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Life's tough when you're an Eenie Weenie!

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All That Glitters

February 8th 2007 5:30 pm
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Isn't gold......

Something is up at Casa de Smoke. Mom is making glitter balls. What the heck has she done to my harness?

*pokes silvery covering*

Smoke, something smells in the State of Texas


The Journey of 1000 Miles Ends

January 28th 2007 7:00 pm
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I am so glad to be back home. What a whirlwind trip! The ride home was rather uneventful because Mom was anxious to get me and Tess back to Casa de Smoke.

We made a couple of stops for potty breaks, water and gas for Gene. We stopped at an scenic overlook for some pictures. We were both too pooped Weenies to get out and explore. At the welcome to Texas sign on our last stop, I told Mom I don't feel very good. All this riding in the car is making me sick. Mom didn't believe me. So I did what any self-respecting Eenie Weenie would do in this situation....

*blarps on the Texas sign*

*climbs back in his booster seat and holds Eenie Weenie head in paws*

Luckily we weren't very far from Casa de Smoke at this point. Mom hurried and got us safely home. Back on stable land, I started feeling more like the Weenie-ac I am.

I showed Tess around. We got in a little scuffle when I tried to bark a big "Howl-dy! Welcome to the Dog Majal!". She thought I was trying to attack her. *wooofps* It'll take some time, but we'll have her settled in and livin' large soon!

Smoke, Casa Sweet Casa


Too Much Fun!

January 27th 2007 8:00 pm
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Just howl much excitement can one Eenie Weenie survive? As if meeting Hailey, Chloe, Rue, Rachel Anne, Annie and my new sister, Tess wasn't enough....we got to meet another Dogster!

We woke up this morning and bundled up for a trip to Petland to see if we could find a warm, snuggly coat for Tess. Then we got the nickle tour of Toe-*poker* from the flower gardens to the Governor's Mansion! There are some really nice parks and hiking trails here. If you're a walker, you could keep busy for a long time!

After our tour, we headed back over to Rue's house to play some more. I had so much fun wrestling with him again. He's likes to puppy-play just like me! Pretty soon, we were all tard and headed back to Hailey and Chloe's house. I heard talk of pizza being ordered and that we were having another guest. Who else lives in Toe-*poker*?

*waits by the front door*

< doorbell rings >

*bar-rar-rar-rar-rark* Who's there?

It's Ki!!! He is a huuuuuuge all white Siberian Husky. He could fit my whole head in his mouth....I mean, I think he could fit my whole head in his mouth. Not like anyweenie would dare try and steal a Rowdy Friend from him to find out. *looks around innocently*

The pizza arrived shortly after that. I'll be darned if we didn't even get so much a a pizza bone or shred of cheese. *glowers at the Mah-ahms* Ki managed to get a couple pizza bones. It was hard to try and play with him. He wouldn't sit down so I could swing on his tail. *watches tail whoosh over his Eenie Weenie head* I had to bee careful so that he wouldn't step on me. I decided that being puppy up in Mom's lap with Tess was the safest place for me.

All this excitement has made me a tard tard puppy. I wonder what we'll do tomorrow?

Smoke, making the rounds in the Midwest


We're not in Kansas Any More!!!

January 26th 2007 11:00 pm
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Whoa doggies! What a fun day!

We took off in H&C's car with their Mom. We drove to Nebraska! *brrrrr* it's even colder than in Toe-*poker*! Out in the country, we went up and down a bumpy road that was all covered in snow and ice. Mom was scared but H&C's Mom got the car to our first stop. We were at a place called Hearts United for Animals in Auburn.

There were so many dogs there! They were all rescued. Most of them from puppymills. Just like my magic PPRR randomizer predicted. A TV station was there filming all the dogs so they could be TV stars! It was hectic inside the shelter!

We went into a room in the back. They brought in one cute little girl. She was really nice and I shared my squeaky squirrels with her. We checked each other out and Mom said she was going to come live with ME! Yup Puppers! I have a new sister! Her name is Tess Trueheart. She's a red dapple Eenie Weenie!

