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My life with my new family

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I don't like steps

October 3rd 2014 6:25 pm
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So, I've never liked doing steps--even at my old house. One day last week just about the time of sunset, I was following mom and she went up the front steps outside. I was barreling after her and I miss-stepped and tripped doing a shoulder roll in the step above me and then I stumbled backward. Mom ran back down the steps after me and picked me up. She checked me out and I didn't indicate that I was hurt. We went in the house.

Then on Friday mom noticed that I was limping in the morning. She called the vet and got me an appointment for Monday morning. Over the weekend I stiffened up more and by Sunday evening I was barely moving. Mom thought that I maybe had a spine issue going on because I was hunching like Checkers had done when he had 3 herniated disks. I still wasn't whimpering or anything.

Monday morning couldn't come quickly enough for mom. Dr. Lewis asked which leg I seemed to be limping on and mom said she thought the right but sometimes it seemed like the left. Dr. Lewis asked mom to walk me down and up the hallway for her to watch. She said I was favoring one leg and then I'd switch and favor the other! She looked me over and felt both legs and could feel tightness in one shoulder and the other knee. Dr. Lewis then took me back and tested for my Lymes disease to see if I was having a flare-up because I had a slight fever.

Everything came back normal so she decided that it was probably the result of my tripping up the steps and she prescribed the rimadyl and told me I can't be jumping off of furniture for awhile. Well, I have two more days of meds and I am feeling much better now!

Thanks for all of your well wishes.


Our guest

October 22nd 2013 6:59 pm
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Since September 23rd we have had a little kitten living with us. I don't like cats. But then again, I don't like dogs, either.

This one is a tiny little thing. Just 1.1 pound when it showed up. And he had two eye infections and a respiratory infection, too.

Luckily for me, mom kept him in the laundry room in Buddy's large crate and kept the door closed so I couldn't hear him or see him.

Eventually she let him out of the crate and he was allowed to roam the laundry room.

While mom and dad were on vacation they would let Willie out of the laundry room and he'd run like a flash through the house. He's very fast.

I've bit him twice. And I've gotten corrected twice.

Mom and dad have been talking about Willie leaving us soon. I do not know if I will be happy or sad. While mom and dad are at work, Willie and I have been hanging out. Most of the time we are in separate rooms, but there are times we share the couch.

Right now both of us are curled up on dad and all three of us are sleeping.

Willie and I have started to play together. Play! Me--with a cat--and I'm not trying to eat him. Mom never thought she's see this from me. I have made great progress in the year that I have been here.

I think that when Willie leaves this weekend I will be sad. I know that mom and dad will be sad, but Willie will be going to a great home and a lovely family.


What a difference a year makes

July 26th 2013 8:38 pm
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Today I celebrated my one year Gotcha Day with mom and dad. I have had a lot of personal growth in these 365 days.

I became a part of mom and dad's family because I bit the girl twin on her 3rd birthday. My previous dad called my current dad and asked if they would take me in. Of course, mom and dad took me in without hesitation!

In this year I have really blossomed. I am much more socialized. Although I do still attack Jethro; but I do it because it is more of a game now. Luckily Jethro is a very well balanced dog and thinks it is a game, too.

Today the twins turned 4. We have had occasion to go to their house or they have come to ours. I get along fine with them and she asks when I am coming home. Although it is nice to see them, I much prefer the calmness here with mom and dad.

When I first came home, I did not much like car rides. But now I enjoy. Just last week our local DQ had a doggy weekend. For every $1 donation to Children's Hospital, a pup could get a dish of ice cream! Boy, did I enjoy that. I didn't get a head rush and wouldn't let me eat it all at once.

Another thing I didn't like was cuddling. But now, when we go to bed, I cuddle up to mom. I even go under the covers to be nearer to her. This melts her heart.

For the first time in my life, I am an only dog (since my bud, BuddyB made his journey to the Rainbow Bridge--I do miss him, though) and I am enjoying the attention that I am getting.

We are looking forward to many more Gotcha Day celebrations together.

Goodnight, Dogster and friends.

~ Max


A sleep over

June 28th 2013 3:13 pm
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This weekend I am having a sleep over at our house with my old roommate, Cricket! She is a black Cocker Spaniel and is a year old than I am. Until I came to live here, I lived with Cricket ever since I was a puppy. It is almost a year that Cricket and I have lived apart.

We had a terrible storm come through, and Crickey is afraid of storms. Prior to the storm she was pacing back and forth from room and room. At first we thought she was looking for her mom (because she's never been away from mom), but that we realized it was the storm. It is just quietly raining now and Crickey is much better. She is sitting under my mom--and I am letting her.

It seems as Cricket does not like Kit too much. When we lived together we had a cat. But our old dad would encourage us to chase Pandora--something Pandora did not like very well. Since I've lived with my new mom and dad I've made a lot of progress with getting along with Kit. We've even sat together on the front porch while mom cuts the grass.

Mom will try to get a picture of me and Cricket and post it on my page.


We had visitors tonight

November 30th 2012 8:10 pm
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Dad surprised me with a visit from my former family. Former dad needed somewhere to store an rv overnight, so he called dad. When he showed up, he had the twins with him! Guess what--they loved me and wanted me to go home with them. But of course, mom said, "No way! Maxie lives here now!" Even the little girl that I bit told her dad that she loves me. Both the girl and boy played with me. Uncle Mike couldn't believe the dog that I have turned out to be. He said he could tell that I am very happy here.

