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A day (mabye two :) ) In the life of Kc.

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September 30th 2011 5:34 pm
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We got Kc when we had given up our old dalmation Sparky. I had no say in it but I am kind of glad because if we hadn't given him away, Kc could be dead, as she came from the pound. We went to go look and I have only a few memories but they are so detailed that it does not matter. We entered and I thought I would go deaf. Mabye 50 dogs barking on either side of us. We were walking down the isle and I had thought we would have to visit another place because no dog seemed the be as needy as another. They all looked perfectly happy besides the fact they were barking at us. My sister and I were ahead of our mom and grandpa (called papa ) and my sister pointed out an odd sight: a seemingly quiet cage, so we went over to see if there really was a dog in there. And what we see is a medium sized, brown and white dog my sister told me was a beagle. I had only seen pictures of beagles so I thought they were all tri-color so I thought she was the most special dog in the universe (she still is, as every dog is in their owners eyes)I have only memories of the next day so I had to rely on other referances (meaning my sister) to tell me and now you who are reading this the rest of the story. She told me that since I was little that I knelt at the cage and started saaying "Come here Kc... come Kc" I still don't know why or how I don't remember it. I do remember though there was another man there and I think if he had gotten her she would be a hunting dog but that day I think he chose the big black shaggy dog that I saw when we walked in. He wore a grey T-shirt and jokingly teased me and said : "You better choose if you want her before I get her." I almost cried but my family later told me it was just a joke but I think it scared my sister too. They next day my grandparents who are so wonderfully nice waited in line for FOUR HOURS. FROM SIX TO TEN. We loaded her in the crate and drove home. The next thing I remember is her being in the hallway by the garage and she was not on a leash but she just sat there. Me and my sister were sitting at a small table eating potato chips and our mom on the couch, all of us watching her but she didn't move. One of us (I think it was my sister) threw her a potatoe chip but she didn't eat it. She eventually made such wonderful progress she cant resist jumping on anyone (espesially papa) and licking them to death.


Journey to the center of... Kc. The journey for health.

November 27th 2011 1:40 pm
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We have been Trying out many dog foods. It has been a long trechurous and tastey expidition. We went from Beneful (unhealthy) Blue Buffalo (Too hard) to Science Diet (I wasn't comfortable)And finally Nutro Ultra.


Mojor potty traing breakthrough!

December 5th 2011 3:42 pm
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While I was getting started on my dinner Kc started whining in the hall rather loudly. I tried ignoring it for a minute or so to see if it would stop. It didn't. So I thought she had to go out and when I let her out she shot out through her dog door to our fenced backyard! IM ULTRA PROUD!!!!!!


Restrictions, restrictions...

December 5th 2011 3:58 pm
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I found out from mom "NO PEOPLE FOOD FOR THE DOG!!!!" Though she didn't yell it. Funny thing is that she started giving Kc some whipped cream even though I told her Kc will get a stomache ache if you give her too much. :D Anyway it isn't horrible awful: Mom said to keep her from getting bored that every once in a while she will get a can of wet dog food. Any way tonight we had non-breaded chicken and I snuck Kc a bibte of my portion of it. It would have been wasted anyways. ;)



December 10th 2011 6:19 pm
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I was sleeping on my bed last night and it just like every other night... except mom's quilt was lying on the floor next to me. Of course I like the extra comforts so I got off my dogiee bed and slept on those instead. BUT WAIT! It got better. ;) My aunt came in and gave me some cooked chicken! Then she realized I was lying on her sister's blankets and called her over. Mom came over the and got my off and told me no... So I turned on the charm. ;)I climbed all over her and licked her face... SHE TOTALLY FORGAVE ME. He he... sucker!


WOW! December 11th ALREADY?!

December 11th 2011 6:54 am
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It is my GOTCHA Day today! HOORAY!!!!!


Can't wait for Jan.!!!!

December 15th 2011 3:07 pm
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Mom has to do a book report every month for her 6th grade Lit. teacher and she is doing the next few on the books in the Shiloh triligy! Since Shiloh is a beagle and so am I... next month during "Shiloh Season" I get to com in and meet her class! HAHOOOOOO!!!!! (THAT was me howling in delight) Luckily, since she goes to a private school, there are only eight other people in her class PLUS I am great with kids! Except for when they take away stuff I am eating but I have alot of experiance. Mom's cousin just had a baby and she'll be two in March so when she came over during the summer she is gentle around dogs but CRAZY about them. She pets the gently but when they walk away she goes after them and says "Doggy?" or "Cookie!". She is only with dogs when watched for those who might be alarmed.The catch:Mom (whoose writing this for me) hasn't told my other mom (her sister in whom's room I slpeep in) and it isn't going to go awful well...


I am now OFFICIALLY potty-trained!!!! BE JELOUS!!

December 16th 2011 2:15 pm
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/just kidding, dont be jelous. It is just a thing we say in my family only my cousin says"Be JELI!". Anyways today was the last day before Christmas vac. so my Grandparents picked me up early. While my grandpa was cleaning our pool (Kc knows to stay away: 4 years as an outdoors dog before being potty trained.) Kc was inside. She was so good and has asked to go out at least 3 times during her potty training period so I thought now was the perfect time being home all day all next week, to consider her potty trained so I set out her water bowl but only filled it a little. When my grand parents left we took her outside but mom'll be here in -5 min! IM SO PROUD!!!!!!!I shall se about keeping her in during mornings before we leave and I will drag my self to wait for her to go potty outside in the mornings since no else trained her.


NOO! THE vet...

December 22nd 2011 7:15 pm
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Ugh, I had to go to the VET today to get my bordetella shot. My persons are ALL going on vacation! I won't see them for 5 days! Mind you now I love my bording kennal. I'm best friends with this GIANT poodle whoose always there. I'm lonely though... once when just my persons were away my persons in law drove past to check on my and I was standing on the hill in their yard and I was howling my head off! Anywhoosel iiiiiiieeeee!!!! I love when I get pick up because I get to howl in my persons face!



December 23rd 2011 10:53 am
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I'm leaving today! No! I'm gonna miss my persons! To the boarding kennel I go. The only good thing that came from today was that I get canned food! Yup, It goes: WATER LAMB CHICKEN LIVER TURKEY.... !!!!!HOORAY! well, by my persons! You won't leave forever right? :(Well, I guess this is goodbye. I usely go out in their yard (Its so cool they have big hills with fire hydrants!) and wath my persons drive away... My youngest person'll video and if I'm out there She'll post it. My middle person calls bye with my youngest person who's her sister while my eldest person drives cause she's their mommy. *sniff* Bye persons! I know you'll miss me as much as I miss you! BYEBYE!

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