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I Love Dogster And Catster Too!

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September 22nd 2011 7:26 pm
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I had the bestest day everyfur! I got pamils from pals I didn't even know so dat means I got some new pals.

And guess what? Come On Guess? I got my very first Balloons and they was from my sweet furiends Divine Miss Jade and family. Dat's the beautiful family my sisfur Lexi is marrying into on Sunday the 24th and they all furry nice.

And then I got's footballs..Yup Big Brown footballs! I gots one from Walker and hims Big Family and they all furry nice too and another football from Flame dat's from Divine Jade's family too. Hims my new little furiend and we're trying to learn how to make our Moms stop using all the foo foo when they clean our crates everyday cuzz we wants them manly smelling not girlie. Hmmmmm still not figured it out tho.

A got a Big Shiny Gold Trophy from my furiends Harley D and her sisfur Jazzi...It's furry nice.

Did ya see the pretty Blue Ribbon I got from my furiend Hershey? It was so thoughtful and it's like a blue ribbon for 1st place which is a furry important ribbon. OMD did I say it was pretty?? UT!OH! I meant it is manly cuzz it's BLUE NOT PINK.

Fanks to all my furiends for all the congrat's it's so nice of you to say that to me.


I wuv Dogster/Catster and All My Furiends♥

Puppy Nips and Yips ( Yup, I learned to bark now)




September 22nd 2011 7:15 am
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Oh! My!Dogness I waked up this Morning and Momma telled me I was one of the DDP's today... I love writing in my diary however if I was chosen cuzz of my Free Gizmo entry I want to share this honor wif all who have it in there own diaries...It was a copy paste entry and I forgot to put that I fink it was from Zadie's. You all knows who Zade is huh? Him writes funny entries and is loved all across dogster/catster and we love him too♥

So to be fair all who wrote in their diaries to free Gizmo This honor is shared wif you too!!!! It's wonderful to see after many weeks Gizmo is now free and others are receiving the same honor.

Puppy Nips and Barks,,,YEPPERS I learned how to bark now!



September 19th 2011 9:57 am
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Dear Dogster/Catster,

Please release Gizmo and Luke from the dog/cat of the week spots. It was wonderful to read all about them but now I would like to see another dog/cat honored there. For all of our pals out there please feel free to copy and paste this message and spread the word to Dogster/Catster that we would like to see Gizmo and Luke set free. FREE GIZMO (and Luke)!!!!!

I’m hoping that if others post the same message that their pals will agree and do the same thing. Maybe if there was a mass movement Dogster/Catster would move this situation up on their “to do” list and set them both free. I admit I am sort of in a panic here because I only have 6 more days before we hit the road again and I will not have access to the internet so my campaign will either be a success or stop short of getting them free.

Please be aware that this is a very hard request for me to make because I am used to just taking what I want. I did put a lot of thought into it and have been second guessing myself wondering if it is an appropriate thing to request because it could end up in a huge failure where no one will join in on the cause. I decided that not trying was a failure in it's self so what do I really have to loose? I just want to get the word out that Gizmo (and Luke) need to be free and I'm hoping it happens before we leave next weekend.


I am 3 months old today and keeping Momma Jumping

September 17th 2011 2:09 pm
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Does ya know I can make my Momma jump so many times a day you couldn't count them all..She jumps when I bark to go out and potty..She jumps when I put my head down to eat rocks, grass, sticks, dead leaves and anything else that's fun and on the ground! BOL! She jumps when she hears be getting into things like shoes,electrical cords, and hey I know how to open the cupboard doors! WhoooHoo what as smart pupper I am.

I destuffed my first toy today and stuffing was everywhere in the yard as I shook it and made his guts go flying...Momma hopes she found it all but only found 1 eye. She asked me Roscoe Boy did you eat the eye? Silly Momma knows I would give away a secret even if she asked so she checked all the eyes and noses on my other toys..What for Momma if you look close you nevfur found the other ear to my teddy I killed either. BOL!

Hmmm I think my Momma has lost some weigh since she got me but I have gained..I am a big 30# pounder already ..wonders how big he will grow and how little Momma will be come springtime.

Well I am off to see if I can find anything on the ground of interest or anything in the kitchen that may suit my cravings for fun.

Puppy Nips,


Roscoe The Rockster

September 12th 2011 9:47 pm
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It's one more new day in my young life and Momma was proud of me cuzz I only ate 1 rock today! Yeppers just one! She has been trying to teach me to Leave It when I put my head down to grab a rock..I just can't help it..I love them but she doesn't seem to understand why. Hmmmm I don't understand why she loves loves pizza either cuzz i nevfur ate pizza and she nevefur ate a rock. BOL!

I pulled the inside out of daddys work boot and now she watches me like a hawk! Does that mean my Mommas part birdie? I have so much to learn about life. BOL!

But we also have loads of fun together. We went for a long walk to the field where I ran and played and she threw a toy and I would bring it back and she says..Good Boy in a different kind of voice. It's kewl that Momma has different voices cuzz when I bark my voice is always the same.

Then before I got my dinner it got real windy and the leaves on the ground were moving! OMD I ran after hundreds of them but didn't catch any. Maybe when I'm older I can catch one huh? Momma told me one the walk home that soon white things will fall from the sky and I can chase them for months and even if I don't catch one they will just keep piling up on the ground and I can play in them. Sound like fun and I can hardly wait.

