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Life's tough when you're an Eenie Weenie!

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Bathtub? How'd I end up in here?

May 29th 2005 10:26 am
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It started out as a beautiful day. Mom and I were outside cleaning up the yard. There was lots of twigs and branches all over the yard from the storms. I was minding my own business chewing twigs, chasing bugs, and doing dog things.

While Mom was busy cleaning up the garden I thought I'd go next door and see if that nice lady was in out in her backyard. Maybe she has some twigs and bugs too! I squeezed under the fence. I've never been under the fence before. She wasn't there so I decided to go back in my yard with Gretchen.

I couldn't get back under the fence! I WAS STUCK! I was scared and kept wiggling around trying to scoot back under the fence. I tried digging and digging to make a bigger hole. Mom hollered for Dad to see if the nice lady was home next door so she could unlock the gate and I could come home. I kept digging and Mom was finally able to pull me back through. That rain made the ground nice and slippery-mud!

One minute I'm minding my own business chewing twigs and chasing bugs, next thing you know, I'm up to my elbows in soapy water in the bathtub! How does that happen to a puppy?


What a Memorial Day!

May 30th 2005 6:13 pm
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Today was a great day. I got to go to the dog park again. We met Snoopy and his Mom there. It was fun getting to meet another eenie weenie dog. There were a few rough moments with a feisty Boston Terrier (where do they get all that energy?).

The dog park was good and muddy from all the rain this weekend. I ran around a little with Snoopy and the Boston Terrier for a bit before we were joined by some other dogs. A bunch of them were white fluffy dogs. Boy oh boy! Those white fluffy dogs had so much fun running through the mud and grass. One Westie was rubbing his face and head on the ground. He was all grey in no time! I stayed up by the picnic table and played with Snoopy and some of the other dogs. I just rolled around on my back and they woofed and played with me. I'll be braver next time and run with them.

I got to meet another weenie dog. She was a pretty red long hair. *rheeeeet rhooooo* *owww-wooooooo* A real looker! Too bad I'm fixed.

While Mom was setting up the grill, I snuck over to the neighbors again. I came right back though, no one was home again. I like this grill thing. It drips good tasting stuff on the patio and it smells soooooooooo good. Really makes a puppy hungry. I think my days of a fun loving, patio licking puppy are numbered. Mom said she's going to Home Depot to get some stuff so I can't scoot under the fence any more and so the grill won't drip.

Hey! Where's the beef?


I am not a whiny weenie! NOT!

June 15th 2005 8:20 pm
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Just because I sit here and stomp my front feet and grunt when you won't share what you're eating doesn't make me a whiny weenie. Just because I stuff the bone I can't chew under the furniture and I dig, bark and cry at it doesn't make me a whiny weenie.

Just because I am not a whiny weenie!

*stomp* *grunt* *stomp* *grunt* *stomp*



I look so fast now!

June 18th 2005 7:31 am
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Mom got me a hug a dog harness last week. It's blue flames! Flames always make you look faster. I still don't like to have a collar or harness on but I always get to go somewhere if I have one on.

I got my harness on this morning. Dad took me to Petsmart. He said we were going to get bird food and stuff for RC. He went straight to the back of the the groomers! Oh no! Not the nails again. Hopefully I'll still look big and tough in my new harness even though I'm shaking like a leaf. Where's that nice guy that always trimmed my nails before? Lady, please don't hurt me! Please? What? You're done? Now we get to go shopping for dog treats! Yipppeeee!



June 21st 2005 6:20 am
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Mom and I went for a walk last night. I finally got to meet the eenie weenie dog way down the street. His mom always took him inside when we were walking because she didn't know how he'd react to a strange dog. We went over to say hi and she brought out Charlie.

He's a five month old dapple eenie weenie. We had so much wrestling and chasing each other around the yard. There was even a cat to play with! It was great to play with someone my own size. We took turns rolling each other around. When I play with Gretchen and Jake, *I'm* usually the one rolled around on the ground and covered in dog slobber. We're going to go visit again, soon I hope!

Where's my harness??


The Puppy nose knows....

July 10th 2005 9:50 am
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Whew. What a day. It's not even lunch time yet and Mom and Dad are too pooped to play with me. They've been out in the yard with the big loud scary things. They also went through all the stuff in the garage and found A MOUSE!

I tried to tell them there was a mouse out there but they just didn't understand. *shaking puppy head* Gretchen even tried to tell them at night by barking and she never ever barks! *rolling puppy eyes*

Let me at 'em. That'll be the last mouse at this house!

I'll have to tell you all about my limpy leg and how I'm going to be Smokie Super-Bionic soon.

