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The Many Tails of Cricket

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August 3rd 2012 8:19 am
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Fank yu eberyone fur all my gifties and birfday wishez!! Id wuz a gread birfday!! I gats a squeaky duck and a whole bunch ob busy bonez!! My duck is my newest fabrite toy!!! Fanks again eberyone for all the fotful fings yu say!! It meens a wot!!

Hugs, Wags, and Puppy Kisses,




October 19th 2012 2:46 pm
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Hewo eberybuddy! I gots a bideo to shew yu!! Is ob me pradacin giwity!! Pwease chek id out!! =plcp




Mommy's soooo acited!!!

October 25th 2012 5:02 pm
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Tuday me and momma twained on da weab poles and I was duin gweat!! I pwetty much hab 4 poles down pat!! Mommy so pwowd ob me!! Anyways, on to tha citin stuffs! Mommy is pwanin tu take me tu a giwity twial dis Saturday!! I won't be entered. Mom jus wants tu take me so I can kinda ged used tu tha atmusfere ob twials! BUD!!! Mommy IS going tu enter me in a twial at the end ob December!!!! She sais that she thinks I'll be weady!! I hopes so! Wish me wuck!! And Mommy towd me tu tew yu that she'll upwoad some mores bideos ob me duin giwity, soon!


Dis not rite!!

October 25th 2012 5:48 pm
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Mommy got me a sweader tuday and it does nod fit!!! She got the wong size!!! I can't eben bewiebe her!! She's gunna hab tu take id bak and ged a warger size!! UUGHH!! Bud wen she does she's gunna take pikturs and pud them on here!! I will be soooo cyoot!!


Da mostest horrubawest fing eber!!

October 26th 2012 12:46 pm
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Da nabors' yerky!! It's so bad an barks at me aw da time!! It's so annoyin!! BOL

Here's a hykoo I wote bout him!

Da neibors' yerky:

Dat wittle yerky,
It barks at me aw da time,
it needs tu shud up!

BOL Dat was fun!!

Anyways! Mommy upwoaded anuffer bideo of me duin giwity!! You can wach id here:

I 's gunna du smore giwity waiter tuday!! YAY!!!
Well... I's gunna go take a nap now!! Bark at yu waiter!!


I's so acited!

October 27th 2012 8:34 am
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We're about tu weave tu go tu da giwity twial!! Wike I've said I'm nod enterd in dis won bud mommy jus wants tu take me so I can ged used tu fings! :) YAY!!


Wew Is ofishul!

October 30th 2012 11:20 am
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Yep! I is ofishuwy enterd in da giwity twial in Decembur!! Mommy sended da papers in da mail yesterdy! I is su acited!! YAY!! Mom sayz I's duin gud!! She tuk sum bideos ob me and I towd her tu ebit dem an pud dem on yutoob!! So she did an heer dey r!!

da won frum Sundy: ly6x0uorc8afty19iIEqng&index=2&feature=plcp

Da won fwom yesturdy: =UUly6x0uorc8afty19iIEqng&index=1&feature=plcp

i has da mostest fun eber in mai wife, duin giwity!! ok weell maybee bacides chasin da kittes! BOL!

Is gedding so culd heer!! Momma sayz dat dats gud cuz it's hardr tu ged hod wen weer duin giwity! YAY!!

And fank yu su much fur da DDP an giftiez!!!!! Is much apee-see-ate-ed!

Wew... I gess I'w burk ad yu wader!!


Happy Furst Of Nobember!!!

November 1st 2012 8:39 am
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Yep! Is ofishawy da furst ob Nobebmer!!! What du yu hab pwanned fur dis monf?? Momma is wanting tu take me tu a pedsmart at sum point!! I is wookin furward tu dat!! So just a wittwe nooz... Momma's gunna twy tu enter me an agiwity twial dat's gunna be in da end of Nobember!! Id sayz da the entries r stiw oben bud sheez nod shur if id's fuw or nod... so she said dat she'w wet yu no!!


Sum widdwe updades!

November 7th 2012 6:37 pm
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Wew I finawy went tu Pedsmart!! Id wuz su fun!!! I god tu sniff eberyfing and I meated sum uder pupz an we sniffded eachober an id wuz jus su fun!! AN on tob ob id aw... I got tu pik oud a noo toy!!!

Anuder fing... Momma enterd me in a giwity twial dat's 2 weekz frum dis Saterdy!! I iz su acited!!! *Squeep* An den weer goin tu a twial in Decumburrr!! Momma keepz twyn tu twain wiff me bud da weder has nod beed su gweat watewy. Bud maybee tumorow we can twain sum!! I's startin tu ged de weabs weawy gud!! YAY!!!

Awso Momma maded me anuder twial weash dan da won I had. Cuz da won I had wasn'd much fun fur pwayin wif. I upwoaded a picher ob id tu my page!! Go chek id oud!!

Awso dere won'd be any bideos fur a wile cuz Momma's siser needed hur cumpooter bak. But mabee afore tu wong Momma can use id agan!!

Wew, Dat's pwety much id!! Bark ad yu wader!!



Weashes fur sale!!

November 14th 2012 5:43 pm
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So mommy haz maded sum weashes an dey ar fur sale!! I's now had my furst modawing job!! BOl!! But anyways dey r fur sale heer: 12535952

If yur enterested. Dey ar machene washable an dwiable an dere weawy sturdee!!

And on a difurent note.. I finawy gotted a much needed hurkut!! YAY!! I wook su much hansumer!! Me an mom are stiw werkin on gedding weady fur da twial! I's duin so gud!! Momma saiz I mite actuawy Q!!! I's payin tention tu her mor now!! She so happy!!

wew dats 'bout id!! Bark ad y'aw wader!!

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