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WOW, I'm DOTD Momma!

October 27th 2013 1:29 pm
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Thank You HQ for selecting me with the wonderful honor of DOTD! It couldn't have come at a better time as on Friday I was naughty so now Momma knows I'm still a great loving pupper! On Fri when I woke up Momma said my ears smelled yeasty so off to Doc Don's we went. I had a full exam and nail trim and stood perfectly still but when I saw him come at me with a long stick with a white swab on the end I freaked out and bit the tech. I was fighting so hard to get off that table that Don thought I would hurt myself so he got me down gave me a sedative and flushed my ears and then I got another shot and within 1 minute I was awake and up and bouncing around the room wagging my tail. Momma was so upset but Don just said, Hey he's a dog and being you worked for me you know any dog can bite when they are scared or in pain. I don't mind my ears looked at or meds put in but no hooman is gonna stick anything in them! Nope not ever so the best thing is to keep my ears clean and dry so guess that means no more swimming but hey it's almopst winter anyways up north here so no worries right? *grins*

Thank You for all the pmails and gifts you have sent and I sure have missed you all so much. It's been a long 5 months for My Momma and she is getting her energy back one day at a time and is able to eat a little too. Daddy and I spent the whole summer playing cuzz Momma couldn't but I'm a Daddy's boy so it was fine with me, Shhhhhh don't tell Momma I said that.

Now that Momma can stay awake awhile each day I can swing by groups and chat and play again. Awwwwwww such special times I have missed.

Wags,Wiggles and Woofs,


What Great Pals I Have♥♥

August 20th 2013 9:08 pm
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WOW, I bet you all thought my family and I fell right off the face of the earth huh? Nope we sure didn't but have been so very busy. Momma has been having test after test after test and tomorrow will be at the hospital for the whole day finishing up the tests and then goes to the surgeon next Monday. All her tests have come back with super good results and she is very happy and so am I. I missed her when she was gone but got spoiled by my Daddy and you know how good being spoiled feels!

Thank You so much for remembering my Gotcha Day on Aug 18th! What great pals I have and guess what? It was my Mommas birthday too and she said I was the bestest gift she ever received but I think she's wrong..I say She's the bestest gift I've ever received..Love you Momma♥

Praying all is well with all of you and your familes and I Love and Miss You ♥ Your Pal Roscoe


It's Great To Be Back

July 7th 2013 6:43 pm
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Even tho My Family has been gone for weeks on end I want to thank you for remembering all of us and sending all the fancy dancy fireworks. My Pawrents have been so busy that they evn forgot My and Monnie birthdays * thunk* but boy when they remembered we got spoiled rotten. We got to go for a long run in the woods with a quick stop off to visit my Angel Sis then to the butcher shop for a huge smoked bone but Monnie growled at me so Momma had to pull over and make her sit in the back by herself and I got to ride shotgun! WhooHooo how fun to look out the windshield for the first time but shhhh I did try and climb in Mommas lap but she said it was ok cuzz it was my first time of riding shotgun. Then we got home and we got new puzzle toys. They look like a tower that falls over and rolls right back to stand up. 3 layers for the treats to fall through and someday soon I'll post a photo..You here that Momma! Someday SOON!!!!

I have been feeling good and have gained some weight back and play most everyday now which makes my whole doggone family happy and of course I'm happy too cuzz it's no fun to be sick. Thank you again for all your prayers and Praise The Lord for answering them♥

My boy graduated and there was a huge party but we didn't get to go. Momma said no pets allowed but they were all hugging and singing and everything when they came home. My Pawrents laid new carpet in the Living Romm and it's light caramel color so when it rains we have to have our feets wiped off at the door but we don't mind cuzz we get a tiny treat each time for being good and standing still but one time my whoile belly had to be wiped cuzz I splashed in a puddle. BOL! All our rooms are painted and the deck is stained but Momma said they are taking a break before they do the yard and roof so WhoooHooo that means we get to play again and we are excited to be back with our pals.

