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Trying to Recover

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I have been Christmas tagged again

December 5th 2007 7:14 pm
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Okay I was just tagged again by my friend Jackson. I am going to bend the rules a bit here because I have been tagged 3 times now.
My list to Santa will be one wish
Dear Santa,
My Christmas wish is for everyone in the world to have a happy healthy and safe holiday season and may their new year bring them love and joy like i get every day from my family.
Thank you


Don't forget to Vote

December 5th 2007 6:31 pm
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Hi there everyone please don't forget to vote for me. I am a finalist in a photo contest. I need all the votes I can muster. Thank you in advance for your votes. Here is a Babybear yorkie kiss for everyone that votes.
Vote for Babybear.
Love ya all
Cruisin wiff,


Okay I have been tagged Twice two differant Tag games I am- combine them

December 4th 2007 5:05 pm
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Dear Santa, I was Christmas tagged by Tuesday and also Alex!! I am so lucky because now I get to tell you 5 things I want for Christmas!

l. I would really like a new pair of boots for me cold feet when I got out in me new cart.

2.Some nice new toys. Yes I know I have some, but Bubba keeps taken off wiff them and mine are small he eats them and leaves me pieces.

3.My next wish is a big one. I am wishing all the pups out there have a nice warm home to be in for Christmas.

4. That all me friends here at Dogster and my friends on all my groups I am on have a safe and happy holiday season.

5. Wish me brudder Bubba and me Sissa Bud have a wonderful Christmas and get lost of toys so I can play wiff them.BOL

These are my 5 friends I am going to tag.
Gizmo the Great


My Picture has been selected as a Finalist

December 3rd 2007 11:49 am
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Hi there Everyfurry,
Mom and I are so excited. Not only was I Dog of the Day yesterday in All Fur Fun but I was also given the honor of being Pet of the Month in Pets With Disabilities. How amazing. And I thought it couldnt' get any better. Well it did. First I was selected to be one of Santa Paws' Reindeer last night. I am in team one. And today was the topping on the liver snack.
Mom got an email today. She had entered my picture in a photo contest and the letter stated that I am a finalist out of thousands of pictures. How sweet is that. Then I found out my picture is going to be in a coffee table book. What ever that is. We dont' have a coffee table if we did Bud would knock everyfing off it. BOL She has a long tail. And then mom got a letter in the snail mail for her to sign saying that it is her picture and all the labling is right on it.
Well what I am hoping all me friends will do is go and vote for me I will provide the link... The more votes the better so please tell your friends to come and vote for me. Thank you very much. The name of me picture is "Babybear stands alone for the first time in a year" Here is the link: Vote for Babybear.
I sure hope this works. Thank you all in advance for voting for me. I will keep you all updated on how I make out.
Yorkie Kisses to all
Babybear the happiest yorkie in the Northeast


Mom Elfed us

November 25th 2007 3:37 pm
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Hey Everyone,
Just wanted you to know my mom Elfed me, Bubba and Bud. Who does she think she is. Please if you have a minute go check us out. We would sure love it. She is going to put the link below here.

Oh I was out walking today also with new video to the right of the screen look and see me I am trying out to help Santa Paws on his Sleigh. Hope I get picked.
Gotta Cruise


I have been Tagged

November 18th 2007 9:02 pm
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First off I have tagged a few pups if you are showing up now because this wasn't published earlier it is because mom lost the page as usual.

I've Been THANKSGIVING tagged by my friend Harley.

Here are the rules:
Because it's Thanksgiving time, There is a change to the rules.

Each player needs to tell seven special things tehy are thankful for. Tagged dogs must post the rules in their diary and their 7 things. then choose 7 pups to tag and list their names. Let them know by pawmail or rosette that they have been tagged and to read your diary for the instructions on how to play.

My Seven Things I'm Thankful for:

1. I am thankful for me dad... If it was not for him I would not be here. He breathed for me when I stopped breathing when I broke my neck.

