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August 28th 2014 11:59 pm
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Shadow passed over to the Rainbow Bridge on June 14, 2014. In early April 2014 he was diagnosed with advance brain cancer. By June it was taking its toll on his quality of life and I made the decision to let him go on Flag Day. As his heart stopped "Taps" was played for he could have a Military Funeral.

I will miss him forever...


My First Baby Birth

August 2nd 2007 9:52 pm
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My sissy went into labor late Saturday night and mom took me to the hospital. She was sent home, but mom thought she better stay with sissy because she was in early labor. Well, mom and sissy were only back at the apartment for about 2 hours when they had to get to the hospital "again".

I was the 1st Service Dog team allowed in the Delivery Room at St. Joseph's Hospital. It was also the 1st for the Nurse and Midwife to have a Service Animal present during a delivery. Mom put me in a down/stay in the corner. I never moved - I just slept and slept. All of sudden it was just over 3 hrs later and I hear this BABY CRYING!! I looked up because I didn't hear any baby in the room when I went to sleep.

Well, my sissy had a baby boy - 7 lbs 1 oz - 19 1/2 inches long - born at 6:39 AM - July 29, 07. Name is: James Luciano Cantellano. The staff gave my mom a huge congrats on having the most behaved dog in the whole wide world.

I now set the standard for other Service Teams that will come after me.

See ya


Lights, Camera, Action - Firehouse Dog Movie is now showing at your local Theaters...

April 4th 2007 5:24 pm
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Mom took me to see the movie, "Firehouse Dog" today. She told me it had a very special ending. The movie was really cute and I enjoyed seeing "Rex - aka Dewy" turning into a hero. Mom told the small amount of people seeing the movie that I was in the end credits - whatever that meant. The movie ended and got to see some cute doggies from Dogster... Toward the end ... THERE WAS ME ---- I was there in the big screen... Mom and everyone around me clapped.... Then they asked me for paw... Wow, I'm special along with all the other winners who got the chance to have our pictures in the end credits. I was also chosen to be in the DVD when it comes out later this year...

See ya...


I'm a City Slicker Now!!!!

March 4th 2007 11:28 pm
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Poor mom had an emergency move to make when she got back from Virginia at the beginning of February. So, she had to find a place really quickly. Mom found a lovely apartment complex that had an ADA (American With Disabilities Act) unit. It has a "huge" 2nd bathroom that is wheelchair accessible and because of its size it's now my place to eat and drink water. The wall plugs are farther up the wall and mom doesn't have to bend down to get something plugged in. The Master bath has a shower unit instead of a tub. Mom says its a whole lot easier to manage that then a tub. The kitchen is tiny, but since its just mom and me now we don't need a big one. It has a very nice outside patio area and I've been told that I can't "pee" on the dirt part. Also, mom has a washer and dryer off the patio and she likes knowing that the apartment came with it. The 2nd bedroom is mom's office, sewing and craft room. It has a nice living and dining area too. Mom put my doggie bed under the sofa table and I love it there. No one can trip over me.. YEA!!!

Mom has lived with her folks for a very long time because of her medical issues. They decided it was time that she moved out because they wanted to have peace and quiet with no one around. So, mom was shocked at how sudden this was after getting back from seeing her new grandbaby. Most of her belongings have been in storage and she has gone thru them and dumped a lot into the landfil. She had no furniture, lamps, plates, etc.. She got rid of most of her things many, many, many years ago. So, she had to buy quite a few things to set up the apartment.

The place is about 15 miles away from our old place in the country. It might be in the city, but man is it ever quiet here. The complex is surrounded by residential homes and a park is on one side. I've met a few dogs already and I've been on my best behavior. They have these neat "doggy" stations all over the place for our business can be picked up and disposed of. I don't mind peeing anywhere, but I'm use to running in the back yard to find a spot. I made mom take me out 10 times just for I could sniff the area. I couldn't understand "why" she was so happy that I finally did my business. She never use to care about that... BOL

Oh, I did meet a cat... BOL... It was black and it came onto my patio... Fair game... dang -- I have a WALL and it was gone in a flash. I did see it later and almost took mom down when I went to "tree" it. Mom was so mad at me and she made me come and sit next to her. She gave me one heck of a lecture that I'm a Service Dog and have to pay attention to her "only"... When mom gives that kind of lecture ---- I LISTEN!!!

So, I now live in the city and have to learn the ropes of being a city dog.... I do miss running FREE in a yard thou... BUT mom now takes me for leisure walks throughout the complex..

See ya...


Casual Friday - Service Dog Style

January 5th 2007 7:34 pm
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Well, my mom had a major brain fart today about my gear when we went out today. She didn't get much sleep and then got up early to mix up some cookie dough that had to be put into the refrigerator to set up.

So, after she got that done she did some floor sweeping and helped sissy take off the ornaments from the tree for the tree could be put away for another year. Mom was taking sissy out to see the movie "Charlotte's Web".

Mom had to quickly mop the kitchen floor and asked sissy to put my harness and gear on. She didn't hear sissy say something about me. Mom was in a fog from the lack of sleep - BOL..