Smoke, one sniffin' puppy

ps - Why does Mom always say she's going to take me to the Poconos?


My limpy leg

July 10th 2005 10:35 am
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This is what I wrote in the forums about my leg:

Well, it's official. I'm going Smokie Super-Bionic.

Mom took me to the bone surgeon guy. He took x-rays of my leg and had the nerve to straighten out my elbow. *HOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWLL* If I'd been a Doberman I would have taken off his hand for that one.

My problem is that one of the bones in my foreleg between the wrist and elbow stopped growing too soon. Now my elbow doesn't fit together right. It's also made my foot turn out a little but that can't be fixed and is no real problem.

I am going to need surgery to lengthen it about 1cm. They can do it all at once by cutting the short bone and putting in a bone chip. That would mean stretching my muscles and tendons out all at once and would make me a hurt-puppy for a lot longer. The other option is to have cut made in the bone and a device attached to it so that it can be lengthened a little bit each day for a week to 10 days. Mom and Dad would have to turn the screws and keep it clean but it wouldn't hurt me as bad. Both options would take 6-8 weeks to heal and cost about the same.

I'll probably have some arthritis all my life but it can be managed better than if they don't try and fix it at all.

The Doc didn't say exactly what caused the bone growth plate to stop growing. Could have been genetic, could have been stepped on or damaged somehow. He said sometimes it just happens.

Luckily for me it's only 1 leg. The other one is fine. Mom is still upset because she didn't take me in a couple weeks ago when I started getting up slow sometimes. But they need to make sure that the other bone is done growing before they start lengthening the other one. We have to wait 2 weeks because the Doc was going on vacation.

Thanks everyone for the kind words. Sorry I got a bit carried away here but it's a pretty big deal for an eenie-weenie.

Smoke, the 6 Million Dollar puppy


Surgery Pupdate and Thanks Dogster Dogs

July 22nd 2005 8:03 pm
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My surgery is going to be on Monday, July 25tth. Mom is really worried and nervous but I'll be fine.

It's been so hard being a quiet puppy. I think Mom is developing "hotspots". She's losing hair at an incredible rate. She just keeps pulling and pulling and pulling at it until clumps of it come out. *puppy sigh*

Take time to stop and sniff the Rosettes.

I thought I'd take some time to stop and sniff the Rosettes. Give a big *woof* out to all those wonderful Dogster+ pals. I really appreciate the fact that you gave me one of your precious Rosettes. So here's a big Thank You! to all my Dogster+ pals for giving me a Rosette:

Rosaliate Lola "Rosie"
Bounce's Dapple Dandy

More belly rubs, bones and Thank you's for all the messages and Pup Pal requests lately. It really makes a puppy (and Mom) feel good knowing that so many others care.

Smoke, grateful puppy for all his pals on Dogster


Surgery Pupdate Day #1

July 25th 2005 4:49 pm
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Smoke's Mom here.....

Thank you all for the prayers and good vibes. They really worked because Smoke came through his surgery great! :-)

The Doc said we wouldn't have to do the whole "screw turning" thing to elongate the bone into place because as soon as he cut the bone, it snapped into place at his elbow. He said it must have been under a tremendous amount of pressure (and never a peep out Smoke this whole time). The x-rays look great. He will still have some arthritis throughout his life and his foot will still turn out a bit. But we'll deal with that when he's healed from the surgery.

He was able to use just pins and such for hardware, not the big apparatus he'd talked about. He said it saves us some money (maybe $100-200 on the $1750 for the surgery).

He's in recovery and I will know tomorrow morning if I can bring him home or wait until Wednesday. Depends on how much pain he's in and how much morphine he needs. I just hope he doesn't end up with a monkey on his back and need rehab. ;-)

Di, Smoke's much-relieved 2-legged Mom


Twas the night of Smoke's surgery.....

July 25th 2005 8:04 pm
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and all through the house not a creature was stirring,
not even a mouse.

No Rowdy Friends left strewn on the floor,
for you to squeak on when you open the door,

Gretchen was snuggled all warm on her bed,
no puppy climbing all over her head.

Mom was out watering the garden of flowers,
no puppy tracking mud afterwards for hours.

No pitter-patter of little puppy feet,
while out in the kitchen getting something to eat.

Dad's dinner was safe from a puppy licking,
in a house so quiet you could hear a clock ticking.

No fifteen trips outside to go potty,
"I'm hunting June bugs, I thought you said *party*".

No jumping, no licking, no under-bed hiding,
no sounds from the kitchen of 2 dogs play fighting.

But he'll soon come home, to the neighbors' he'll roam.

Yes, he will soon be back,
so you'd better watch out for the ankle attack!

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