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My Life as a Dog

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Ahhh.....Forgot to say.....

January 18th 2013 5:42 am
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I was chosen as a DDDP today! I am so grateful!!!


Lazy Saturday 1/19/2013

January 19th 2013 7:37 am
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Good Morning To All!!

I'm kind of kicking back and being lazy this morning. I woke Mom up at 5:30 because I really needed to go out. But, her idea of crawling back in bed for a few hours seemed good to me! At 7:30, I decided that I'd been in bed long enough, so I did the ole ear licking trick on Mom and she got back up with me. Out we went again, back in and breakfast time! I ate a little bit, but saved some of it for later on this morning. I grabbed my squeeky toy and ran with it to Mom. We played with that for a long time! Mom decided that she needed to start a couple of those machines with water, so I helped her. When she droped a sock, I picked it up for her (ok, so I ran around the house with it for a few minutes, but I DID drop it!) So, now I've decided that I need a small mid morning power nap and am going to go lay on the bed where the sun is trying to shine. Dad said to get ready for some hockey this afternoon. I'd rather go to the dog park, but Mom said it's really muddy and I'll probably not get there today.

Hope all my fur friends out there are having a great day!!




January 20th 2013 8:58 am
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Good Morning Pup Friends!

It is bitter, bitter cold up here this morning! I've been out 2 times but not for very long. Mom and Dad told me they will take me to the dog park for a short run after lunch. The ground is frozen, so I won't get all muddy and I will get nicely tired out from the cold and run!

I'm cuddled up between Mom and Dad on my favorite WVU blanket right now. I was just out on our deck barking my daily hello to the squirrels and birds who live near me. That tired me out!!

Mom said it's almost time to fix lunch! tummy is hungry!!

Everyone have a tail wagging day!!



Cold, Cold, Cold

January 22nd 2013 7:14 pm
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Hi Everyone!

Mom was really busy today, so didn't get a chance to write in my diary until tonight. I sure don't know what's wrong with my tummy, but was sick again last night. I've had plenty of rest today with water, ice cubes and a little bit of food. Now, I'm feeling a lot better!

I'm remembering my new friend, Gus, who went over the Rainbow Bridge today. I didn't get the chance to know him that long, but I sure did like him and he was so nice to me! My mom and I said a prayer for him and his family!

Hope everyone who is in the "Cold Zone" stays warm tonight!!



Saturday 1/26/13

January 26th 2013 5:53 am
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Hi Everyone!

I think it's going to be a lazy Saturday. We all slept in until 7AM(which hardly ever happens) and Mom hasn't gotten dressed yet. That's always a real sign! She did take me out twice in the middle of the night last night,so maybe she deserves a break today!

Mom and Dad told me last night that I'm getting a bath today. Usually they just take me to the groomer's to be trimmed and bathed, but since the weather has been so cold, they don't want me trimmed yet. I think they are going to bathe me today. That means that I won't get to use my doggie door until I dry off! Oh well

The big bath occassion is that Mom and Dad are going to Grandma's and Grandpa's for dinner tomorrow and I've been invited to go with them! This is the 3rd time in a row they have invited me to their house. They must like me!

I haven't had breakfast yet, but feel a small nap coming on in the sun. I haven't seen it very much lately!

Thanks for picking me as DDDP! My tail always wags extra hard when I hear that!

Everyone have a great day!



Sunday 1/27/13

January 27th 2013 8:44 am
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Good Morning Everyone!

I had a really good night last night. I'm back to my full amount of food (just spread out a little more during the day). At first, that confused me, and my tummy was still hungry after my first small feeding, but Mom told me I'd get more later. I haven't been sick at all this way,either. My mom things maybe I've had some type of virus or something. But, I think all is getting slowly better.

