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Reilly's Diary: The adventures of Sir Snores-a-Lot

February 9, 2013- Playing in the snow/Tennis ball/Living room/Clavamox issues

February 9th 2013 10:34 am
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Reilly actually played in the snow!! He had so much fun!

And tonight, when I rolled a tennis ball toward him, he nosed it and then batted it with his paw!

Unfortunately, probably due to the UTI, he has been having accidents in the house, so during the day he is confined to the living room and kitchen areas. We put towels and Wee Wee pads down by the front door so if he has to go, he will hopefully go there. At night he is allowed to come up into the bedroom. The loft and Theodore's room are 100% off-limits.

Towels are also down in the upstairs hallway.

We also put his food and water downstairs.

Also-- most likely from the Clavamox-- he itches a lot. And vomits when he doesn't eat before being given the pills.

All that should clear up once the Evil Pills are done.




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