It was nice to see the kids and play with them, but it was nice when they went home.



November 16th 2012 5:33 am
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Well today is my birthday!! I am 9 years old. This is the first time that I will be celebrating this special day. My old family didn't even remember how old I was or what day I was born. Old mom thought that I was 10 when she gave me to new mom and dad.

I am sure that mom will give me something special to help celebrate me today!! But even if she doesn't, the fact that I have a great day and am loved very much is enough.

This is going to be a really great day for me, and I hope that you all have a great day, too!



A ride and a visit

October 2nd 2012 3:56 am
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Yesterday evening dad was out with a friend and mom was home with me and Buddy and Kit. Yes, she was in the house because it was rainy. She hasn't come in for awhile now because I chase her and she doesn't like it.

The house was very quiet with mom working in the kitchen. I had fallen asleep on the living room floor and forgot that Kit was even in the house. She hides behind the couch and comes out to eat. Buddy was in the bedroom sleeping.

Suddenly, mom's phone rang. It was on the chair in the living room. Close to where Kit was eating. The ring scared the heck out of Kit and she jumped. I heard her jump. I jumped up and started after her. Mom yelled, "No, Max. Stay." I did! Imagine that. Kit went behind the couch.

Dad was on the other end. I don't know what they were talking about, but I heard mom say, "Sure. I'll put Kit out and grab Max. We'll see you out front." Next thing I know, mom picks up Kit's food and shakes it. She told me to stay and told Kit to come. Mom opened the door and put Kit's food on her chair. She went out.

Next mom grabbed by leash and hooked me up. I heard her say, "Be good, Buddy. We'll be back shortly." I don't know if Buddy heard her.

We went out front to wait for dad and then jumped in the truck. We took a short ride. When we stopped and got out, everything smelled very familiar. I was back at Cricket's!

Up the front walk we went. Dad knocked on the door and dad Jim came to the door. I was happy to see him and then mom Jamie came to out! There was Cricket! No twins (thank goodness); they were in bed.

We all went in and visited for a short while. All the time though, I kept going back to my "new" mom for approval. After awhile I was ready to go and sat at the door.

It was a nice visit, but I sure love my new home. It is nice to know that I am welcome at the old place; it is a nice place to visit, but I know I've got it better with Buddy.


Back to the vet

August 25th 2012 7:20 pm
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I have been living with new mom and dad 1 month tomorrow. In this time I have been to the vet 2 times more than I have in the previous 5 years. I was at the vet 3 days after mom and dad took me in and then again today.

Mom noticed that I had been rubbing my left eye on the furniture or rubbing it with my paw. In addition to that, my right eye was crusty. Dr. Morrison looked at my eyes and showed mom that I have an ulcerated cornea in the left eye and my right isn't producing enough tears.

So for the next two week mom has to put ointment in my left eye and a drop in my right eye. After the two weeks, mom has to begin putting a drop in my left eye and discontinue the ointment. And then I'll go back for a check up.

Dr. Morrison said that it is common in breeds like me that as we age our eyes don't produce enough moisture. I may need to have a drop in each eye the rest of my life.

At least I am now up-to-date with all my shots and when I go back in a month I won't get stuck again!

I am glad that mom and dad are taking proper care of me. I do love them!

Max out.


My first Diary Pick--thank you!

August 8th 2012 3:59 am
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Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Today I had a message from Dogster that I am one of the Diary Picks of the day. Woo-Hoo! Thank you, Dogster!

Today is my two-week anniversary with my new mom and dad. I am getting lots of affirmation and I am doing very well adjusting to the new house, the new brofur, the new cat...

Well, just yesterday morning mom had put Buddy on his leash (because he becomes deaf when he catches a scent) and took the two of us out for a walk through the yard. Kit had been sleeping on her chair on the porch and she jumped down to follow us on our walk.

Mom wasn't paying too much attention to me, as I'll stay very close to her. But, she keeps a close enough eye to make sure Kit and I are being nice to each other.

I was standing there on the hillside looking at Buddy when it happened. Mom couldn't believe it. Here came Kit, slowly behind me and she rubbed up against me! Just like she does to Buddy. I didn't growl or bark or try to chase her away. "Good boy, Max!" I heard mom say, as she patted me on the head. "Good girl, Kit!"

And because I have been so good, when we were visiting at Jethro's house and Andrea let him off leash, I was allowed to chase him. At first it started out as me being a little brat barking and trying to bite him. Then it turned into a game! He'd run, I'd run after him barking. He stopped and laid down and barked and barked at me. Geez he has a deep bark for a puppy! Buddy even got into the game with us. He was baying and running after me running after Jethro.

I think we will be a happy family.


I am feeling much better!

August 2nd 2012 4:20 am
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Boy what a difference that little pill makes. I am able to walk around--but mom won't let me walk too much. I'm still supposed to say calm.

I did get to sleep on the bed last night--which I missed the night before because mom didn't want to disturb my leg.

When I went out this morning, Kit followed me and mom into the yard. At one point we were less than two feet from each other and I didn't growl and she didn't hiss.

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