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My life with a toy poodle named romeo

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Stinky Winky breath!

November 3rd 2012 12:40 pm
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My poor poodle has bad breath, and he knows when its time to brush his teeth, he runs away! BUT I HAVE TO DO IT! And i spent 9.00 $ on buying him breath spray! And he still does not like it! I just hope Romeo can learn that good breath means good health. I really do need some ideas! And i would like to know what else I can do!!!


Romeo turning 2 soon!

October 16th 2012 9:36 am
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Awww i remember when my 2 month old puppy came home! He is now about to be 2 years old! And I am so happy for my Rome Romes! He is gonna have a big party! And I am gonna bring all his doggie friends (and girlfriends)! He is doing so much better with potty training. And he has a new friend (who is actually smaller than him!) Her name is Isabella we call her Juliet because they like each other. Romeo now has a mustache, we gave him one with his haircut! I will update him and his new pictures, and how cute he is!



Romeo might be getting another buddy!

August 21st 2012 8:02 am
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I know that i promised my self that i would not get another dog. But i have a friend who does not really want her toy poodle (who is 2 mts old). And will give it to me soon! But it will take a long time to train her. But this will also be my 1st girl dog! Which i will name her Juliet. I love dogs, but when a friend in need wants me to have a FREE dog what should i do? She is a cream color smaller that Romeo! And they play together. People say that i already gave up 2 dogs. But toy poodles are really good dogs. And Romeo does need a friend. And i guess soon i will have another dog on dogster. P.S Romeo sees Teddy once a month but Santanna we dont keep in touch because he is aggrieve. So you think it is ok to have Juliet?


Big foot!

May 4th 2012 9:12 am
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Romeo has not been groomed in a while! So we are waiting for a good time to get Romeo Cut, Nails cut,and a bath. He is so cute fury though. But it is getting Hot in Charlotte. Romeo has a new friend. Her name is Daisey i think i told you Pup readers about her. They play all the time. And he is now starting to be friends with Lucky, he is a poodle mix as well as Daisey. Sad part is Dana, a pit bull mix is really big and has no friends. So sometimes i let them play. But since she is so big she plays so rough. I am hoping soon i can take Romeo to a play time. Or take him to the dig park. Little Romeo is just so cute! I wish he could live forever!


Snappy Spring & Sleepy Spring

March 5th 2012 7:02 pm
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Romeo does a lot of barking now and i just think he has a lot of stress. But it is not like all the time that it get anoying.If you have seen romeo's dog group (spoiled toy poodles), he has a girlfriend named Daisy she gave romeo a card it was so cute. Romeo and Daisy licked each other on the nose and was playing all day in the sun. Romeo is still my lovable, cant get enough, crazy cute toy poodle and i love him. But besides him being snappy he is also sleepy a lot. He is being a lazy dog around the house.As now its just Romeo he is the king of all dogs around this house:P.Romeo lays in the kitche rug and sleeps and when he hears something he jumps up. Romeo trys to protect me from everything but he cant because how small he is. SNAPPY AND SLEEPY which one is he going to be? That my ROMEO


O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

December 2nd 2011 10:49 am
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What i mean is this O Romeo, Romeo what am i going to do with Romeo? That is Romeo's new and improved quote. Romeo just pooped on the floor 2-4 days ago. And i wonder why???? But he has stop, he is still in love with paper. And i think i'm going to go to the store, and buy him some mouth wash for his mouth (his breath stinks) some other kind of stuff for his mouth. And some bitter spray, and maybe anything else i find. I am going to the dollar store so i can get him some glass bowls and a bowl holder. Because there is some things that he needs. My dog is funny, and i know he is. I hope my dog gets to be dog of the day. Wow i would be so happy. But in real life we got stuff to do. :)


I need more DOGS in my group!!!!!

November 28th 2011 6:56 pm
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I have a group called Spoiled Toy Poodles, and i nearly have any dogs in my group. And most dog owners are not responding, and are not making any topics, not even replied back to my emails i have sent them. So i really wanna add some more dogs in this group. I even accepted toy poodle mix dogs, and also miniature poodles but are really really small and could be a toy poodle. To make the group go higher and it is not even doing that. I have added animation, music, pictures,games, i do need help putting up wallpaper. But what else can i do? If you are reading this, please join in, in my group. I would love more dogs and i would be a great thing for me. And i am now about to make a group for yorkies (since santanna was a yokie mix) for yorkies and yorkie mixes!!!! That would be nice and cool. But if you have a toy poodle mix or a toy poodle, and if you have a miniature poodle that looks like a toy poodle please join.


I'M ONE YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!

November 28th 2011 2:00 pm
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WOWIE!!!!! my dog is now one, and sure acts like an older dog. For his birthday i got him so treats,5 squeaky balls (all different colors), a bone and also a birthday cake (for dogs). He loved it the KING of the house!!! Well he is now the KING of all dogs also, because now Teddy is gone. Romeo does not even care, he acts like it is a relief. My family came to thanksgiving and Romeo was the top dog, everyone wanted to hold him, walk him and also pet him. So he got the good deal into that. Romeo now acts like he is all that, because people are still here and are still holding him. He barks at things(but not to much). I hope Romeo stays a good dog for a long time. Well so far that is it for ROMEO!!!!!! where are thou romeo


My baby is growing up...... STOP GROWING UP!!!!

November 23rd 2011 2:56 am
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Wow i keep writing about Romeo turning one, but it is hard not to talk about it. In 4 days, he is going to be an adult. Romeo to me is getting more mature then i would thought in a week!!!! I neeed ideas of what I should buy for my spoiled toy poodle. Any ideas who is ever reading this? And also i need to get Romeo in some training.


What am i going to do with my dog? And his Proflie?

November 18th 2011 10:03 am
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Romeo, Romeo, he love attention, he will lick your feet and wag his tail for you to notice him (but I always do). And is always barking at everything. Even though he is going to have a party, it is going to take a lot of money and ALOT of afford.And he still acts like a a puppy, but a lot has changed though. Sometimes I wonder about my dog.... not in a bad way, but just wondering what am I going to do with him!!!! Well my next topic, HIS PROFILE!!! I AM TRYING TO MAKE IT LOOK COOL AND NICE. Because i am NOT paying money for the dogster pro. So i have put music a cute toy poodle... what else can i put up there?? BUT i like it and might just live it alone. And the same thing on his group page (spoiled toy poo poos). So i hope this is nice. Oh, and who ever is reading this. HAPPY THANKSGIVING. And also happy birthday ROMEO!!!!

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