As if that wasn't enough, we all piled back in the car with our snuggly warm blankets. We drove some more over to Lincoln, Nebraska. Who's is in Lincoln? None other than some very special German Shorthair Pointers, Rachel Anne and Annie! Some of you may remember Rachel Anne. She and her sister Samantha used to be on Dogster. Those girlies are wild-crazy!!!!

I had so much fun playing with the girls and snuggling in the Mom's laps. Rachel's Mom is a very good kisser! Then their furless sister came home! OMD! She is so nice! She sat down on the floor so I could climb on her lap and give her a big kiss! *lick* I just can't hold my licker. I'm a ladies man and I love to lick the ladies! Since it is politically correct to not discriminate, I also got to kiss their Dad when he came home from work. I think we were all a bit much when he came home. All the Moms and dogs had gotten all wound-pup over the afternoon. He got a really big Eenie Weenie welcome!

After a long afternoon of playing, we piled back in the car to head back to Toe-*poker*. I got to meet Grammy, Grampy and Rue when we picked up Hailey and Chloe. I like that Rue. He's a good wrestler! I want to go back and play some more!

Smoke, reporting in from the Midwest


Mah-ahm! We're Not in Texas Any More!

January 25th 2007 7:40 pm
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Howl-dy Everywoof! Smokie Supersonic reporting in from Toe*poker*, Kansas! Why am I in Kansas? Why else! I'm here in the land of wheat field and snow visiting Hailey and Chloe the Chaotic!

We went on a really long drive today. I saw all kinds of thing. Mah-ahm wouldn't stop at Smokey's BBQ. Some Texas BBQ ribs would have made a nice little snack for the road. *glowers at Mah-ahm* We were zooooming down the road so fast! We were way ahead of schedule. The least she could have done was stop at the Exotic Animal Farm. Nope just like on our trip to Shreveport....zoooom on by. Oor maybe we could have stopped to see the 12,000 soda pop bottles. But noooo! *hrmmmph* I've never seen 12,000 soda pop bottles. Soda cans maybe but not bottles.

Then when we stopped in OOOOOHHHHHHHHHklahoma there was snow on the ground. Do you know howl hard it is to potty outside when you're slipping and sliding? It was too cold! Good thing I had all my blankets and plenty of treats and water. I got snowbound in the car. I was all alone. I almost didn't make it[SMOKE.... I left you in the car for 5 minutes! Dear Readers, please know that no Eeenie Weenies were in any danger. Mom's need to stop for potty breaks too!]

Anyhowls, I'm just hanging out relaxing after our trip. We also went to Petsmart and Petco. Mom bought a bunch more Rowdy Friends but she said they're not for me. All Rowdy Friends are for ME! *stomp*

I wonder what we're going to do tomorrow?

Smoke, tard tard traveler


Super-Duper Double-Secret Mission!

January 24th 2007 4:43 pm
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Howl-dy Everypup! I know I'm bee-hind on my dogmails, Rosette and Star Thank Yous. I'm sorry but we've been really busy here at Casa de Smoke. Since our last round of Pup Pal Rosette Roulette, we've been working on decoding the secret message.

Here's what I have *poked* out so far......

We need to head North and go for a loooong road trip. Almost all of those dogs I *poked* on my Pup Pal Randomizer love to travel. We'll be seeing a lot of Weenie dogs. Almost all of those dogs were Weenie's as well. Some will be black and tan, dapple, red, rescues, former puppy mill dogs. *scratches head*

I'm really curious what's going on. Mom took me shopping with my Petsmart gift card that I got for Woofmas from my Grandma and Grandpa P. I couldn't believe it! She picked out all sorts of things:

A little soft crate pad for my crate! It needs a new pad. Someotherlittlepuppy has been digging up my Bone I Can't Chew in my crate and is starting to wear holes in my crate pad.

Some soft fuzzy warm blankets. One is a nice grayish/olive color that goes great with the new crate pad. The other Mah-ahm! Pink is for girls! *gasp*

A new dog dish. Um. Mah-ahm! I just got a new dog dish from Caitlyn's K9 Boutique for Woofmas. I don't need another food dish. *stomp*

A lea....NOW wait just an Eenie Weenie minute here Mah-ahm! I have a leash. You're spending my whole gift card on stuff I already have and what you've bought looks a lot like it's for a *shocking gasp of horror* GIRL DOG!

