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Angel, My Inspiration

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My Hair!!!!

December 8th 2011 11:26 am
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Oh I forgot to say I have NO MORE bald spots anywhere! My mom is sooo happy about that! Some places it is thin still but soon I will be sooo beautiful...course I already am so I mean MORE BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Peace and Love,


Dr. visit today

December 8th 2011 11:24 am
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Hi Friends,
Well the roads cleared and mom couldn't take the worrying about me any longer...the not she got me in to that really good doggie doctor who specializes in small animals....first of all the big lump on my neck was GONE...we believe the power of prayer took care of that one./...then I have this other lump in the breast tissue and the Dr. said to mom,"Well that is breast cancer." Mom could feel her eyes got huge so the Dr. then said,"Well no wait a minute is a tumor...some times they can be begnine"....he really felt this one either is cancerous or would turn that way.....he told mom we could watch it for awhile if she wanted to OR he could remove it and send it in to pathology and find out for sure what it is., either way he said it would have to be removed some mamma he thought it would be good for peace of mind to do it sooner. They had the Cancer talk and the dr told mom Cancer is a big word used for alot of kinds of cancer but something about if this is cancer then it is a mixed tissue kind ( mamma thinks he said) and he told mom there would be no radiation or chemo ...just remove the lump and that gland and that would be it. Thats good cuz mamma told him NO radiation or chemo, that I had been through enough! Mamma asked IF it is Cancer does she need to prepare to say in the near future on he said,"Nope" and shook his head asked if I needed my teeth cleaned and he said yes although he said he thought my teeth would be much worse.....then mamma asked what we could do for my tear stains and dirty face..she exp-lained to him she knows it's just cosmetic stuff but that to her I am beautiful and she wants me to look the best I can look...he grinned and said,"We will get her some Tetracycline and she will take that once or twice a week and she will be all white again."..oh and I weigh 7lbs. 4 ounces!!!! Mamma about flipped when she heard that! The Dr. complimented mamma on how amazingly well I am doing and how I look sooo good for all I went through and what good care she has given me etc. Mom took in the pics of me all torn up and he said,"Oh my gosh!" he looked and looked at them.
My eye...he told mom I see MORE then just shadows..that my eye is cloudy but that I can see all I need too. Sooo anyway I am scheduled for surgery Mon. morning....they will do both the teeth and that nasty lump...and I can go home later that day!
Please remember me and my family in prayer...Thank you!
Love and Peace,


Today Dec 4, 2011

December 4th 2011 8:22 pm
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It was this morning that mamma found my second lump...she fought back tears all day and had this big lump in her throat but then from somewhere she got brave and we tried to go on with life as normal which is what she wants for me and all my sisters. Me, mom, and dad drove to Kimi's house to pick up lexi and Natti...they had been at Kimi's for a few days cuz Kimi thought mom could use a break from the two attitude girls...BOL!
Mamma put my black coat Kimi got me on me and carried me in my bed and I slept on her lap on the way out to Kimi's. At first I was a little restless but in no time I was content and curled up and tried to sleep. Kimi looked at my lumps and she told mom that the one on my neck bothered her but................then they talked about what to do with me....both mom and Kimi don't want to see me go through anymore surgeries and stuff so for now we are just going to let it go and keep on going.
I love my mom very much...when I am awake all I want to do is be with her or near her so thats how I spend my when she vaccummed the living room floor she even held me to do that.
Mom almost lost it once today. She held me and was kissing my head and rubbing my neck like she always does and said,"Angel I don't want to lose you, I just got you. I pray God will give us LOTS of days thats what we are hoping for.....
Gotta sleep now friends...
Angel...p.s.amma is gonna write her thoughts below mine...nite nite