I hope this entry finds you all well and doing good and we will try our best to get caught up on diary readings and stopping by groups. We sure have missed you all♥♥♥

Love and Hugs,
Roscoe and Family


A Little Set back

June 3rd 2013 11:50 am
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Thank you once again for stopping in and checking on me. I am thankful to have such devoted loving furiends. I had a little set back after doing so well but it's to be expected off and on probably the rest of my life Doc Don says so we are taking it one day at a time and woth summer arriving soon I can be in my fenced yard and just lay around on my of days and on my good days I will walk with daddy. I miss my daddy walks alot but I need to get back to 100% so I can PLAY!!!

We have a brand new addition to our family I want to share with you. Well actually it's an addition to my hu-sis's family but she is precious to us as well. We are all so excited! She has to stay with her Mommy for awhile before she can be brought home but here is a video of her when she was 9 days old. They bought her last Sat and can visit her everyday. She doesn't have her "barn" name yet and her resgisterd name is silly but I will let you know what they name her and will post photos so you can enjoy seeing her growing up.

Please Meet Our New Baby: loPPL4


A Good Day For Me..Smiles and wags tail

May 21st 2013 3:13 pm
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Hello all my furiends and your families,

First I want to say we have been praying for all whom are effected by the devastating tornado in OK as well as all the resuce workers.

Thank You to each and everyone of you for being here for me throughout my illness and I am pleased to say all you prayers have helped. Praise The Lord! I made it through my 2 day fast and it really wasn't too bad at all due to I had no appetite anyways and today I ate my breakfast kibble with my probotics added and it stayed down;) Late afternoon I came out of my crate and went right to daddy and barked and was wagging my tail...shhhhhh he had tears in his eyes as he was so happy to see me look if even a little like my old self. He walked me and we got to play slowly of course but only for 10 min because Momma said I can't over do it...gee Momma what's up with that I feel a little better ya know! But I know she's right as she always is and she and daddy have had a very long haul taking care of me and want to prevent a relapse if at all possible. I just ate my din din kibble along with my antibiotics and that to has stayed down so far,,,Yipee I am excited just like my pawrents cuzz throwing up is no fun I tell you. So hopefully I am on the mend but I did hear Momma whisper NO TREATS or anything except kibble but I pretended I didn't hear as I don't want her to know it makes me sad and I know it's what's best for me for right now at least.

Soooooo it appears I am on the mend but as before I better not speak to soon huh? We will take it slow and easy and one day at a time. Thank Agin for sticking by me throughout all of this and know I love you all and pray for you all daily just as you do for me.

Love and Hugs,
Your Pal,Roscoe


I Made It Through Day 1 Of My 2 Day Fast

May 18th 2013 9:40 pm
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Thank You Dear Friends for all the prayers love and support as I could not do this without your love and support. Today was the first day of my 2 day fast which I have to do to give my insides a chance to settle down. It wasn't bad at all as I mostly just sleep my days away except for my short daily walk my daddy takes me on. I Love my daddy walks and we usually do them 3 thimes a day and also play but this hasn't been what we could do for a long time now. I am just thankful I have enough energy to go on one with him and to get up and move about my house. I miss playing in the fence with Monnie and Momma but when daddy sits with me Momma and Monnie went to the woods to spend some much needed time together and she was so happy when she came home. She gave me a lick on my face but I didn't lick her back this time. She wants to keep sniffing me when I come out of my pawrents bedroom and Momma says that's ok because she's just letting me know she loves me.

Tomorrow I go without any food and then I can start to eat again and have my probotics which sounds like I will be on for at least another 30 days. They taste yucky I tell you but I have to have them* sigh* I just want to get better so everyone will beable to quit worrying about me and we can get our lives back to normal. Like my furiend Hershey says I have the best physician ever and we all know who that is..He is the one who knows what's best for me and listens to all your prayers. Thank You for the reminder Hershey!

Momma warmed my polar blankie so I am off to get snuggled back in and will keep you updated tomorrow.

