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I Love Dogster And Catster Too!

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Another Update *Sigh*

April 22nd 2013 8:47 pm
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I'm sorry I have not been around and want to take this time to apologize and to thank you for all your love, support, well wishes, prayers, gifts and mail.

I am still so very sick and even tho I do eat a little I have lost more weight. In a little over 2 weeks I have gone from a happy overly energetic 78lb pup to a much thinner one that sleeps day and night. I only go out to go potty and my pawrents are so sad and frightened. I spent the last 2 days at the clinic getting fluid and my poop looks like red strawberries. My blood work has been put in formeldehyde and shipped to the University and the results are due back tomorrow. All my pawrents can do is keep me warm and hydrated and try and coax me to eat. I am sleeping on an electric blankie with either my Momma or Daddy next to me and I rest my head on their lap. I love them so much and wish I could get better so they wouldn't be so sad. Please keep me in your prayers that I will grow stronger each day after they finally figure out what is wrong with me. My Dogter here has checked everything he possibly can and everything appears normal so he is asking his friends at the U to help me..I love my dogter and he has been so kind and gentle with me and I know he feels sad as well.

I will update as soon as I get my results back and again Friends Thank You For Loving Me and My Family and for everything you have done.

Your Pal Roscoe and Family


Another Update and asking for healing prayers

April 17th 2013 6:43 pm
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Well it's been 2 days since I was to the dogster and all seemed well but once again I have severe poops and have slept all day. I don't want to drink any water so I am back on the doggie electrolyte and will be going to the clinic sometime tomorrow if the roads are clear as we are having another snow storm and roads are icy and the snow is just starting. Another 8"* sigh* Daddy turned our heat up and Momma warmed my big blanket in the dryer and I am now resting all curled up next to the heat register with Daddy sitting next to me and I keep my head on his lap. I am a daddys boy for sure and love that he sticks close to me. My pawrents are worried and praying that the dogter can find out what's wrong. All my blood tests and X-Rays show nothing abnormal, I have normal temp. I played yesterday but not to much, Daddy walked me early this AM and I was frisky but come afternoon I got sick again. I'm so tired and only get up to go to the door to let my pawrents know I have to potty and Momma says I am such a good boy because when you have the poops you have to go when you have to go but I have had no accidents in the house at all. I ate my dinnner and within an hr it came out like water:( I lay as if I am very uncomfortable but am not whining or acting as if in pain so Momma told daddy to just let me lay the way I want as she said doggies know how to make themselves comfortable for the most part and I agree with her.

I will keep you all updated as time allows and in the meantime would you please keep saying prayers for me? It is greatly appreciated and we all know there is poer in prayer. Thank You once agin for all the prayers you have already said for me♥

Love and Hugs, Your Pal Roscoe


April 15th 2013 update on me

April 15th 2013 6:34 pm
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Hi Pals,

I just got home and X-Rays showed no sign of anything in my tummy or intestines. I do have some adhesions in the large intestine and will be taking another round of antibiotics along with Prilosec. I lost a total of 9 and 1/4 lbs since I got sick and will be kept on a special diest for several weeks and I'm OK with that because Momma said I will probably like the taste. Nothing to eat for 24 hrs again so my tummy has time to rest. I have a good chance of complete recovery if I eat only what's on my diet and must be kept on leash at all times so I don't ingest anything. Momma of course will be watching me with her Eagle Eyes and said Daddy must too or she will make me wear a muzzle when he walks me so I can't grab anything off the ground and he said he would never want that so will watch me very close so we will see.

Momma made me treats as you can see in my photos but put them away for Monnie cuzz I can't have any but that's OK I'm still sleepy and am going to curl up in my warm blankie and watch TV with Daddy.

Thank You for caring about me and all the prayers you said have helped. I and my family feel so blessed to have such wonderful loving friemds.

Love and Hugs, Your Pal Roscoe


My New Update

April 14th 2013 8:24 am
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I have finished all my meds and am still drinking but eating very little. I will eat a few tiny pieces of chicken and a little bit of egg but that's all. You can see in my main photo how thin I've gotten in just one week. As those whom have been praying for me you know I did pass the rock but now passed a second piece of pink fabric.

Our neighbors daughter was up at her parents with thir lab Duke and Momma just found out when they got home to Minneapolis he died at the vets office. Poor Duke! He was such a beautiful doggie and loved to play with me. I'm going to miss him:( He had the same symptoms as me but he was 9 yrs old and not strong enough to fight it. Momma is thinking now that someone threw something in our yards and both Roscoe and Duke ate it. We have so much snow Momma couldn't figure out where the rock came from and the vet said maybe someone put it in fabric along with something smelly and I ate it. I am going in tomorrow for a barrium X-Ray to see if I have more in my intestines that may have to be removed. On a good note they said it's a good thing that pieces are coming out as it means no obstruction.