Puppy Nips,


My First Bath

September 6th 2011 9:41 pm
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I heard water running in the bathroom so I went to see what it was for and You Guessed It...It was for me! Momma scooped me up and set me in the water and she had a bathmat in the bottom of the tub so I wouldn't slip..SLIP! Are you kidding me..I'm A Lab remember silly Momma! She poured water over me, soaped me up good and I stood perfectly still as she scrubbed it in cuzz it felt so good. Then she rinsed me off, scooped me up and lifted me out and set me on a towel and then I shook water everywhere before she could get the towel on me to dry me off. She laughed and said well no sense to dry you now GOOFY PUPPER~ She took me outside where I did a zoomie and she stopped me cuzz of my neck injury but she did let me roll and roll in the grass and that was fun.

Momma says..Thank God You're a Labbie Roscoe Boy cuzz this old Momma sure appreciates what a calm pup you are♥ And I am a good pup, I learned not to nip, I know my sit stay, I'm potty trained and I'm only 10 weeks old...Hmmmmm I won't do the recall yet unless there's a treat involved but Momma says Patience is a virtue and we'll just take our time.

Puppy Nips,


I Gotsa An Owie...Sniff...Snifff

September 5th 2011 11:35 am
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I have an Owie but am One Lucky Dawg!

It was Saturday night and someone left the gate to the basement opened and even tho I go up and down them stairs all day to see what my boys have left on the rec room floor that I can snag and eat or chew up I fell...The stairs was dark and I was going too fast and my tail went right ovefur my head..yup it sure did..overfur and overfur and overfur. I was on the floor whimpering and Momma runned down with a blanket..set me on it gently and examined me to make sure no bones was broken and there wasn't but she carried me to the truck in the blankie and we were off to the Emergency Vet to see if I had anything going on internally. I passed all the tests with flying colors except for my neck. I was a good boy and let the vet man twist and turn my neck even tho it hurted. Him said it was wrenched and I got a shot of anti inflammatory and didn't even cry. Him said I was a very well adjusted pupper and he never seen one my age so calm..Momma was so proud of me. He said cuzz I was so good I could kiss him and that's what I did! He put hims face to my nose and I kissed him all ovfur hims face and he laughed and laughed.

I was sent home wif some meds and a RX of rest and to wear a harness for several months. REST HE SAID...OMD How does a 9 week old pupper stop long enough to rest??? Momma lets me play during the day by walking me slowly and cuddling me and I fall asleep around 8PM and sleep until 6AM unless I wake up and bark to go out and potty which I sometimes do but then come in and crawl up on my pillow in my crate and ZZZZZZZZZ.

Puppy Nips,


It's My House Too So What's The Big Deal???

August 27th 2011 6:29 am
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Geesh My New Momma told me this morning she should change my name to BIG BAD LEROY BROWN! Probably she said that cuzz I bumped into a book shelf in the kitchen and a pretty blue/turquoise candle holder she got in Greece toppled to the hard floor and smashed into a gazillion pieces. I thought it sounded kinda kewl like a tinkling sound that was all around me but Momma said something very loud but I don't know the words and it's probably a good thing Huh?

Then came a big thing right out of the closet and I barked..well not really barked but yipped and Daddy laughed cuzz it ws the first time I everfur made a noise. But Momma just gave me the look! I tilted my head when she said look out Ross, MR Oreck has work to do and WOW He had a big voice. I ran to my pillow and stayed there until that big Mr. Oreck ate whatever he was supposed to eat off the floor. I heard hard things going up his throat and thought he must be a tough guy to eat hard things. Then he went back in the closet so I think he must live here too.

The ginormus white doggie that lives in my house can bark really loud *shudders*but then Momma says one word to her and she sits down but keeps staring at me. Geesh all I want to do is play. What's wrong with that???

Then guess what? I learned if you put your front feet on the water dish it TIPS and you have water all over the floor and you can play in it just like a slip and slide!! Woof! Woof!

Well it's nap time for me so see you all later.

Puppy Nips,


I Found Myself In My Mailbox!

August 24th 2011 10:18 pm
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Oh! My Goodness! When I opened my mailbox this AM I found Myself and My Furiend Bailey in it! Yeppers it was Bailey handing me this awesome picture and telling me I was Royal Pup Of The Day in her PDPC Group! That meant I got to rule the whole Kingdom.

All my furiends congratulated me and I declared it Eat As Many Treats As You Want Day! It made them furry happy indeed so guess Iwas doing the Royal thing right! I walked through the huge kingdom wagging my puppy tail as I passed, Bailey, Buttercup, Hershey,Lexi,George,Bizkit,Harley D, Pookah and his whole big fambly, and so many others that I can't remember all their names.

This was my very first honor and I will always remember your kindness all my PDPC Furiends♥♥ Thank You♥♥

Puppy Nips,


Roscoe's Rant

August 21st 2011 4:52 am
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Dear Diary,

Well today is my 3rd day with my new loving family and it is so fun..The 2 skinkids love to play and carry me,and I love to mkae Momma paly! BOL! I wait until she throws the ball a few hundred times, then I stop, turn in a few circles, lay down and close my eyes and wait for her to sit down....I watch her with one eyes opened just a slit and then,,,START TO WHINE and she jumps up and takes me out to potty. Her looks so funny jumping like that! BOL! It makes Daddy laugh a lot!

However..There is a huge white doggie who Momma says is my Sisfur Monnie and the first day she sniffed me all over and kept putting her big paw on my head and I would tuck and roll! It was so fun but since last night her growls at me and Momma gets after her. I just want to be her best fried* sniff sniff* Momma won't leave us unattended as she said...Ross be good boy cuzz one bite and you're done! i thought one bite of what!

Well it's been over a half hr since I've eaten so better go look in my dish and see if there's anything good in it.

Hmmm wonder if Momma wants to play the JUMP UP game with me since that big ol' white dog won't play!

See you tomorrow *wags tail real fast and zooms outta there!

Puppy Nips,


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