G'Night My Furiends and Much Love To All Of You,
Your Pal Roscoe and Family


I spoke to soon

May 17th 2013 8:16 pm
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Today I was at the clinic having an IV of antibiotics and Momma had time to make a couple posts and answer some of my mail and told them furs that I had pooped at the clinic and it still had blood in it but no clots which was a good sign the dogter said. No vomiting for 48 hrs but I Momma spoke too soon and was so hopeful but a half hr ago I threw up all over my balnkies as well as the floor. I was drooling which I have not done before so she called Doc Don at home and he said just give me a couple Tablespoons of water every 20 minutes. It's going to be a long night for my pawrents but they are doing everything they can to help me. I got scared this time for some reason and growled and showed my teeth when Momma was cleaning it up which surprised her but she just walked away, softly called me to her and then daddy cleaned it up. I wish I could tell her I was just scared and didn't mean to scare her or daddy;( The big pile was still right in front of me so I guess maybe I felt it belonged to me so I resource guarded it which is still a no no. Momma didn't get upset tho because she knows I am so sick and didn't want to scold me. I know it was a naughty thing to do but couldn't help it cuzz you know when you want to be left alone you sometimes just strike out:(

Please keep me in prayer again as I sure do need them and appreciate them as well.

Love You All,
Roscoe and Family


I sure could use some more prayers please

May 13th 2013 5:10 pm
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I was doing so good and even was playing however the last 2 days I am vomiting again and don't want to eat. I even stick my nose up at the boiled chicken, I am sleeping alot again and have gotten so thin you can feel not only my ribs but my hip bones now too. The Dogters are stumped, the University is stumped. Each time after I finish my meds I am good for a while, eating jumping and playing then all of a sudden I am back to square 1. I feel sad for my Pawrents as they are scared for me and take turns sitting with me during the night so they are tired too:( We have alot going on right now so Momma and Doc Don think sress is a big factor so I am kept in a quiet room with very soft music on and Momma leaves the shade drawn half way so it gradually becomes dark as night arrives and then a little 4 watt night light turns on all by itself. I know your prayers helped me during this whole ordeal so could you please send up some more. Thank You Dear Pals♥

We sure do love and Miss Yopu all but Momma says we are just not good company at this time. When things look better we will be back for sure so until then remember we pray for you daily and think of all whom have special days to celebrate and we apologize for not being with you on your special days.

Love and Hugs,
Roscoe and Momma


Update From My Momma

April 26th 2013 11:43 am
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Good News this afternoon. Just got Roscoe home from the vet as he had not pooped in 2 days even after eating 6 cups of chicken and rice. As soon as he got there he pooped right in the parking lot and I call it the $48.00 poop as that's what an office visit is! LOL! His exam when well, no blood at all during the rectal examine, blood work and stool look fine. No signs of any discomfort at all during stomach palpations etc. He even jumped up on Doc Don and did a feww circle spins after the exam so he got 2 treats;) The colon is no longer inflamed so he will finish his antibiotics and will have FortiFlora added to his food once a day for a month. It's a canine nutritional supplement and also can have 1/4 cup of kibble added to his rice and chicken until he is up to his usual 3 cups of kibble. Thank You all for the love support and prayers and again Praise The Lord for answering all the prayers that were said for my sweet boy! He has always been the most hyper dog I have ever loved and never thought I would say this But I am glad to see him spinning and jumping!!

Love And Hugs, Momma Pat and Her Swet Boy Roscoe


My Latest Update and I would appreciate Continued Prayer- Please

April 23rd 2013 7:56 pm
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Update" The results from the U are back...No Parasites of any kind, no worms, It's not colitis,giardia,Cushings or any pancreatic problems. Amylase, lipase, Tap levels are all normal. Alot of muscus in stool but they don't know where it's coming from and I am now on another dose of Melranidazol. I have gone from 78# to a mere 64# which is a severe weight loss in such a small amount of time and the vets said it does not look good for me. I am in no pain in and sleep almost around the clock now so please dear friends continue in prayer for me. Thank You♥ Momma can't type anymore for me as her eyes are leaking.

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