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My 1st Birthday

October 18th 2005 7:42 pm
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Mom had me a birthday party! I had a banana cake shaped like a bone, a hat, gifts. I had so much fun playing. Thanks mom and Dallas for my fun birthday! Dallas looked funny in the party hat hehehe


My Frog Friend

October 6th 2005 5:49 am
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I was playing outside last night it had rain alot yesterday and mom was letting me and Dallas play in our mud puddle. Then I saw something moving I went to check it out, Dallas was to busy rolling in the mud, mom came over to see what I had found and it was something she called a frog, she told me I didn't need to play with the frog so she picked it up and took it out of the yard, then she had to go in the house and answer the phone. I found another frog friend so I picked it up and took it in the house to mom and put him in moms lap, she screamed I didn't think she would be afraid since she had just picked one up, so when she screamed Dallas came running, I started jumping around. Remember Dallas had been rolling in the mud. He came in and jumped on the sofa trying to get to mom to see what was wrong. mom was still on the phone but had dropped it. once Dallas found out mom was ok, he started shaking off the water and mud and got it all over the walls, floors, mom. mom wasn't screaming anymore she was laughing, and she started hugging me and Dallas then we were all covered in mud, then mom remembered the frog he was stuck to the floor, mom picked him up and carried him out the front door. Then mom let us play in the mud somemore so she could clean up all the mud off the walls, but before she let us in for the night she hosed us down and dried us off


My Turn to get in trouble

September 27th 2005 6:31 pm
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Usually it's Dallas that gets in trouble but today I did. Mom came home from work and came out to the yard where Dallas and I were. Well she saw all this orange stuff all over the yard. The house Dallas and I go in and out of during the day, has these 2 sofas and I was bored so I took part of one of them in the yard to play with and it got all torn up so I went in and got the other one and started playing with it. Mom was not happy she filled up 2 trash bags with all the stuff in the yard


Dallas is getting nice again

September 14th 2005 8:34 am
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Dallas' Dad comes over every morning early. Before I get up, I like to sleep late, mom and Dallas get up early early. But since dad comes over every morning early and stays all morning with us Dallas is not growling at me as much. After he leaves then mom comes home. Dallas sure is in a better mood than he was a few days ago


Dallas is acting weird

September 11th 2005 10:53 am
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Dallas' dad came home for a couple of hours and Dallas and I sat in his lap and kissed him to show him we missed him. Dallas was in a much better mood after dad come he didn't growl at me anymore and even when outside and played in the water with me. But at night he was sitting in the hall howling, mom told him to shhhhh! that he was going to wake the whole neighbor hood but he wouldn't until mom sat in the floor with him and hugged him.
Dallas is just acting weird, I know he is closer to dad than I am but dad said he is going to see us all the time and we have mom everyday and she always played with us more than dad did. Maybe he will get back to being pesty Dallas again soon


Dallas is so sad

September 11th 2005 12:10 am
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Dallas is so sad he missed his Dad alot. I do too, but Dallas is really close to dad he is dads Big boy. He doesn't want to play he lays around all day and stays right by mom. Mom and I try to sleep and he keeps getting up. When dad drove away in the truck he just keep howling. Mom finally got him to come outside and play in the water with us then he seemed better. Mom says he will get better soon it will just take time for him to adjust.
I wish he would hurry cause when I try to playwith him, he growls at me. mom tells him No and he stops but then he does it again when I try to get him to play.


Dallas is grounded

July 11th 2005 6:06 am
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We have been confined to the house for nearly a week now. I am ready to go back to the park and I know Dallas is. It wasn't Dallas' fault that man shouldn't have put is hand in the car, Dallas was just protecting us, plus Dal was kinda napping so the man I think scared him. (Dal wouldn't admit to being scared by anyone) but he really didn't even bite the man when the man jerked his hand back it caught on Dal's teeth only got the top of his fingers.
Boy mom is mad at that man, she found out he has a dog that runs loose everywhere, doesn't even have a collars. She has talked to this man she calls "the lawyer" everyday. She was so glad they let Dallas stay grounded at home at first they were going to take him. Dallas' dad and mom where mad. I think one of them would have gone and stayed with him if they would have. Mom played with us all weekend in the back yard and filled our swimming pools and let us play all day Friday in the water. But I miss the park and all our friends.


April 22nd 2005 9:53 am
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We got to play in the water. I wasn't sure what was going on at first. Mom turn on the thing in our yard and water was going up in the air I was just standing under it, then here comes Dallas, he just right in the middle and was jumping around, I tried to push him back but he keep jumping up in the water so I started doing the same thing. Mom let us play for a long time (she said told nana we played in the water over an hour) I like playing in the water but not as much in Dallas. I think he would have stayed there all day


Easter Egg hunt

April 3rd 2005 11:00 am
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Easter morning mom hide plastic eggs with treats in them for me and Dallas. I wasn't sure what to do until Dallas showed me. Then the race was on. We had so much fun looking for the eggs then breaking them open for our treats. Dallas helped me find my first one then I knew what to do and started finding my own.

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