So, I'm sitting at the door waiting for the command "Lets Go"... She picked up my leash and off to the car we went. I got in and she closed the door and off we went. We get to the theater and when mom opens the door she looks at me and says "OH NO - You don't have your harness on" ... That's what my sissy was trying to say... She didn't know how to put it on and told mom about it... Except the sleep fog rolled in instead... BOL

So, we knew the laws that we didn't have to have equipment on to be working. Well, the movie was full and mom got tickets for the next show. Since we had two hours before the movie started, mom took sissy out to lunch. Guess what... no one even noticed that I was "naked" .. The lady that sat us knew me from being there before... So, no problem. After lunch we went to the Mall and walked around in a couple stores.. Guess what... no one noticed that I was "naked"... Finally it was time to get back to the theater. We walked in and Guess what... no one noticed that I was "naked"... So, it goes to prove that if you're a well trained Service Dog you don't need proof of being one by being "naked"...

Mom now calls today - Casual Friday - Service Dog Style

See ya...


A Special Invitation

December 10th 2006 9:35 pm
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I got a wonderful email from the Desert Labrador Retreiver Rescue organization (Where I was a rescue). They were checking up on my training on becoming a Service Dog. Mom sent an email back stating that I graduated as a Certified Service Dog in October.

Well, they were so proud of my accomplishment that they invited me to one of their meetings on Dec 16. So, mom accepted and I'll get to see the wonderful group that saved me and my sister. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't have found my forever home with mom. I also would have never become a Service Dog either. I own my life to them and for my mom finding a special spot in her heart.

They're going to have a speaker at the meeting too. He's a trainer/behaviorist in the Phoenix area. Mom's hoping to find out how to "shush" me when I see other doggies.... BOL I just have to say hi to them and mom still doesn't understand a word I said to them... BOL

Mom will be going away for two weeks next month to see a new grandbaby (due on Jan 6) and I have to stay home. She had to go into the Hospital for a few days last week and I was sooooooooooooooooooooo LONELY!!! My mom's nephew, Brian (mentally challenged adult) took care of me. I got to sleep with him too. That helped, but I missed my mommy. Going to Virginia for two weeks is a different story. Mom will have to tell you what happened to my lonely heart when she gets back....

See ya


World's Coolest Dog and Cat Show 2006

October 13th 2006 3:22 pm
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Shadow is entered - So, cast your votes..

See ya,

Ellen and Shadow



October 3rd 2006 3:49 pm
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Well, I got my Pets and People patch and my Certified Service Dog tag. So, I'm now a real Certified Service Dog. My thirty-eight months of training is now officially done. I still have to do my Service Dog exercises just to keep me sharp as a whistle... whistle while you work - BOL... Of course I have daily tasks that I always do and I love doing them. I now know when mom says Shadow - Go To Work - Good Boy means for me to head to my gear basket and sit down till mom gets there. My tail is going really fast because I know that its time to put on my Harness and Gentle Leader... Then we leave the house - I leave last behind mom... When I get home mom takes my gear off and says Shadow - ALL DONE - very good boy ... and then I stretch, rub my head on the area rug and do a quick run to the kitchen for a drink and then say hi to everyone in the house .. Then mom says - Shadow - Come and I help her into her chair.. She then dismisses me till I'm needed again...

Mom is now waiting for my Service Dog Harness Bandana - Custom made for me. It's being done in a Royal Blue with White letters (to represent that I'm a Disabled American Vet). The lettering will say: Shadow, Certified Service Dog and it will have a Service Dog Patch on it that's red with a white cross and a black dog sitting down (mom says it looks like me). The lady said its done and will be sent out this week... YIPEE!!!

Shadow - CERTIFIED Mobility Assistance Service Dog


One GIANT Paw Step Toward Certification

August 29th 2006 2:27 pm
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Mom has decided on Pets and People: Companions in Therapy & Service organization to handle my certification. Out of all the groups she checked out they are the only ones who listened to her. I went to see the trainer today and my Public Access Test is done and the trainer is finishing up the paperwork that she has to do (She has to have the test notarized). She'll call mom in a few more days to pick it up. The paperwork and fees were paid online (Lots of Questions) to Pets and People. They have my mug shot on file and so mom didn't need to send another.

After mom mails the Public Access Test paperwork she'll get my Service Dog Certification paperwork - Badge and Patch from Pets and People.

It's been a long journey and I'm almost to the end of being a SERVICE DOG IN TRAINING... I'll officially will be called SHADOW, CERTIFIED SERVICE DOG in just a few more weeks.... BUT AND I MEAN BUT... I couldn't have done it without my partner OR the other part of my team... SO.... We'll be a CERTIFIED TEAM in a few more weeks. It took two of us to make it and it will always be a TEAM effort to work together...

I'm just singing a happy howl...

See ya


Firehouse Dog Update

August 26th 2006 12:47 am
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Just got this in my email:

__________________________________________________ _________

I just wanted to give you a brief update on the " Dog" sweepstakes. Due to the high volume of winners, 400 to be exact, it has taken us longer than previously expected to compile all pictures, essays and information. With that said we apologize for not following up with you sooner. Once we have all of the legwork completed on our end we will email you and let you know the next steps.
Thanks in advance for your patience!

Kim McCann
20th Century Fox Film
Digital Marketing

_______________________________________________ ____________

WOW!!! 400 dogs chosen to be in the credits. They'll probably have to it as a grouping with several dogs in one frame. Its still AWESOME to be one of the 400 dogs that won the contest.

I'll post more info from the studio as soon as I hear from them..

see ya...

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