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I Love Dogster And Catster Too!

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October 15th 2012 8:10 am
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We will be off Dogster today cuzz we are getting our new natural gas lines installed. Momma said I could watch them when the machines come to dig so how fun is that Huh? We have to have everything shut off even the cell phones cuzz NO SPARKS ALLOWED and that kinda scares Momma but not me..I'm just curious and want to dig in the ditch with them! BOL! Wonders if barking will set anything off. Hmmmmmm

Then it's 2 football games for my boy tonight and everyone always loves up on me when I go with but Momma said I have to stay home with Monnie tonight as the weather is pretty dawggone cold at night now..Doesn't she get it that I wear a fur coat? Silly Momma!

Well I am off for my morning run with Daddy so have a great day all you Pals!

Wags,Wiggles and Woofs,


One Year and A Day!

August 19th 2012 9:02 am
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OMD, Where to start. It has been a busy summer here with my skin bro palying baseball then All Stars which by the way he helped his team win the Division Championship with his home run walk off:) So proud we were!!

Then my family had many funerals to go to which made for some very sad times and NO dogster time;( Momma is hoping for snow so she will get to stay indoors and we can once again play on dogster! Yeah right...we love the snow silly Momma! All week was our local Hog Head parade and our Pawrents Class Reunions. Hmmm wonder if they went to obedience school back in the day cuzz they sure are well behaved and have great manners. BOL!

Now they said they are leaving for a whole week *shock* and Monnie and I will be boarded in rooms next to one another with glass doors to look out of, a play area so I can play with other doggies but not Monnie..she can only play with me as she isn't very nice sometimes...Shhhhhhh don't tell her I said that. I bet I will bark and bark and bark somemore and will have no bark left when Momma comes to get me.

Well, know back to the story of why I'm writing this entry. Yesterday was 1 whole yr since I came to live with my most wonderful loving family! My hooman brofur saw a man drowning me and my siblings and he and his friends took us out of the water and to their cars. He came home and it was My Mommas Birthday so he handed her me and said Happy Birthday Gram..Meet Roscoe! OMD She didn't want another dog! Then she saw the white spot on my little chest( I was 8 weeks old) and it looked like Angel Wings which made her look at me like Lexi Girl had found me..I gave her the sad puppy look and she snuggled me close and it was all about LOVE after that. I am blessed to have such a wonderful loving home and with 2 teenage boys living with me it's all about PLAYTIME!!! I want to take this opportunity to say Thank You to all who sent pmals, sent gifts to my page and made cakes etc and just made my GOTCHA Day so special! Thanks for thinking of me on my special day, it means so much to me to have such caring wonderful furiends.

Wags and Labbie Licks,


My Exciting 10 months Of Living In Dogster Town!

June 19th 2012 10:25 am
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WOW It's hard to believe I wandered into Dogster Town 10 months ago and I am so happy I did! Yesterday was my First Birthday and so many of my pals celebrated my special day with me in Dogster Town by having parties, sending me cakes, surprises, gifts, pmails and commenting on photos. Since arriving at the age of around 8 weeks after I was rescued by my Boy I have been treated so well and invited to many groups and have met the most wonderful friends whom I love so very much. We have fun together, playing, just hanging out yapping and offering one another love, prayers and support when needed. HQ has made a very great Town for us to enjoy and they even have a Watch Dog to make sure their is no biting growling or snapping. Thanks HQ and Watchdog!

I have many Kitty Friends whom I do everything mentioned above with too and love them all! I just don't hang out in Catster Town but sure am happy when they come to Dogster to see me♥

Thank You All Again for making my 10 months HERE SO WONDERFUL AND FOR MAKING My Birthday Yesterday even more special with your Love and Furiendship♥

Wags Wiggles and Woofs
Your Pal Roscoe


Adopt 2012 Contest

June 17th 2012 6:24 pm
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Arrival Story:
My 16 yr old Hooman and a bunch of his friends were swimming in Lake Superior at a very popular place and a man walked out in the water to his waist and yelled..If no on will take these puppies I am going to drown them! So of course it pulled at my hoomans heart strings and he took me and his friends took my four siblings. It was my Mommas birthday the next day and I was kept quiet in his bedroom all night which was not easy! BOL! He came up behind Momma in the morning and said..Happy Birthday Gram meet Roscoe and handed Momma a little black ball of fur which was me. She looked me over to see if I was anything at all like her Beloved Lexi who had gone to the bridge and I wasn't and knew she was sad but didn't want to disappoint my boy so she cuddled me and I wagged my tail as hard as I could, gave her the brown puppy eye look and she fell..Then she snuggled me close to her face and kissed the top of my head and I knew I had won her over♥♥♥ Daddy said my white spot on my chest looks just like an Angel so probably Lexi sent me;) I will have my First Birthday on June 18th and am so blessed to have lived in my loving forever home since that scary day of nearly drowning! Thank You Michael for saving my life and the life of my siblings and Thank You Momma and Daddy for giving me the loving forever home I deserved! May God Bless You Always and Forever♥

Love You Bunches, Roscoe xxxxx


The Best Lil' Doghouse

June 2nd 2012 8:19 pm
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WOOWZA I am the Fur Of The Month for June and what an Honor! Merry interviewed me in the garden and her questions were so much fun to answer and let me tell you she is one awesome reporter! Thanks Merry and thanks to your loving husband George for making my awesome photos!

