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Tooth Tale

August 22nd 2006 8:51 pm
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Oh man! I've had a terrible last few days. Trials and tribulations abound. It all started last friday night. I was minding my own business, like I always do. My sister Lindsay and I were just chewing our bones. Well, she starts up with the trying to distract me from my bone by "fake" dropping hers, so I will drop mine, and then she steals mine. I don't know why she's constantly playing this game with me. I NEVER fall for it! Anyway, she kept dancing closer and closer to my bone. I even took it under the futon to get away from her, and lo and behold her "Highness Princess Lindsay" stuck her nose under there and tried to grab it. Well, that was IT! She crossed the line, and I just let her have it! Not the bone, oh no! I let her HAVE it! The fur was flying now, and it wasn't me getting the worst of it I can tell you. Of course the humans came in, all upset, and seperated us before I could rip Lindsay's throat out, and after the ruckus settled down, the woman was checking me out, making sure I wasn't hurt. She always checks my teeth first because she says I was born with "bad teeth". I'm not really sure what that means. They work pretty well for me, I think. But then I heard her say, "Oh my God! Tim, there's a huge splinter of pressed bone in her gum, and *&^%!! her tooth is fractured!" Suddenly, everyone in the house is sticking their hands into my mouth and trying to wiggle that tooth. The man is looking very worried, the woman is looking positivly panic stricken. I know that when I see her looking that way, I'm in for a trip to the vet. Normally a trip to the vet isn't a big deal for me. But this time I had a feeling things were going to be different. And they were. I had to have surgery to remove the tooth, which was apparently not fractured but shattered in no less than 5 places with numerous teeny tiny slivers left below the gum line. I had to have a shot to put me "under". I was very scared, and I'm not ashamed to say that I shook and cried while the woman and the vet put me on the table. The woman stayed with me while the shot was given, and I went "under". Later I heard the man talking with her and she said she had cried the whole way home after she left the vet's office. She said that watching me go "under" was very "traumatizing". I hardly EVER see the woman crying. It must have been a very big deal for her. Anway, the tooth came out, I'm on anti-biotics, and even though it took me nearly 3 days to recover from going "under", I'm fine now. But I have a total of 3 less teeth than other dogs now. What a drag! And all because that bitch Lindsay is never satisfied with what she has!


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