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A Day In The Life of Snickers

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She Came Back to ME!

January 29th 2013 7:21 am
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I've had a RUFF morning!

Both Mommy and Daddy got up early today. I snuggled with Mommy while Daddy got ready and left. I wasn't sure where he went but I missed him. Mommy stayed with me a little bit then put me in the bathroom (I'd never been in there before) and she was crying. I started crying... because I guess I'm still too little to know what's happening... and she left me.

She left me in the bathroom and I stood at the gate and cried and waited and watched for her.

After what seemed like HOURS and HOURS and HOURS... Mommy came home! We were so excited to see each other! She buried her face in mine and I licked her and wagged my tail as hard as I possibly could! I was so happy! She put my harness on and leash and we were outside. I immediately went potty (As I hadn't gone since she left...) and Mommy was super happy. I got a treat! She took me for a little walk on the road because the grass is too wet and I like to be muddy. I was happily trotting along behind her and checking things out. I like taking walks with Mommy!

We came back inside and now I'm laying on the couch with her. She said she doesn't have to leave for a while but she's taking me to Gramma G's. I heard her tell Gramma G that she was so upset at having to leave me home alone but that I needed to learn to be by myself and be okay. Maybe someday... but not today.



I'm a Busy Busy Pup

January 28th 2013 5:00 am
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This morning I woke up to hearing Mommy cry... I was worried about her and immediately rushed over to give her puppy kisses because I know that makes her smile. She reassured me it was just a bad dream. I'm glad she was okay! I've devised a game... I'll stare at Mommy and get her into a trance by my sweet... innocent... adorableness and when she least expects it... I ATTACK HER NOSE! Haha! I love it!

I've started playing this game when Mommy and Daddy take me out to go potty... I like to walk around them until the leash is wrapped around their legs... They don't like it but I think it's pretty funny.

Last night Grandma G and Grandpa A came over to see me. Boy... Did I put on a show! I was running around and chasing my toys... I was shaking them and just being all around cute! Grandma is going to watch me while Mommy and Daddy work... Whatever that means... but I like her. She's nice and quiet and I think she'll spoil me!

Today... I visited the vet's for the first time. I was a little unsure but it was a pretty quiet place. A couple big doggs came as I was leaving and I hid between Mommy's boots but I was okay! The vet was really nice and couldn't get over my cuteness... Wait? I'm cute? Woof Yeah! She said that I was perfect with no issues. She was very pleased and excited... as she said she's never seen my kind yet... I licked her fingers and was a good boy. Mommy says she has to take me back in a couple weeks for a shot... I wonder what that is...

Well... I'm home now... and napping in my spot by the couch with Mommy's blanket over me...



Runnin' With The BIG Doggs

January 27th 2013 11:51 am
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Mommy says Daddy has other fur-babies besides me... and she wasn't kidding! Today, I went for my first LONG walk and the other fur-babies went too. One is named Rambo and he's BIG... and Shy is big but not as big. Rambo scared me a couple times and I tried to climb up Mommy's leg. He didn't try anything, he was just checking me out.

After walking through the backyard... and hopping in the snow... Mommy and I took a short-cut. She was afraid that my little paws would get too cold and set me on a big black box. I lost my footing and fell... but thankfully it wasn't a long fall. She picked me up and put me back up there but I was so excited that I hopped down... two more times!

We finished our walk and Mommy got so excited that I hopped over the log... I just sat there and watched Shy walk over it. I thought to myself... I might be small... but I'm MIGHTY... and hopped over it. Then I was done and dragged Mommy to the door.

I kind of like these walks. They are fun! Good thing Daddy owns 8 acres of land for me to explore!



I'm Lovin' This...

January 26th 2013 7:55 am
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FINGERS! I have discovered fingers and they are so deliciously yummy to nibble on! Noses and chins are okay but I prefer fingers!

Mommy and daddy are super proud of me. Night one with no accidents! Mommy bundled me up in the coat Grandma G gave me and I felt a little better... was she excited when I went potty! Mommy says it was only 5 degrees when we ventured out super early... all I know is that it was SUPER COLD!

I'm starting to feel more comfortable in my Furever home. I wandered into the kitchen to surprise Mommy... and surprised was Mommy! I like to run away from her when she tries to get my leash on... but I think it's funny. She calls me a little stinker!

Last night I got to sleep in the BIG BED! Daddy put me on the pillow between him and mommy and I was such a good puppy! Mommy said that I barely moved, other than to play with my favorite ducky! It was fun running back and forth giving them kisses this morning... they call me their good little boy!

Well... Now that I've napped I'm ready to play!




January 25th 2013 2:35 pm
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Well... It's been a long couple hours but I am finally in my new home getting situated! I think the car ride was even longer for my Mommy because well... between being in the car for the very first time and being nervous and scared... I kind of threw up on her several times during the ride. She was a trooper and rubbed that happy spot behind my ears to make it all better.

But now we're home and I am trying to get accustomed. I have eaten a little food and had some water and now I'm just resting. Mommy and Daddy tried to get me to go potty outside but it was just way too cold.

Well... I'm ready to nap now!

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