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Skidboot the Cowdog

February 17th 2007 7:47 pm
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We made a special trip to Quinlan to visit Mom's friend from college. While we were out that way, we took a package of treats and toys to Skidboot the Cowdog.

He lives way out in the country. It's hard to find his house. I'm glad Mom's friend knows him. The roads kept getting smaller and smaller. We drove so far out that we ran into a house that hadn't heard Christmas was over yet. They still had their Christmas wreath on the door. Takes a long time for news to reach way out here I guess. Pretty soon it was just a little dirt road but we finally got there.

I'm sure you've all seen his video from Texas Country Reporter Show. That was broadcast in July of 2004. Since then, poor Skidboot has lost all his sight. He's 14 years old! That's almost 100 years in dog years. He's now developed some problems with his spine and legs like my big sister, Gretchen, had. His Dad has to carry him outside but once out there, he can walk around...a little wobbly though. The floors inside are too slippery and the nerve degeneration makes it hard to stand up.

We all sat in a circle around Skidboot and watched the Texas Country Reporter video. He was enjoying all the attention and loving. He likes having his ears rubbed! His Dad told us all kinds of stories. He's a funny guy. He really loves Skidboot and is honored to have him in his life.

A little later, we all went outside. Some other people showed up with the world's biggest dog in a big trailer. Mom said he was a horse! I'll say. He certainly was as big as a horse. He was there for some shoes or training with Skidboot's Dad.

Skidboot has some other brother and sister dogs. Bois d'Arc and Little Skidboot are trying to learn tricks like Skidboot. They tried to show us some, but the excitement of visitors kept them from concentrating.

We bought a set of Skidboot's videos and his book. We watched the videos. The movie one was cute. Mom said it was a little corny but it has the best star in the world! The other video is really great. There's old videos and pictures of Skidboot when he was just a baby puppy! It also has some footage from the State Fair of Texas shows he used to do. It's a must see!

Mom was a little sad at our visit. She used to go to the Fair for a corndog and to see Skidboot perform. She hasn't gone to the fair since Skidboot hasn't been performing the last couple of years. I hope that someday we'll be able to see the Friends of Skidboot show if Bois d'Arc, Little Skidboot and Cheyenne the Horse ever make it there.

We told Skidboot's Mom and Dad that they should make him and their pack Dogster pages. I think Skidboot is more famous than those other "famous" dogs on here! But then I could be biased since Skidboot does have an Eenie Weenie brother named Oliver!

Smoke, reporting in from waaaaaay out in the country

ps - Francis Rocks, Skidboot and his pack said THANK YOU for the bullysticks you sent for his package!


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