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Woof! Someday these barks will make me famous!

Day 1

April 14th 2012 11:21 am
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This diary is translated by Lissy Johnson from Barkish to Englsih

Dear Diary,

Hi! I just wanted to say today I started training to be an AKC Canine Good Citizen. It is pretty easy now, but soon it will get hard. I went to the park today with my master to practice for the first test. Which is: Accepting a freindly Stranger. My master thinks I am very good at that. Whenever I go to the park and someone wants to pet me, I show happiness, but not to much. And that is good to my master. She says pretty soon I can start practing for Test 2 which is: Sit politely for petting. Humph, that sounds easy. Before you know it I am going to be the world's best Therapy Dog. (Or at least New Jersey.) I highly reccemend being an AKC Canine Good CItizen. It makes me happy because I am being trained and it is fun to make others happy too!


More About Me!

August 19th 2012 1:51 pm
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Name: Mocha

Age (in human years): 3 years

Age (in dog years): 21

Breed: F1B Goldendoodle

Fur color: Goldish Brown

Size: Large!

Weight: 47 lbs

Neutered/Spayed: yes

Where are you now: Running around outside with my brother, Peppi

How many brothers/sisters did/do you have: Four brothers. Oldest to youngest, Archie, Mocha (me), Peppi, Kat

Do you have any strange markings: A white patch on my neck

Were you adopted from a pound: Nope



Food: A Rawhide Bone

Sleeping spot: The bathroom floor

Walking place: Around the neighborhood

Bone: Meaty Bones

Treat: Homemade Dog-treats

Animal to chase: My brother, Peppi or Deer

Toy: Tennis balls and squeaky toys


-Have you ever-

Been to the beach: No, but I want to!

Seen snow: Yes I LOVE it, except it gets stuck in my fur. :(

Traveled out of your town: Yes, to baseball games, training sessions and my grandmas' house

Bitten a person: NEVER! and not planning to!

Been bit BY a person: Umm, maybe by one of the many children that play with me, but i dont care, i just love them!

Ate a frog: Nope, never seen one, but I would probably be scared.

Broke a leg or paw: Nope!



Most annoying a human can do: People that give me looks when I am in a public place, because I am a "dirty big mutt" GRR! I solve the problem by wagging my tail at them. Kindness always beats meanness!

Most awesome thing a human can do: Give me FOOD!

Boyfriend/girlfriend: Nope, I'm more of a people dog!

Do you wear a collar: Yes, just in case a deer wants to go for a chase!;)

If so, what color: A Neon Green One with My name on it!


Road Trip?

September 3rd 2012 1:36 pm
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Woof! Hey Everyone! I need your advice, Peppi and I might be going on a roadtrip. Is this a good idea? If so what shall we pack/bring? Any tips? Oh, yeah! If you have any place you think we should stop at tell us!


Thank You!

September 21st 2012 12:36 pm
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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who gave me a gift for talk like a pirate day! I greatly appreciate it!


Fall Time!

October 15th 2012 1:40 pm
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Woof! Hey everyone! As you already know, its...FALL! I love Fall! Fall is my favorite season, besides summer, spring, and winter! During the fall I always get fancy at the groomers and get a nice haircut and a new jacket. I also get to go apple and pumpkin picking with my family! Yay! Fall is also the time for Howlween! Me and my brother, Peppi celebrate Howlween by when ever a person comes to our door to take food out of our basket (some don't even pet me Grrrr!) me and Peppi start howling like a banshee, so much fun! We also get to go for two hour walk around town going to people's doors! I love howlween. I mean howlween, too, not Halloween. Halloween is dressing up in uncomfortable clothes and posing for pictures, so much fun :( ! The only good part about Halloween is playing with all of the Halloween decorations! Now that is how you have a fun day! Oh, is that a tennis ball?!?!?!


I'm a baaaaad boy

November 2nd 2012 5:51 pm
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My new theme song is now officially, Bad to the Bone! I believe I am the the most baddest dog in the suburbs. Bro, no one messes with me! Except, for Peppi, Kat, and chihuahuas. Eeek! Those things scare me! They are like tiny ninjas! Once you see them, they disappear, then your feet hurt, so you look down and they are just sitting there chewing on your dew claw! Besides that, no one dares to mess with me in my hood! You bros don't think I am bad, well what if i tell you this, see that pumpkin in my profile pic, well when my mom comes home later and she will see that I shredded that pumpkin into pieces. Yup! I am that bad! That pumpkin did not see that coming, all that is left of him is the little leaf that used to be on his stem. And when my mom comes home and tells me bad, I will tell her you got that right, roll in the pumpkin leftovers and walk away. Watch me! Ha! Am I bad or what!
Me: Oh, look mom is home, wait I do not care, I am too cool for her.
Me: Oh she is coming through the door I must... No I am bad.
Mom: "Hi Mo, where are you!"
Mom: *Sees pumpkin mess* "OMG WHO DID THIS! PEPPI! MOCHA!"
Me: Uh,oh I better....
Peppi: "Woof! That was not me"
Me: "Grr Shut up Pep!"
Mom: "MOOOCHA COME OVER HERE! WAS THIS YOU?" *points at mess*
Me: *cowards head low* "yes..." *sobs* "I am so sorry!" *sobs*

Yup I am pretty bad, just like that honey badger I hear about! Is that a chihuahua? EEEEK! Where's my blanket!

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