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A day in the life of me.

They WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 15th 2006 5:26 pm
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Its to terrable, they, they, they got another one. NOOOOOO, thier I said it. They got another D..D...OoooG. Its no fair I tell you. They broke the sheld. My shield. It was a terrible night. The night of Jan. 15. It was a scary night. All cold, and damp. They left me alone for (while if I could tell time I sure I would tell you but) a long long time. Champ and I walked back in foward between rooms. We would look at the door then back at each other.

Then we heard them, The car made its normally sound, the brakes, the lights, it was all so normal. But what happen next was not. They put thier key in the door. We jumped up to greet them. But what we found instead, scared us. Champ knew, For it had happened to him, They day I arrived. I went in, it was no larger then my head. So small. Big ears, funky ears! His eyes are big and round. And he he is a puppy, a playful puppy. He runs around yapping his head off. Its no fair, the second I yap I get my butt kicked.
Why most they do this to me. I now have to share my toys, and my treats. And this little blob of fur loves to make me mad. I want to bite his head off so bad. When I grab a rope, he grabs it right out from under me. What is the problem is it so hard to just leave me alone.
I will never forgive, never! unless you give me that cashew, NO NEVER EVER EVER.


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