Mom had to take me out very very early this morning. I sniffed around, did my business, then came back in and went back to bed. Dad got up with me at 6 and took me back out. I then went back to bed with Moma and slept until 8. It felt good cuddling and sleeping in with my mom! Since then, I've eaten, been back out for a nice, long walk with my dad, and hung out with Mom in the kitchen while she was getting stuffed shells ready for dinner tonight. I LOVE the way they smell, but never get any! :( Mom said no human food for me at all, and that's what I'm used to now. I really don't even miss it at all since I never had too much of that anyways since my mom and dad adopted me. They sure do give me my doggie treats when I am good, so I try to get those as much as possible! :)

I wanted to go lay on my mom and dad's bed for the morning sun, but there is no sun out today! I never understand that, but that's ok. Mom put my favorite blanket on the bed for me to cuddle with! She's so good to me and I love her!

I hope all my fur friends are having a good day, staying warm, dry and cozy! My tail wags in happiness when I think of all the good friends I've made!



Lovely Tuesday 1/29/13

January 29th 2013 5:37 pm
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HI Everyone!

Boy, has it been a nice day outside (well for half of it anyways). Mom and I took advantage of the weather (57!!) and went out for more walks then usual this morning. The last great walk was at noon after I ate my lunch. Then, it started raining and raining and raining! It was hard, too! I took that as a hint that it would be best to take an afternoon nap snuggled close to my mom!

After a warm, teaser day like today, the snow, wind and cold temps are coming back to Chicago tomorrow. I sure can't wait for spring! Mom said she can't either. She hates having to put on boots, hat, scarf and mittens everytime we go out!

I've eaten my dinner, cuddled with Mom and Dad and am now chewing a bone!

Hope all of my friends have had a great day!!



Middle of the Week 1/30/13

January 30th 2013 8:10 am
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Good Morning!

I've had a very busy morning, so far. I had to get up early because that awful sound went off (the alarm). Mom took me right out (STILL RAINING) and then dried me off when we got back in. I kept her company in the kitchen while she was packing Dad's lunch and making coffee. She then fed me! YUMMO!! I got an added bonus of getting a treat in my Kong Toy! I must have been really good! :)

After Dad left for work, Mom and I went back outside for my after breakfast walk. It had to be a quick one since everything is just so wet and icky. I really didn't care if we didn't leave the front yard, but Mom walked me around the block.

When we got back in, I was a big help to Mom as she dusted. I follow her wagging my tail and I know I get things that she missed! She tells me I'm a good helper! We then used that really noisy thing on the carpet and finally went in to clean the bathrooms. I'm now exhausted and am going to lay down on the couch next to Mom.

I hope all my dog friends have a wonderful day!!



And It's The Weekend!

February 1st 2013 2:33 pm
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Hi Everyone!

It's Friday AND Feb.1st. Mom told me today that January went really fast. I really don't know, but I guess I believe her!

It's still really really cold up here in Chicago. At 10 am today it was -4! Mom still took me out for me daily walks, but, I think that the cold temps have made me tired because I took a really nice, long nap this afternoon.

I just heard Mom say that it's almost dinner time. THAT made my ears perk up! I've been smelling something good around here all day long, but can't figure out what it is!

We are going to watch the hockey game tonight. It starts really late, but Dad said not to worry because we can all sleep in tomorrow.

Mom was talking about what she is going to make for the SuperBowl on Sunday. I don't know what that is. I was here last year for it, but I was only 5 months old, so I don't really remember. I hope I get a treat, too! I never get any human food at all, but might get one of my new raw hide bones!

Everyone have a good night!!



Snowy Ground Hog's Day 2/2/13

February 2nd 2013 8:32 am
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Hello Friends!

We woke up to over 5 inches of new snow and it's still coming down hard! Mom had me out this morning and surprised me by letting me go in the dog park to run for a few minutes. I had a great time hopping and running through the snow. I fell a couple of times, but didn't even care. Mom took me home after about 10 minutes (she said we're going back after lunch with Dad and the video camera)! I'm such a lucky dog!

So, now, I've had my breakfast, a treat in my Kong toy and have decided to take a mid morning nap beside my mom. I want to rest up for next trip outside!

I hope you all are having a good day! I'm looking forward to seeing the Puppy Bowl tomorrow before the big game tomorrow night!


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