Angel....I can't go into every thought i have had today and tonight but I am feeling a bit braver tonight then I was this morning. I don't want you to leave me little girl, I love you are the perfect dog.
Secretly I have been waiting and waiting for your hair to grow out because I was and am going to keep it somewhat long with bows, I want to show the world what a beautiful girl you are! You know I was so happy just waiting for us to get our Christmas pictures done and now it feels bittersweet...I wonder what you will be like by Christmas.....I LOVE how every time you see me you wag your little tail almost off, how you dance and prance especially in the mornings when you have been in the next room asleep and away from me all night. I love how you come to me when we are the clap of my hands and the call of your name and you come to me EVERY TIME! I love how you always look at me and watch my every move and some times I can't even finish my housework just because I feel you need me to hold you! There are so many things...but this is all I can write for tonight...sweet dreams ...I'll be praying...


mamma is scared...she found 2 lumps

December 4th 2011 12:07 pm
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Hi Friends,
For those of you who have loved me enough to follow my story I am having my mom write this entry for me... in the last week mom has found 2 lumps on me....the first one the vet said just to watch it...well then this morning out of no where i have one on my neck and it is pretty good mom is really scared and trying to be brave... you see she loves on me and rubs my neck and body every day several times a day and she knows that lump wasn't there.....I know she crys.....this is all she can write for now.....mamma will be writing soon her thoughts , her hopes and dreams for me but she has to do it when she is alone so she can cry and not bother any of we girls.
Please oray for me and my mamma.....mamma is afraid she could die right along with me.
Love to you all..Peace,


Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

November 23rd 2011 7:12 pm
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Boy we have been sooooo busy we don't even know for sure what all we have done but I can tell you this, I am doing JUST GREAT! Mamma says it's hard to remember what all I am doing because I do something new and different every day. I have been putting on a little weight.....and today when mamma rubbed her hand down my back,....she was bony back bone is hardly there at all anymore!!! She could hardly feel any at all but did find just the tiniest bit near my tail.
I got my first present in the mail from mamma's friend, Rachel...she made me the prettiest collar and she bought me a beautiful pink snuggie...she sent me a cute little chipmunk toy and a package of bones for me and my sisters!!!!
I like to be near mom almost all the time...she dosen't mind at all BUT I do play in the living room with my sisters and I lay behind daddys chair alot! Well I guess I don't "play" exactly but I go around and check things out alot.....BOL! I really don't know what "play" is...but I will learn...I try to see what my sisters are doing.
Mamma has been a little late in deciding what we girls will wear for our Christmas attire but she got it figured out now...needs to measure a couple of us up and then she'll order the dresses .....we will post a picture when they are done closer to C-mas.....oh mamma thinks this is funny so we will share with you...I have a "tude"...thats a slang word for attitude.....BOL..see when I first came here I wanted to just lay in my crate alot....door always open but it was where I preferred to be....sometimes I'd turn away from every body and stare at the wall but puts me in my crate where I can eat and drink with out being bothered by the sisters...well the minute I am done I stand up and bark and bark crate livin for this girl....mamma comes and gets me out right away.
Well friends I need to go for tonight. We have a busy Thursday and Fri...then the weekend looks more liesurely so we will try to be back all have a fabulous Thanksgiving.....
4 Ever Loved,


Proud Angel

November 15th 2011 8:23 pm
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Hi Friends,
Well another fast entry for tonight...mamma is tired so...can't keep her up too long! I am just having a great life! I can't believe how busy it is in comparison to living in a crate! I now prance and jump a couple inches every time I see esp. my mom enter the room. Everyone here is soo nice to me, they all love me! Lexi even lets me sleep with her now..mamma has tried to get some pictures but when I hear her footsteps I am UP right away!
I heard mamma say to daddy today,"Look at her, she is soooo proud!" We can't believe I have only been here 12 days and the difference 12 days can make when you have someone to love and care for you!
Today mamma and daddy raked our yard and took care of all the leaves.....mamma took some new pictures of all of us playing in the yard. gee we have done so much stuff lately that I can't even remember it all....well better go...
"4Ever Loved",


Confident, relaxed, and Christmas dresses and pictures! OH- MY!!

