First Day at the Groomers

March 12th 2006 4:33 pm
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Mum thought it would be a great idea to take me to the groomers to get all spiffied up. Daddy was against the whole idea, but everyone knows who wears the pants in the house, especially when it comes to Mindy and me. Anyway I had been there the week before to have my nails trimmed. It takes about three humans to hold me down....I just hate having them done. Well the lady at Petsmart accidently cut my quick and blood gushed EVERYWHERE!!! I wasn't thrilled...I'll tell you that much. After the bleeding stopped I was at their mercy. Anyway, mom starts checking out the brochure and makes a full fledged app't for me to be bathed and pampered. My ears stood right up...I couldn't believe nail was nearly severed off!!! How could she???? So we get there today and I refused to walk into the salon. I started wobbling with fear hoping mom would give in, but she didn't . Drat, she's good. But I put my paws down and wouldn't budge. Biscuits wouldn't even lure me into the brightly lit dungeon. Well wouldn't you know, a trainer walks by and takes me from mommy and tells her to go inside and wait. I like this fellow....he walks me around the store and softly talks to me...and I finally see mom again waiting with a smile on her face. I walk inside the salon....and realize I had been tricked!!! Arghhhh! But I tell you, I like all the female attention...the ladies really dig me calling me handsome! I'm liking it....especially the ear if only she would stop tickling me. WOOF! WOOF! Anyway, I feel like the Ryan Seacrest of Great Danes. I think going back won't be a problem. Maxie out!!

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