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To Spartacus I Love You

Don't Cry Mommy

September 9th 2007 12:58 pm
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Mommy you can’t see me, but I am lying right by your feet. I feel so sad because you are crying. I know this time 2 years ago I was in the vet hospital because I was vomiting
and was dehydrated. The nice people there really took good care of me but I missed you so much-I wanted to be home having you take care of me. I know I had to stay extra long there because my doctor was away for the holiday and didn’t come home until Wednesday. Then you came for me and I was so excited- I was finally coming home.
I was so happy to be by you and Daddy. I tried so hard to eat my food but it just kept coming up. You hugged me a lot and lay by me and you were crying then too. I couldn’t eat or drink no matter how I tried. My legs were so weak too it was hard for me to walk.
You stayed up with me all night checking on my and petting me. I always loved it when
You rubbed your hand over my Ridge-it felt good. Then on Saturday I was so weak I could barely stand. Sunday was even worse. You tried to give me baby food but even that made me choke and gag. You lay by me all night and rubbed my tummy because I was gagging. You wiped my face with cool water and gave me some toothpaste to keep my mouth moist. I was really feeling sick and having you lay next to me all night really helped. Brandy and Mutzy were in the room too, but I don’t think you knew and they told me not to show you. This time they were visiting me not you. Morning finally came and I heard you call my doctor and say you were bringing me back because I was so sick again. I was glad you were taking me because they had medicine that always made me feel better. Daddy took me there and I saw the nurse I love and she took me back where my doctor was. You kissed me and hugged me before Daddy took me and he hugged and kissed me too. I could feel you both were so sad. They put that thing in my paw that makes me feel better and I got very tired and went to sleep. It had been such a long night. Then I heard the doctor call you and tell you he thought the time had come. I was so sick and they couldn’t make me better. He said that I had been there almost two weeks but when you took me home I was no better. You knew in your heart that this was true.
Daddy knew too. Brandy and Mutzy stayed right by me and told me all about the Rainbow Bridge. I just wanted to go home to Mommy and Daddy-but they told me not to be afraid that
I would love it at the Bridge. I would be like a pup again able to run and play all day. My legs wouldn’t hurt and I could eat what I wanted. They said all the family and
My Mom Pandora and Dad Loki were waiting for me. I started to get excited about seeing all of them. Brandy and Mutzy had to leave for awhile. They wanted to be with Mommy and Daddy. They saw that Mommy was crying. They had decided that I would leave for the bridge the next day. Mommy tried to put a message on the Pet Loss board to tell all her friends what was happening. The messages kept getting lost. Then she went to the candle ceremony-but lost her connection and was booted. She talked to Stacey and Robyn. Daddy wasn’t ready for me to leave, Stacey couldn’t come-but Robyn could.
Then Mommy said that it wasn’t fair to leave me there all night if they couldn’t bring me back with her. She wanted to bring me home but said then they would have to bring me back and I would have to get stuck again. They decided to go that night. They brought me into a room and I saw Aunt Robyn. She was crying too. I looked out the window and saw Brandy and Running Wolf outside. I just knew it was Mack from hearing his voice. Mommy used to talk to him all the time until one night when I heard he had gone “Home”. I didn’t know where “Home” was but I never heard his voice again. When I looked out the window I saw beautiful stairs and wondered how I would go up them.
Then my Mommy and Daddy came in the room and Aunt Robyn told them about how I kept looking out the window. They were all hugging me and Mommy lay right next to me when I jumped off
The sofa and laid down on my bed that they had brought for me.
After a long time of saying good by I got very sleepy. I still could see Brandy and Mack. Ihey had come into the room and it glowed where they were. I asked how I would get up that golden staircase and Mack, Running Wolf, said he would carry me but that as I got closer to the Rainbow I would feel stronger. Mutzy left for the bridge and said he would see us later. I suddenly felt so light –so free I felt as though I were floating. Then I realized that Mack was carrying me. We started up the stairs. I could feel myself growing stronger as I neared that huge Rainbow. The colored light was so beautiful.

Then I saw Mutzy standing there with Pandora and Loki. Two of my Ridgeback brothers, and Magoo and Shezam. They all were wagging their tails and jumping and running around. I saw Pooky and ShiShi, Aurich, and Jessie and…..jeese so many I can’t remember them all. I told them wait a minute, Mommy ,Daddy, and Robyn were crying. I don’t know why but I could hear them. Grandpa Mack said that we are always joined by a silver cord to our loved ones and that I had a piece of their hearts with me. I could go any time I wanted to visit and sometimes they would see me –sometimes not. He said if I wanted he would take me for a visit and I said please. He said picture where I wanted to go and I would be there. We were home and Mommy was on the computer. All her Wolf friends had waited in what Grandpa Mack said was the Den. She cried and cried but her friends sent her words
of comfort. Mack told me she knew that I was going to be happy now but that she was crying because I was gone from there. I tried to tell her that I was fine but she didn’t sense that I was there. Mack said we should go back to the bridge for my welcome party was in full swing. I kissed Mommy and Daddy and left my favorite ball right near her. I wanted her to know I had been there.
Then we pictured the Rainbow Bridge and there we were back again. It was just like magic. All my family was around me as they welcomed me to my new home- the beautiful place they called the Rainbow Bridge.

I love and miss spending all my time with Mommy and Daddy sometimes my heart cries for them too. But then I remember that one day we will meet again and then we will never part. It is not time but when it is I will be waiting for them at the Rainbow Bridge.

All my love and special hugs and kisses,


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