Please continue praying for me and Momma too. She is worried stressed and tired but is taking good care of me. She warms my big blankies in the dryer and turns the heat up to 72 for me, I am being kept quit and sleeping with just a night light on. She says I am such a good boy. Daddy sits with me until I fall asleep and gets up several times during the night to check on me. I have the Bestest Parents! Monnie wouldn't quit sniffing me so I am in Momma and Daddys room which is an honor as doggies are not allowed in there. I can't wait to play with Monnie again and I feel bad that she can't sniff me anymore but I really need to be kept quiet and hope she knows I still love her.

Hugs from your Pal Roscoe


Up Date On Me

April 11th 2013 7:54 pm
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Thank You All whom have said prayers and offered love friendship and support for me and my family♥

I am home and today I finished 2 of my meds and tomorrow I only have 4 pills left to take. I ate some kibble tonight but before I finished I was burping so Momma took it away so it wouldn't come back up. I am still sleeping most of the day and won't come out of my crate except when I see Daddy come in the room then I get out walk over to him for a hug and a ear scratch and he takes me out to potty and Momma warms all my blankies so as soon as I come back in I snuggle in them. No more blood coming out either end for the last 3 days so that's a real good sign and we know with all the prayers being said I will recover but it will take some time before I am back to the hyper energetic boy I was before.

We are having a Blizzard and Monnie has been out zooming in it and Momma said it's sad that I didn't want to play with her like I always do but she also says it's a Blessing in disguise and I guess I agree with her cuzz she knows what's best.

Well Momma is ready to change my water, put the night light back on and we are all off to bed. Good Night Pals and Thank You Again, Your Buddy Roscoe


Sniff Sniff I am still very sick

April 10th 2013 9:55 am
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I am writing today to let you know I am still very sick and Momma is so worried. I don;t need any gifts on my page but would like to please ask for continued prayer and thank you to all whom have ben praying since last Friday.

I got sick last Thursday night and on Fri morning I threw up 5 tiny blood clots so off top the vet I went. It was determined after the exam, X-Rays, and blood work that I had a small rock stuck in my tummy. I was on an I'V for fluid and antibiotics and sent home to see if it would pass. I passed it but had some intestional problems due to it being in their so long before it made me ill. I am still on Metronidazole and Cerenia, and did eat good 2 days ago but today I am back to not eating or drinking so am on my way back to the clinic. Momma has some photos of me she will post later tonight and you can see in them I am not the usually enegetic playful pup I normally am. I lost 4 lbs since Friday which was ok as I am 78 lbs which is too fat for me but it's a bad way to lose weight;(

I'm sure we won't be on dogster much as it's taking all of Mommas energy to take care of me but again I ask you to please keep me in your prayers.

Wags Wiggles and Woofs,


Thank You From Our Family To Yours

December 20th 2012 9:40 am
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Thank You So Much for thinking of Our Family during the Christmas Season and for all the beautiful Photo Cards, Christmas Cards and Gifts. My Family is so Blessed with your love, prayers and friendships.

Thank You

BENTLEY Walker,Ms Alex and Family
ABBY AND LUCIAN Coco Rose and Puff
BUDDY MORRIS AND FAMILY Howard,Duke,Jessi and Kitties
DARBY Buster and Brea
Snapperman, Marley Bob and Family Bobbe
Phantom Pack Marley,Peanut and Family
Krickette Zoey
Roux,Gus,Raven and Family Squirt,Hunter and Smokey
Hersh and Winkie Brendal
Boozer Sheba,Duke and Kitties
Peanut and Willow Jackie
Annie Cammy,Maggie and Family
Luke,Belle,Pigglet and Tizzy Brewster Crew
Kaci Paris and Annie
Peter Parker Max
Bitu Maxi and Odie
Bastest,Pretty Girl and Family Pepe and Frosty
Trixe Mae Marshmallow Stone Family
Riley and Cordi Homer and Family
Patrick Rubio and fAMILY
Bailey Amazing Grace
Buddy and Scooter Petey,Chloe andMolly
Millie and Simon Bacon and Beans
Chadee and Family Whisper and Dixie
Angel Bert and Minnie Buddy,Snoopy,ChooChoo,&Angels
Daisy,Tonka and bILL Pepper
Alexandra and Avalon Nina,Cody and Fa,ily
Lola,Max and Angels Kiko and Bambi
Nikki and Alex

Also thanks for all the great photos and we will be putting them on our pages hopefully tonight.