A Big thank you to all my Doghouse Pals who have sent gifts, pmails and congrat's and for saying they enjoyed learning more about me! It was my pleasure♥

If you ever want to know more about me please feel fre to ask your questions as I will be pleased to answer them for you! It's great getting to know more about one another.

Wags Wiggles and Woofs,

Your Pal Roscoe


Socializing Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be

May 30th 2012 9:40 am
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Last night I went to my skin-bro's baseball game cuzz Momma said it's a good place to learn more socialization skills and there would be lots of fun involved interacting with kids etc. Well I tell you..It wasn't fun for me!

First of all I jumped out of the truck when I saw a ball flying through the air and WHAM I HIT THE FENCE! She failed to tell me the flying balls where not for me! Then OMD I saw a bunch of kids running around so took off after them only to be stopped when I reached the end of my lead and Momma said wait so I sat and waited and waited and waited. Finally she said the release word so I got up once again to run after them..same thing STOP..WAIT..Well what fun is this I thought! So I started to sniff all over the ground to see what the little hoomans may have dropped that I could grab.. First Oh Look a plastic cap from a bottle! YUM! Wrong..I heard Roscoe Drop It so I did, next was a piece of plastic,, snag.. Roscoe Drop It! You getting the picture here? Everything that was supposed to be fun wasn't fun at all. Hey Look at all the sunflower seed shells..I gobbled them up so fast Momma didn't have time to say a word! BOL!

Oh LOOK! Here comes them running little hoomans again! I jumped and tugged and jumped some more but they went right past me and one yelled You're Scary! Momma said Roscoe Boy sit quietly and they will maybe play but you're acting too wild and it scares them! The nice lady next to Momma petted me and said I was so shiny and gorgeous but she thought everyone was afraid I would jump on them;( Momma told her she was probably right and said she would work on my training more. Training more..come on Momma we train all the time! I do well but just get so excited and I think if you're at a game it should be fun like chasing the ball and bringing it back to whomever hit it right? I always bring the ball back to Momma when she throws it* shrugs*

And No food laying on the ground? What's up with that? I figure there should be some popcorn, chips, Mike and Ikes or at least some kind of dropped candy but NOOOOOOOOO, Nothing! I'm sure glad Momma always has treats in her pockets so at least I scored something cuzz isn't baseball all about scoring???

Oh well, Momma said there are lots of games left for the season and I will be attending them all so there's still hope that it will be fun and I WILL SCORE!!! Hope she's right!

Pssst...forgot to say when my skinbro and his team came out of the dugout and he told them I was his pup they loved all over me but I was getting muddy paw prints all over their gray uniform pants so once again I had to stop and SIT! I'm thinking when the baseball field is empty after the last game Momma will turn me lose and let me run the bases and zoom around the out field like she did with Lexi and Monnie! We'll see!

Your Pal Roscoe


WhoooHooo I received my Lickety Stix

April 15th 2012 6:37 pm
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Yesterday the Fed X truck pulled up and brought me a package! I just love that driver cuzz he always brings me Kewl stuff like this time he brought me the 3 pack of Lickety Six I won! I was so happy and wiggling and spinning in circles but then I jumped up and knocked it out of Mommas hand and that's a huge No No but she didn't get mad cuzz she knew I was so very excited so she asked me to sit and I did as asked. She opened the chicken one and it looks like a roll on deodorant that I just give a lick! OMD! It was so yummy and then Monnie had a lick and she liked it too! Momma said it's great to keep in her pocket for my training commands which by the way I do my sit and stay all off leash now;) I'm not trusted on my off leash recall yet though but am trying hard to please Momma and do it perfectly while on the 20' lead.

I can't wait to show you what they look like and when Momma gets her camera battery charged she will take a picture of me and my Lickety Stix to show you! I know when you see it you will want your Pawrents to get you some too!

Wags, Wiggles and Woofs from your pal,


WOW IT'S AN EGGstravaganza!

April 7th 2012 9:27 am
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I want to thank all my furiends from Dogster/Catster for all the beautiful Easter Eggs that adorn my page and are full of Easter Greetings, Easter Blessings, Love, Furiendship, and beautiful and sometimes funny graphics. I have tried hard to keep up with them but if I have missed returning a egg full of love to any of you please forgive me as it would never be intentional! I Love Each and Everyone Of You and feel blessed having you in my life.

My Fursibs will be posting this same entry in each of their diaries as they all feel the same as I do.


Love and Hugs,



April 3rd 2012 6:07 pm
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WhoooHoooo Fed X pulled up and stopped at my house and left a package on the porch and it was from Dogster for me and Monnie! It was our clean up bags and they came in a bone shaped carrier that is so kewl and it says DOGSTER on it;) They included some more Dogster stickers too! Now whenever Momma is walking me and I have to go she can clean up after me in style;)

Thanks Dogster HQ! YOU ROCK!

Your Little Buddy,


Love The New Dogster Videos

March 29th 2012 1:31 pm
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OMD, The videos are so much fun and what a crew of hilarious hoomans dogster has...They make you laugh so hard and really do brighten your day!

I watched the one on Bassets and you know how we all love Lori's Angel Lucy♥ Ted is so doggone funny it will make you cry plus I got free Dogster Poop Bags just for watching..Yeppers Poop Bags!! How awesome is that Huh? It's video # 3 so make sure you watch it if ya all want a good laugh and make sure you continue watching them cuzz they are The Best

I want to thank my friends Hershey and Winkie for telling me about it! Thanks Guys!

Wags Wiggles and Woofs,
Your Pal Roscoe

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