2. I am thankful for mom... She always feeds me my food by baby spoon and gives me my coffee milk she always knows the right temp too.

3. I am thankful my little skin Nephew Mikey is doing much better. He had a very rough start in life we almost lost him a few times in one month. I am so glad he is doing so much better.

4. I am thankful for Doc Paul and his needles that help me feel better. That is me acupuncture doctor. I would still be laying around if it weren't for those needles.

5. I am thankful for Eddie and Leslie from EDDIE'S WHEELS for making me such a great cart to get moving with. And man can I move.

6.I am thankful mom learns fast and she has been able to do all my therapies for me. She has really good hands for that Massage therapy.

7. I am thankful I have a nice family that loves me that includes my furfamily and my skin family. And I have nice warm bed to sleep in at night with food when ever I need it.

Friends I have tagged:
Gizmo the Great
Tinker Belle
Peek A Boo



November 18th 2007 6:03 am
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All I can say everyone of my friends is Wow, Yipey, Yahoo,
I have been chosen to be Dog of the Day today. I am so over joyed. Fank you Dogster for chosing me for Dog of the Day. And also fank you for giving me a place to get me word out and educate people on me congenital defect and let them see it is not a death sentance if it is caught in time. And also that just because our little bodies may become broken that does not mean our spirits are broken or our wuv for our pawrents are broken. So if you ever have a special pup they will give you so much wuv like I do to mom and she does to me.
I want to say Fank you to all me friends the ones I know and the ones that are becoming me friends. I wuv having you all to help give me encouragement to get better.
I want to say a special Fanks to Doc Paul for helping me wiff me Acupuncture he got me off the couch and trying to stand and walking wiff help from mom. And to Eddie's wheels for giving me the chance to walk wiffout help from me mom. I wuv the freedom. And of course I can not forget me great friend Gizmo the Great cause if mom didn't see his dogster page I would not be walking in a nice cart like his. Fank you all wiff the bottom of me heart and paws.
Please everyone have a Wonderful Holiday Season. And please stay safe. I wuv me friends.
Going to go do some wheelies because Me so Happy to be Dog of the Day. YIIIPPPPEEEEYY
Babybear gone a cruisin


Acupuncture ( and a pray for me Uncle Jaque)

November 15th 2007 5:14 am
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Hey there Wonderful Friends,
Well, I went to my acupuncture appointment last night. Mom put me in my wheels and I took off across the parking lot like I was superpup. Mom helped me up the small step into the office and then in through the door. As soon as my feet hit the tile I stopped dead. Mom tried to push me so I wifted me feet up. Huh I got smart wike that I know when it can be a ride. BOL mom calls it laziness.
Anywho, I went to see Doc Paul and got me needles. Mom told him all bout me new adventures of walking across the bed and how she can't take an eye off me. He was thrilled. He said as well as I am doing he hopes by the Spring I will be chasing the girls wiff no help from me cart. He says I amaze him. And that I have come so far. I guess that is a good think huh?
Mom and I were sitting around last night and me grandma called. She sounded very upset. Vis is me grandma that went back to Florida last week. She went out wiff some friends and her and grampa let all me uncles and aunts(furkids) out to do their business and put them all back in the house. Then they went out for a little bit wiff some friends. There friends dropped them off at home and then called grandma and grandpa too see if they had all the kids in the house. Grandma said yes I believe so and so didn't grampa. Well, they couldn't find me uncle Jaque. Me uncle got hit on the highway and has now gone to the Rainbow bridge. So can we all say a little prayer for him today. And a prayer for grandma and grandpa's hearts to heal. Me grandma and grandpa will be lost wiff out Uncle Jaque(man I hope me spelling this right) and so will, uncle Peep, Aunt Sophie, Uncle Sambo and also can't forget (skinkid) Aunt BB. She just wuvs them all so much also.
Thank you all,
Me wittle pray for uncle Jaque: Dear uncle Jaque we know you are not alone right now you have uncle Nifty and uncle Lucky to keep you company. I know in me heart that you are safe wiff them. Please help grandma and grampa's hearts heal quickly. We will never forget you uncle Jaque you were the biggest in your clan wiff all the poodle hair. We will fink of you often. Please watch over your brofer's and sista's. Wiff all me love.


