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Diva Memoirs


June 19th 2012 7:41 pm
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2012 has brought some changes for me. I was living with a nice family with three kitties and one human sibling. My family was going to have to move and where they were going there was already five cats. They did a lot of thinking and decided with a toddler and eight cats there wouldn't be much time left for me, and despite being a senior I still have plenty of energy. So they talked with different rescue groups and everyone pretty much said because of my age (I'll be nine in July) I didn't stand much of a chance of being adopted. They had the humane society go ahead and post me but I would stay with them as long as I could. The move was getting closer and still no new family. But my luck changed. Someone that my family knew remembered a lady that had a Min Pin and got in touch with her. So at the end of January I came to live with my new family.

My new family started out with two cats. Then they added a Min Pin (Pippi) to the family and right after that a Chihuahua (Cheeky). Everything was good that way for a few years. Then last year they started thinking about maybe getting another dog to the family. Pippi has a lot more energy than Cheeky so they kept thinking another dog Pippi's size would be good. That was the plan anyway. But while at a fund raiser for the humane society someone told them about Pixie - another Chihuahua. That hadn't been the plan but Mom couldn't say no. Pixie and Cheeky didn't do a lot of playing with Pippi. There was just enough of a size difference that it was rare. Poor Pip. The family had grown and not in the way expected, but all was still good. Pixie was a good addition and no more looking. They hadn't planned on more, but when the mutual friend got in touch with Mom she knew it was meant to be. She didn't care at all that I was older, and in fact I have as much energy as Pippi (who will be five in July).

So, I came to try it out and see how it went. I gained three doggie sisters - something new for me - and two new kitty sisters. Pippi and I are about the same size and energy level and it has been working out well. I'm here to stay. We get to go on lots of walks with a local dog walking group. I had never really been around other dogs before and I have been enjoying this. Another great thing about my new family ... the toy box!! Mom tends to only have a few toys out at a time. Well, the first time she pulled out the toy box to get out some new toys I was a happy pup! I got in the toy box and sat there playing with things for 45 minutes. Mom finally made me get out because I didn't want to share. I thought those were all for me. Who knew?!! Anyway, I have been a girl on a mission destuffing and desqueaking everything she pulls out. Hehe. I can sleep in the big bed with everyone else or my own bed in my own little spot. Mom made me a quilt and has made some clothes. I LOVE clothes. I am a diva after all. I've been swimming and wading in the water, and Mom promised I could try out the canoe with her this summer. There is always something new.

As you can see life has made some turns for me and my new family. I went from a situation of needing a new home and things not looking good, to being a very spoiled pup. Some saw my age as a negative, but compared to one of my current kitty sisters who is 22 this year, Mom says I'm still a spring chicken. She made a ramp for getting up on the bed so we can all get up there easily, but I don't really need it yet. I just use it to make her feel good. Really.

Anyway, there is my story. Only a few months of it so far, and it's just the beginning. Stay tuned for more.


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