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Tzu's Newz by Miss Beasley O'Hair

We're goin' where to do watt?????

July 27th 2011 1:26 pm
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Wast week I KNEW somethin' was up cuz Mommy took my snacks away at 8 pm. Dat was weird. Dennnn de next mornin' both my Mommy and Daddy got dwessed and took me on watt I thought was gonna be a fun twip in de car. Now dat I tink about it, dey did seem a liddle tense but I thought I would cheer dem up by acting cute. well, in no time at all, I was at my dogtor's office and I gots swept away from my pawrents. I noticed Mommy brought-tid a couple of my favorite soft toys fur me and then she sayed those famous words, "I'll be white back, Beezie and I luff you"....I hate doze words cuz dat means the pawrents are gonna leaf me fur a bit. After de pawrents left-tid me, ebery buddy at de doggie hospital was weally weally nice to me and den I gots weally sleepy...I mean S L E E P Y!!! When I awakened, I was still groggy all day long and ebery buddy was weally nice to me..( don't furget, I AM a Diva)! I musta kept dozin on and off cuz suddenwee, it was mornin' and de nurse and dogtor checked me and dey even let me roam awound de hospital. In fact, I was quite de socialite according to de dogtor. Suddenwee, I heard and smelled and familiar person...Hot dog, It was MOMMY!!! She swept me into her arms and carrweed out to de car and den she carried me up de stairs and into our house. She babied me and snuggled me and twied to keep me quiet although I weally dent wanna be quiet. I heard Momma call daddy at de office and she sayed I was doing gweat. I finally got de nerve up to ask Mommy watt had happened and why was I in de hospital. Mommy sat down wid me and spained dat I had a his-toe-wreck-tummy and dat I would not hab any children. I was quite weleaved cuz I wanted to me de sole Diva in de house and I weally dent want to share my pawrents wid udder babies. Also Mommy sayed I gots a chip put in me..Hmmmm, I wonder if dey put any dip in my too?
I was hopin dat de dogtor had put a zipper in my tummy so I could sneak snacks and store dem in there but NOOOO, I had stitches on the inside (I couldn't see dem) and den de dogtor had glued or pasted me on de outtide of my tummy. Heck, I couldn't see nuthin' but Mommy sayed it wooked weally gweat and you weally couldn't tell dat I had been pasted togedder. I am hopin' dat all my furiends dat haben't had dare his-toe-wreck-tummy and or been neutered (watt eber dat is) to go fur it... you weally git a watt of attention andddd you will be THE DOGGIE of de house!!! Also watt a welief to hab a micro chip so if I gits lost or sumthin', I will git to come home to my pawrents and won't be skeered or hungwee. Dat's my storwee and I am stickin' to it. I am all fixed and I dent hab any twouble at all!!!! The End by Miss Beasley O'Hair, age six months


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Barked by: Biscotte (Dogster Member)

July 27th 2011 at 1:38 pm

It's sure a good start to have a histo-rec-tummy to not having any pups stole your things but if your mom is dum-dum like mine is, you will get a sibling anyway if you let her visit the SPCA. If your mom talking about visiting that place, don't let her because she will not come back from there alone. Last time my mom visit the SPCA she came back with Whisky, not the drind, nope...A dog girl name Whisky. She rename her Tippy and since then I have a sister... I was six years old when I got my sister soo be carefull it can happen anytime.
Good luck, Grumpy Biscotte
Barked by: Cassie (Dogster Member)

July 28th 2011 at 4:38 am

It's a good thing that your pawrents love you enough to make sure you won't have any puppies. I bet you will wind up with a fur sib though at some point, you'll just have to be sure that he or she knows who's the diva!
Barked by: pepe (Dogster Member)

July 29th 2011 at 2:18 am

he beasy when my brother casper died mum was really sad and so was i so she bought home this ball of fluff and called him frosty he and i are great buddies now and even though you can not have babies we love you to bits

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