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living little in a big world

just another day alone with mom.

January 3rd 2013 3:03 pm
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I love days like today. It's Just mom and i again. Dad is still out of town, big bro Ty is in B.C on vacation and big sis Kat is snowboarding in the mts. My mom said this is exactly why she needed me. You see my mom had a kidney transplant on March 7, 2006, then 3 months later returned to work but only for a yr when she had to stop working for good. Although she is doing a lot better with her transplant, she still had some major issues that forced her to stat home. Working was Just too difficult with the problems She has. Although she had 2 German shepherds, shamoo and dipper, she really wanted a little, cuddly lap pup to love. Shamoo was 13 yrs old when mom and dad had to put her down in July, 2009. She had health issues old dogs often get. My mom cried, she loved her very much. After deciding what kind of little friend my mom wanted, she decided a yorkie was the answer. She reasearched my breed to make sure this was the breed for her. She knew she definately wanted something tiny because now that all the human children are grown (all 5), her and dad didn't want to worry about having to kennel a large dog when they went away. In March 2011 mom started looking for me. Big sis, Kat, found the add for me on kiji. Mom saw me in the pics and fell in love. My mom phoned the breeder and after talking with her was certain She was a good breeder and not a puppy mill. The breeder had lots of interest in me, but refused to let the other parties even come see me. One was a family with small children and my breeder told them I could not go to a home woth small children because i was too fragile (I was only 14 oz.). The other person that wanted me lived in B.C and wanted my breeder to fly me to her. My breeder said no way, sorry. She insisted whover would be my new mom, had to be home and would be able to care for me 24/7. After mom spoke to her, she said We sounded like a good fit and mom could come see me. So that night mom, dad, big sis Kat and big bro Ryan drove to see me. When my mom saw me the first thing she thought was "oh, she's soooooi tiny.". It was instant love! I went to my fiercer home that night. My mom and breeder kept in contact for the next few wks to make sure all was well with my adjustment. Mom said she was a little scared because i was soooo tiny and She worried she might do someting wrong, but she did Just fine. The rest is history and i Just turned 2 in Dec and weigh 3 lbs now. Dipper and i became good friends and although she is a lot bigger then me , she is very gentle. Now We face having to put Dipper down. She US 14 yrs old and has really bad hips. Over the last couple months she has had really bad hips so She needs help to even get up. Mom and dad have decided to have her put down in the next wk. It hurts their hearts, but seeing her in pain hurts more. I'm going to miss her:'(,.. now you know my life story. Until tomarrow..... Tia;)


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