What the h-e-double bullysticks is going on here?

Smoke, heading on down the road


Save A Life! *POKE*

January 24th 2007 5:55 am
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Did y'all hear about the man that a shark was trying to eat? He *poked* him in the eye and the shark spit him out! Who knew that something as simple as a well-placed *poke* could save someone's life?

Welp, me for one! Mom thinks I'm being demanding and obnoxious when I *poke*. Really! It's gets tiresome hearing

[SMOKE! Stop that! You could *poke* someone's eye out!]

*walks up to cupboard*

< poke > < poke >
Mah-ahm! I'm starving to death! Get me chicken jerky!

*alarm rings*

< poke > < poke >
Mah-ahm! Get up! Your Boss is going to kill you if you're late again!

*runs to the door*

< poke > < poke >
Mah-ahm! I'm done! Let me in! I'm going to freeze to death out here!

Smoke, saving lives one *poke* at a time


Getting More Famous....

January 19th 2007 2:30 pm
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Wow! I just got an e-mail from Button, Mr. Poparf's dog. He's the man that painted the picture of me and the Hannucat last year at Woofmas. We're on a Woofmas card! It's a special card for donations at the Much Love Animal Rescue!

I wonder if anywoof that got one of these cards recognized me?

Smoke, *vogues and poses*


Storming the Dog Majal!

January 12th 2007 11:12 pm
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They're back! They're back! My furriends the worms are back! It's been raining again today. It's also gotten very cold. It's downright freezing out there. Of course, this has brought out my furriends once again.

We saw the biggest worm ever right outside the front door. He was trying to come in out of the rain and join his friends. There was another one halfway down the hall toward the Dog Majal, a few in the entry and one out in the living room trying to hide under the rug. Of course Mah-ahm fuh-reaked out again. I howlever, did what any sefl-respecting Eenie Weenie would do in this situation.....

*grabs a worm and runs*

[SMOKE! Drop it!]

Mah-ahm! *stomp* *stomp*

Oooh! There are 5 worms right here. What can I do with 5 worms?

The worms go crawling one by one!
Hoorah! Hoorah!

*poke* *poke*

See Mah-ahm. Worms are very useful. I can spell my name!

Smoke, wrangling his warm worms


Magic PPRR Ball

January 11th 2007 9:05 am
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Howl-dy Everypup! It’s been a while since I’ve played Pup Pal Rosette Roulette. I think we should go a few *pokes* today.

Something I’ve always noticed in PPRR, is that there is often an underlying connection to the Dogsters that come up in a particular session. Kind of like the Magic 8 Ball of Dogster if you will. I wonder if I could read my future? Hmmmmm.....

*fires up his randomizer*

*Poke* #1 - First up today, Lilly A beautiful Double Dapple rescued from a puppy mill.

*Poke* #2 - Next we have Kreuza Tropic Kleinholz Another Weenie. Hmmm.....*scratches heaed* Lovely in her Doggles and and jacket. Looks like she’s ready to go for a ride. Ooohhh....She’s a digger too!

*Poke* #3 - Shay Let’s move on to a little Chi that is really a Weenie on the inside. He likes to burrow and....go for car rides.

*taps paw on chin* There’s some kind of pattern here and I just can’t *poke* my nose on it.

*Poke* #4 - *gasp* Another Weenie. Likes to ride any and everywhere. Francis Rocks He’s black and tan.

*Poke* #5 - Gives us a red Piebald Weenie with blue eyes Connor Hamilton. *pokes* around Connor's page* What's this? There's a picture of him and a girl in.....the car. Must have been a long trip because they're both napigating.

This is very strange. There is always some significance to the Dogsters that come up in a game of Pup Pal Rosette Roulette. Let’s see what we have here this round:

Weenies, some of the Eenie variety
Digging Dogs
Burrowing Dogs
Dapple Weenies
Double Dapple Weenies
Red Weenies
Blue-eyed Weenies
Black and Tan Weenies
Piebald Weenies
Rescued Weenies
Dogs traveling or riding in the car

I’ll have to think about this for a while and see if I can figure out what the Magic PPRR Ball is trying to tell us.

Smoke, *poking* puzzle pieces together

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