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Stories from the little farm dog


September 13th 2012 12:04 pm
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Dear diary

I completed my beginner obedience class at the end of August and have passed my grading, so I am now officially an obedience graduate...go me! BOL!

I got a rosette for passing and mommy put it up on the wall in her office. Mommy puts up all our rosettes in her office with a picture of the dog they belong to printed on a tile. Now my picture and my first rosette is up there too, another sign I am part of the family :-). Even better than that was the big jackpot of liver cake treats mommy gave me for passing! I love my food, although I never seem to put on any weight, I'm sure there's a bunch of Hollywood starlets who would kill for my metabolism, BOL!

Time for me to go climb under the covers and get my beauty sleep.



Finding my feet

July 31st 2012 1:51 pm
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Dear diary

Its good to have some place where I can write about everything. I have been in my new home for three weeks now and I'm starting to find my feet.

I still don't know why my old family took me to the shelter, I have always tried to be a good dog. I am trying my best to be a good dog and make mommy and daddy happy in my new home.

There's been a lot for me to adjust to, before I just ran around on a plot all day. Now I have a collar to wear all the time with my ID tag and I have a harness and lead to go out on walks, never had any of that stuff before and I'm still getting used to it, but its nice to go out places with mommy and daddy and the other dogs. Sometimes its a bit scary, I am not used to all the cars passing by in the road and they can sometimes be loud and give me a fright. I like to walk behind mommy where I know she will keep me safe and she carries me if I get very nervous. My sisters Arya and Xandria, the other two little dogs, are so used to this and don't seem to be afraid of anything. It helps to have them around.

I also have lots of brothers and sisters, there are eight other dogs and three cats. I get on well with everyone though and enjoy playing with them all, especially Arya.

My mommy is a trainer so I get lots of chances to play with other dogs as well. I have just started obedience classes and mommy is very pleased with me. She says I am a clever boy and work very hard.

When mommy is working I sleep on a comfy chair in her office and at night I sleep in bed with mommy and daddy, that is so nice! Much better than sleeping outside. I am also enjoying getting lots of bones and chewies.

I think I am safe now and that is good to know. Mommy says I have my forever home now.

Mommy says I am a 'natural' for agility so she is going to train me to do that when I have learned some obedience, I think that will be nice :-)



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