November 13th 2011 7:24 pm
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Hi Friends,
I am just checkin in again real is super tired, we have been keeping her busy! BOL! I just want you all to know I am getting more confident every day about almost everything! I feel like I have always been here now andd act just like "one of the girls." :) I am also more relaxed by the tonight I curled up on a rug in the living room by daddy and slept! Being on the furniture still makes me nervous so I prefer the floor for now. It is so relaxing here! Mamma was looking at Christmas dresses for we girls in a catalog...boy are we gonna look pretty! And then mamma said we have to get Christmas pictures done too! mamma says she can't wait for the Christmas pictures this year!
By the way with my moms help I/we would like to thank everyone who wanted to be my friend! We can't believe the out pouring of love and friendship for little ole me! Thank you one and all! We thought maybe since I only have one eye and my hair is gone and I kinda look kinda.....well not sooo pretty (shhh don't say that around my mom!)....anyway we thought people would just "look the other way." But you didn't and you have touched our hearts! Like my friend Jewel said,...I am a diamond in the just wait when my hair grows out...oh la la!!
Love and Peace,


Learning more every day!

November 11th 2011 6:11 pm
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hi friends,
Wow it has been a couple days since mom and I posted last...we are sooo busy! I am sooo busy at this thing called living! Guess what I did today...I got brave enough to eat and drink out of the community bowls!!!! That is huge for me! See we have these two bowls, one is for water and one is what mamma calls the "snack dish" but it is really just our dog food.....but she always has a little out just incase we need it.
Today my cousin Lilly came over to play and we played in my yard...I had sooo much fun! Mom is going to post a few pictures of our day. Mom is getting less and less worried about me around the other "girls"so she can relax more. Even Natti is more careful now....or maybe she is just used to me being here?? I love going in the living room should see me "watch" t.v.....I love the lights...I can see them! Something in my life changes every day...I learn more and experience more and I am just sooo happy! I even let my cousin Lilly lay in my crate with me and I wasn't even scared..I used to just run out of my crate if one of the others wanted more...mamma says I have a proud stance, a confident stance...I guess I do. I am happy here and I KNOW I BELONG!!!!
Well I better go, my sisters are waiting for me, they are all sooo good to me. Mom is proud of them also!


New adventures

November 8th 2011 5:54 am
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Goodmorning Friends,
I am having mom write this for me as she eats her breakfast then she says we gotto GO....lots to do today!
Yesterday a.m.Mamma went to this special store and bought me my very own xpen! She is so afraid the other "girls" might accidentally hurt me in theirs. As mom watches me and gets to know me better she realizes that SOMEHOW I am a social girl BUT...if my sisters want my toy or ANYTHING I just let them have it, I won't eat or drink around them...I just turn and walk away so mom makes sure she feeds me seperately...they usually get fed seperately too but these last few days I was here mom was free feeding...she is betting I was attacked over food. Kimi told mom that I also ate my own poo...disgusting! I have never done that since I came HOME but mom picks it up right away even in the yard but mom wonders if maybe where I was most of my life we didn't have enough food and thats why I did the store mom bought me some high quality soft dog food to mix with my hard dog food so she knows I get enough.
Last night I had a real nice evening with my WHOLE family...we all ended up in the living room together....I explored and explored that room and when I got tired mom was sitting on the floor and she had this big comfy doggie bed by her just for me so I went to that and curled up in it.
Last night mom did my ear and eye routine, then moisturized my body then ever so gently she combed the few hairs I have. I have the hair on my head but the rest was gone and is growing back. I like being with my sisters, I just avoid confrontation at all costs....and I LOVE my mom! I follow here every where she goes every chance I can and where I can't down steps...she picks me up and carries me. She loves me too very much....and it is such a good feeling for ALL of us!
Better go....


Just about ready to call it a night!

November 6th 2011 6:23 pm
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Dear Friends,
Well I have now had myself fluffed, moisturizer put on my dry skin and owwies, ears cleaned and ear drops in and eye drops and my sisters are beautiful! TTYL

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