Thank You From Roscoe and Monnie

Hersh and Winkie for the toys and treats and My Special Angel Ornament

Mazy for the great fudge

Pepe and Frosty for the $50.00 gift card

Trixie Marsh Mallow for the Treats and the kewl toys especially the Brett Michael Stuffie! BOL

Willow and Peanut for the toys, treats, photo frame, ornaments and bullies!

Secret Santa for the awesome Kong and Kong Tug Toy

Secret Santa for the Case of our favorite Three Dog Bakery Treats

Word cannot convey how much each and everyone of you mean to us so I will just say..LOVE YOU ALL...MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOUR FAMILY FROM OURS

Roscoe,Monnie and Lexi


We Won! We Won! We Won!

November 30th 2012 6:45 am
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OMD! We entered the Dogster contest for the card and tags and we won! How kewl is that huh? We are so excited and they are earth friendly and everything. Sure do hope they arrive in time for us to share with our Secret Santas;)

Thanks Dogster for the fun contest!


WhooooHoooo We got CHRISTmas Cards from some Dear Furiends- today!

November 27th 2012 7:03 pm
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OMD, Our mail man came today and he was carrying cards,,Yep! CHRISTmas cards and they were all for me, Monnie and Roscoe;) Our Pawrents didn't even get one! BOL!

We love all our pals here on Dogster/Catster and do so enjoy all the cards we receive throughout the CHRISTmas season and we love sending them to you as well♥ We sent ours today except the ones going to England, India, Australia, New Zealand and Italy will be going to the post on Friday! So when you see your mail person arrive don't knock them off the porch in excitment! BOL!

Thank You So Much for your furiendship and Card

Brewster Crew♥

Cocoa Rose and Puff♥

Maxi Odie and Ernie♥

Daisy Tonka and Bill♥

Max A. ♥

Walker, Pooks,Molly,Ms Alex,Eddy,Emily,Nelly,Morris,Cleo,Nekko,Itsumo,Jerry,Tinker and Pawrents♥

More Cards Today;)

Morris Pack♥


Hershey and Winkie♥

Cammy, Angel Britteny, Maggie and Max♥

Abby, Lucian and Kitties♥


Paris and Annie

More Cards Today;)

Thank You Phantom's all look amazing lined up in a row with your holiday head gear♥

Thanks Hunter, Smokey and Squirt♥ Your art work on the card is gorgeous♥

Thanks, Buudy Snoopy ChooChoo and Angel Goof and Angel Weedle♥

Thanks Odie Maxi and Ernie♥

Thanks Homer,Ms Kennedy,Cissi and Calvin..Love the greyhound racing card you made♥


Love and Hugs,
Roscoe, Monnie, Lexi and Family


A Fun Day With My Sisfur Monnie amd My Momma

November 11th 2012 8:04 pm
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WOW, Monnie got to get out of the house after being cooped up for several months and I was so happy when we got in the truck until I heard Momma say..Roscoe you can't run with Monnie today but you can walk with her. I wasn't sure what she was saying but the tone of her quiet voice made me sad cuzz I knew something was amiss. She parked the truck and we all walked into the woods..Walked...Hmmmmm I wondered why we weren't running but saw Monnie was on a short lead. AFter we stopped by to see Lexi's resting place we continued on slowly and then turned and went back and got in the truck! When we drove past the ball field I knew where were were going and was soooooooo excited I started whining and wiggling but when we stopped Momma said Roscoe STAY so I sat back down still wondering what was going on. Monnie got to get out but was hooked to a very very long line and she and Momma walked and walked and walked some more then they started running. OMD I wanted to run too and didn't undertand so I started barking which I rarly ever do. They ignored me and just kept going. When they came back and got in to the truck Momma massaged Monnie's hips, gave her some pain meds covered her with a warm polar fleece blankie and turned the heater on. When we arrived home they got out but I was told once again STAY whille she took Monnie inside to be with Daddy. AND THEN.....She got back in and we were off to the FIELD! OMD as soon as she stopped the truck and opened the door I shot out like a hunters bullet from a gun! I was off and running. She usually runs with me for a ways but she just stood still and watched. I ran past her several times as I zoomed across and around that big field until I just couldn't do it anymore so plopped at her feet and she sat down and waited as I rested. Then she let me have a drink of water and we headed home. Home where Monnie and DaDdy and my soft bed was waiting for me. I was so DAWG TIRED I nearly slept right through dinner. But she woke me up fed me I went out to do my business and came in crawled back in my crate and am going to sleep until tomorrow.

Thanks Momma for all the fun and especially letting Monnie come with even if I couldn't run with her I'm still thankful she was able to go with us.

Love and Hugs,

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