Sorry we have been busy.

November 13th 2007 5:57 pm
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Hello Every pal,
Sorry we haven't been around for a few days. Mom has been very busy trying to rearange our house. Hopefully this will give me more room to go in my cart.
I just needed to come on tonight to let you all know. I am still doing great in my new wheels mom's computer is acting up and not wanting to let her put the pics and video's on the computer. She said she has to uninstall somefin and the reinstall it. What eva that is supposeta mean.
Mom also has her hands full wiff me. BOL Every time she lays me on the bed now I stand up and walk across the bed to where she was laying. She gets back to be and there I am. She caught me this morning. BOL she said I am getting to be a smarty pants. Well, this afternoon when mom got home dad went in the kitchen wiff mom he went to come back in the room and I was in his spot. BOL. He told mom we have to start watching him better. Well, I guess they will. Also if mom puts me on the floor in the living room. I stand right up no help at all. Like a spring I am up. Every time I do this mom runs for her camera, I see her coming and lay down. This mornin she had the camera read and I didn't do it. BOL I don't want no one to see me standing alone. So I have mom and dad watching me like a hawk now. Oh well they have to leave the room sometime don't they?? I will do my tricks then.
Oh I fink somefins up wiff mom. She said she was makin toys for Santa what is wiff this woman crazy. Santa has helpers to make the toys. HMMMMM can my mom be one of Santa's helpers??????? I will have to do some sneakin around to find out. She keeps doing things wiff what she calls a needle(or crochet hook) and some string stuff. And she keeps using me as a model for clothes. And tonight I saw her making doggie toys. I will have to write my letter to Santa and ask him if me mom is one of his helpers. Do ya fink he will tell me??
If I find out I will let you know.
Well, Tomorrow I go for me acupuncture wiff my buddy Doc Paul. Oh I can't wait. Mom says she can tell when it is time for another round of Acupuncture somefin about me engergy. Well, I guess I will sign off for now. My feet are cold mom gave me a bath tonight so I have to go cover me feet. They get cold me whole body gets cold.
Yorkie kisses to every girl and High paws to all the guys,
PS. I want to tell my good buddy Gizmo the Great I am sorry he has lost his brother the bird Zekie. I send you a yorkie hug Gizzy. I know it is hard and it will take time for you heart to heal. Just know me here for you buddy.


Today is Day 15 in my Angel Wheels

November 5th 2007 3:13 pm
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Hey there everypup,
Well, today was day 15 in my wheels. I am doing so much betta. Mom even trusted me enough to take the leash off me. I just go,go,go. I really fink I am gettin stronger. Mom wants to see me stronger in the hind legs she said. We are hoping that some day we can take off the rear wheels, but who knows. If not boy I have a long ways since last year. I just wuv being able to go on walks wiff mom even though right now it is work. I can at least do it. Yippey.
Well, today I went to me grandparents house to say goodbye to vem. Vey are going south for the winter wiff all their pupsters 6 in all wow huh?? Well, I fink I found a girlfriend she kept checkin me out and I kept checkin her out. She is a chi me uncle's little chi girl. But another long distance relationship man don't know if I can do it. It will be a wait and see. I was tired when I got home from grandma's and grandpa's. So I took a nap wiff dad and then mom got me up and out the door we went off cruisin the streets. Mom had someone stop her and ask her what happened to me. Mom told her my story. Her pup has problems wiff his hips wow poor old guy he is 17 years old. Wow that is wearly good for a big boy.
I guess I am off to get next to that nice old woodstove to stay warm it is 44 right now and it is only 6pm. Brrr it is gonna be a cold one. Keep warm me furry friends me going to get toasty.
Babybear out for now

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