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The many days in the life of Sir Elliott

New news, haircut

October 2nd 2012 2:34 pm
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It is starting to get a little bit cooler outside, that is a good thing for my fellow dogs who are outdoors. I am pretty much an indoor dog now, when they want me to go outside I protest, I can hold my potty for a looooong time, so long Mommy and Daddy fuss at me. I could use the potty pads but they don't make one big enough for what I do. If I go outside to potty they do not let me right back in. They say, "Elliott go run and play, get some exercise". I do not even like to go on walks, it's had been too darn hot. So if they leave me outside after I am done, I just bark my tail off. That gets their attention and in I go. I have pretty much taken over the couch, yes, you can say I am sort of a coach potato now.

Daddy started to give me a haircut last week, I looked like Elvis after the first night. Bella and Saige growled at me, I guess they did not recognize their big brother.

Well, guys, it is good bye for now. I am going check out some chics to beocme pup pals with. See ya guys later, be safe and don't walk into roads, or sleep under cars.


I losst my friend, Humphrey

March 29th 2012 3:25 pm
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Hi guys, it is me Sir Elliott. I lost my outdoor friend, Humphrey on New Year's morning. It is so strange to be out here and he is no where to be found. Bently keeps me company but, it is not the same.Humphrey and I knew each others habits and patterns. Well, now that Humphrey is gone mommy and daddy let me sleep in my kennel indoors all the time now, not just when it is raining or the weather is bad or it is too cold or too hot. I have really gotten spoiled to it. When I go in at night I get to sit on the couch with everyone else, play with the toys and even wonder around the house a little bit (as long as I am calm).


My new collar

November 13th 2011 4:23 pm
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Thanks for hosting me the other day, I was honored.

Well, Daddy finally found me a collar that fits. What my neck measured and the size of the collars were two different things. Daddy, Mommy, and Jayde made three different trips to Petco on Saturday till they found me one that fit. Now, it is nice and comfy, and I like the color, brown, it compliments my coat color.


Big dog legend's, little dog legend's...

November 8th 2011 4:27 pm
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Dog legends all over the place


Well, my coat is different...isn't it?

November 7th 2011 10:12 am
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Mommy is telling everyone about dogs coats, who shed's and how much, and why some dogs cause allergies to their humans. How about going check it out


Cleaning our big waxy ears 101

November 6th 2011 2:47 pm
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Check out Mommy's blog from yesterday

She explain what is the best way to clean our ears and what to use.

She talks about some pretty great stuff, sign her guest book and let her know you were there. If you liked her site become a Fan of Precious Pooh Cheez

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